Headline Nudes (09.30.16):

Kurt Nimmo joins Newsbud

He was one of the good writers for InfoWars. Good on him for breaking with Jones over the Trump BS.

In most states, immigrants get more handouts than they are taxed

And people wonder why there's anti-immigrant sentiment. Open borders and welfare states are incompatible. Of course, people don't think that abolishing the welfare state is the humanitarian thing to do; so I guess we get to close the border and live in a gulag because of bleeding hearts.

A few simple charts to show the Keynsians and MMTers are all wet

"Austerity": doesn't result in recessions.

DEA Informants: Gettin Paid

What a waste.

Hillary: Wants to draft you

Disgusting. Being enslaved to do "public works" is still slavery even if you don't have to face down terror in a godforsaken warzone.

This pretty much has to be most ludicrous coproach excuse yet

In what could be considered the most telling insight into police culture yet, the officer charged with second-degree murder for killing a 6-year-old child with autism has requested charges be thrown out — because he shot the boy multiple times in the head in self-defense.

Lt. Derrick Stafford, a deputy city marshal in Marksville, Louisiana, has now asked a judge to dismiss charges because — despite he and fellow officer Norris Greenhouse, Jr.’s claims at the time they did not know Jeremy Mardis was present in the vehicle they fired upon — he acted in defense of his and other officers’ lives.

What's really going on in Aleppo

These "white helmet" quislings prove to be your usual USG false-flag group.

Russia: US controlling international terrorist alliance

Finally! Someone says it officially on the record. All of us have been SCREAMING this for YEARS! I guess they had enough after insinuations like this from the Pentagram's mouthpieces:
Kirby, asked Wednesday what the consequences would be for Russia if cooperation with the U.S. in Syria collapsed, said “that extremists and extremists groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there ... which will include, no question, attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities, and Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags.”
This is also after Uncle Satan has decided to give MANPADS to Al-Qaeda again.

Sounds like Charlo Greene got the Usual Treatment

Much like Ross Ulbricht, the Statists are in full on insane rage mode about her, and will promptly throw her under the jail.

Where bitcoin fails

The whole point of using a decentralized currency was to *reduce* transaction costs, dammit! Using the 9,000 intermediaries and such BS to transact on the man's grid is of course gonna fail. The only place I see it as useful at all is direct or escrowed exchanges; and I'm pretty sure automated BtC escrow can be done for cheaper for $35 -- but not if you worry about "Know your Customer" and the rest of the snitch grid shit.

Another person murdered over 2 grams of Marijuana

Insane drug warrior shit

Cheap, Synthetic bone elastomer found

A real boon if it proves to have the low rejection they're seeing in animals.

TWA 800: A reminder about the media

When naive individuals suggest that maintaining a large government conspiracy in America is simply impossible because “somebody would have talked” perhaps they should consider the implications of this incident, which occurred so close to the media capital of the world.
Ron Unz reminding everyone about our famously free press.
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