Headline Nudes (08.24.16):

The Soccer Con man

How to live the life of a baller without actually being one.

Germany considering restarting the draft

Supposedly to defend NATO. Sounds like what I figured the migrants were for was spot on. Meanwhile:
Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Germany’s Turkish population to “develop a high level of loyalty” to their new homeland...
BONUS: Putting troops on the streets is also under consideration.

No wonder Turkey is now shifting towards Russia and Assad

The Kurds just took another Syrian town with no intentions of giving it back.

Trump Campaign: Windfall for Trump Industries

Already ahead by $7 million. Great scam.

Bunga of Majority

Turn 18? We have 500 euros for you to blow!

Looks like Ripple made good on being a SWIFT Killer

Just another nail in Uncle Sam's coffin.

Retinal clues to Parkinsons?

Interesting if true.

Fake Syrian Passports issued by ISIS spotted in Greece

Bullish for Terror attack futures

Publish Good Science? Can't even do good Excel


Better chloroplasts for higher yields

A great innovation if the genetic engineering works.

More statist haterade against wikileaks

HOW DARE THEY NOT REDACT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Dumbass, the viruses in the AKP emails could actually be valuable info, especially if they are state-sponsored packages. And all the names deserve exposure; statists need exposing.

Ramen becoming the new hot prison currency

Because they're not feeding them enough anymore.

The fall of lending club

Fictitious loans to pump up the balance sheet. Gotta love how many accounting shenanigans are being exposed these days.

Twin idiom: makes a tough to beat team

I personally enjoy this on a daily basis.

Making strains that can't escape the lab

Cool technique.

IEX exchange opened today

Neat. Hope the request batching does crucify the HFT bozos.

The invisible button in windows

Feats in backwards compatibility

RBS imposes NIRP on depositors

I hope they go bankrupt and have a run instantaneously.

Robert Morrow trolls trumpers hard in Austin

Good job.

Turkey Invades Syria

Helps out Ahrar Al Sham to take Jarablus.

$10 micro lidar chip

Awesome. Will be very useful for robotics.

The plan to probe alpha centauri

Solar sail for a round trip in a generation.

The collapse of fantasy sports

L'etat strikes again.

4k, 120fps films starting to come out

Awesome. A whole new level of detail.

On the challenges of a 5nm process

Good ol' finFETs really are gonna have a tough time. Whoever gets it right, however they do it, are gonna steal a march in a big way.

The only real climate "Progress" accomplished voulntarily

The market wins again, especially when it comes to being anti-pollution. Being explicitly anti-political made this effort a success.

Call 911, get gunned down

Meanwhile, a burglar escapes.

VR + Drone sounds pretty darn cool

A good way to do property reconnaissance -- no need to ride out to check the fence if you can just set a drone on a patrol route and eyeball stuff.

Political Illustration courtesy of the army

LOL. Talk about an "insider threat".

The Trumpian wall: already built

Out of scrap from 'Nam. Was just as much of a useless pile of crap then as it continues to be.
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