Headline Nudes (10.23.16):

The bronze age collapse

The author posits that it's just too many things at once to deal with. Well, it's not just that -- if you look at the aggressive statism of the period, you will realize that the taxation of the time left little margin for error. As such it is unsurprising it took so little to collapse bronze age society.

AGW clowns want to replace R-134a with something FLAMMABLE

What a bunch of tools. Save the earth, kill yourself.

Yemeni ceasefire over

A pity.

Russian 4-year old speaks 7 languages

Looks civilized to me. If only people saw more of Russia, they're realize they're people just like Americans.

The new zealand firm powering dragnet surveillance

Five Eyes, surveillance and lies

ATT buys Time Warner

LBO mania

Idiots in SF advocating rent controls

When they should advocate sound money...oh wait then the gravy train to the bay would stop.

Koseki: Japanese registry of persons

Sounds awful. It should be controlled by the families not the prefectures, like it once was.

NY outlaws AirBnB

Morons. Expect less visitors.

Interesting wrinkle to the DYN ddos the other day

Propaganda claims it was in support of wikileaks somehow. That sounds like a false flag report to smear wikileaks.

The lunatic left under a Hillary administration

...will likely have more fertilizer poured on it as has been done for the last 8 years. Gotta nationalize everything during WWIII yanno.

Iceland: 3mile borehole for geothermal energy

wow. Pretty sure that'll do the trick.

Using rowhammer to root phones

Far out, man

How not to get tenure

Ask about the money. Fraud is the fundamentals everywhere, and it's a good way to get fired in a corporation too.

Donald Trump, globalist

from 2013. Yet more evidence that he's all wet.

The incipient fascism of the USG & Israel

Yet another good roundup of how close we really are to the mask being ripped off for good.
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