Headline Nudes (02.12.16):

One Weird Trick to piss off Coproaches

Threaten their Cornpone

Gravity waves empirically verified

Proper science in which positive experimentation is guided by apriori reasoning (from Einstein in this case).

Mexico: should quit printing money


FATCA: blood from a stone

despite FATCA’s trillion-dollar price tag, the Wall Street Journal reports that the US government has taken in just $13.5 billion in revenue from hidden foreign accounts that FATCA is supposed to eliminate.
Of course, it was never about revenue, they just print to cover liabilities, or don't pay them like the mafia they are. What it's really about is imposing a financial control grid over the planet.

Saudi: Boots on the ground in Syria

Lookin' like a fool wit yo' boots on the ground...

New Syria Ceasefire

If past performance is any guide, don't expect much. NATO is about to hop in the pool.

False Flag: USG bombs hospital, blames Russia

par for the course

Plan from Davos: Outlaw cash, NIRP to infinity

Round up the cattle and put them on trains, basically.

Texting: how to screw up your relationships

Facebook Psychosis

CATO idiots: vote for Bernie

These troglodytes can't even see the real case a libertarian might have for electing a far leftist -- if they were anti-war. Bernie is not anti-war, so there's nothing whatsoever the libertarian gets out of a Bernie administration.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. If we're gonna have the most expensive and wasteful government on earth, I'd rather it do so with domestic boondoggles than with murder of foreigners and destruction of their capital.

Scott Adams really nails it this time

As I have said a number of times, Trump’s plans are designed to be opening bids to set the table for the negotiations to follow. He says that clearly and often. He even put it in writing in his book. To me, Trump sounds like the most reasonable person in the room. If you don’t start with a big ask, you aren’t the right person to be president. Bernie Sanders has big asks too, and like Trump, he probably assumes he will negotiate to something less perfect.
This is the single most important explanation for why both Bernie and Trump have made such strides; like Ron Paul, they didn't immediately concede the field. Instead they seem devoted to a higher ideal (winning, communism, liberty) and can compromise in the pursuit of that goal, without losing sight of it. In contrast the establishment bozos have no goal except power, which any sane peasant opposes.

This is also consistent with Adams' "systems versus goals" argument; the Elites' career politicians and generals could be voluntarily employed were they not the crude thinkers that they are. Ron, Trump and Bernie are all taking systematic, long-game approaches. However, a more coherent explanation of all this comes from Sun Tzu; in the end persuasion is the fatal flaw in Adams' argument. After all, the greatest trick of the hypnotist is convincing you that their techniques work (they actually don't).

France: Permanent Emergency Powers

USA Sez: "Where you been bro, we've been there since 9/11!"

The Donald Gets Mexicans to Pay for Stuff

Kek, if he uses the $$$ to build the wall, I guess he'll have made good on the promise.
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