Headline Nudes (05.02.16):

Another Day, another Satoshi

This time, the claim is pretty hilariously bad. Gavin apparently got commit access revoked due to being hacked/a sucker. The prior claims by this individual to be Satoshi were also debunked. At the end of the day, the proof would be to spend the pile of BTC satoshi has been sitting on.

Nebraska abolishes Convictionless Asset Forfeiture

So, less highway robbery, more railroading?

Freddie Mac: "Needing" another Bailout

This is about the right time for this to be coming out. Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to just let the damned thing implode.

New Home Sales still in the Toilet


Brawl Breaks out between HuffPo and Faux News

I'm just waiting for this to happen regularly in clowngrefs again.

Pirate Bay: Survives on $9 a day

Market alternatives to content distribution: Cheaper. Pirate Bay is the extreme example, NetFlix is the "law abiding" one. Shows how much more expensive compLIEance is, doesn't it?

Iraq Update: Sadr's Militia withdraws

...for now. Looks like April was yet another deadly month.
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