Headline Nudes (07.29.16):

IMF: Crooked

Shocked, simply shocked

Bill fell asleep during Hillary's speech

kek, no wonder the DNC had to pay people to fill the empty seats.

The Real DNC Corruption Scandal

Gravy Train.

Pentagram makes token effort to Appease Nips

As if just reducing the land area of the base will stop "our boys" from reavin' and rapin' in Okinawa.

Butthurt UK Chancellor wins default libel judgement against ED User

Good luck collecting.

Redflex propaganda: Don't remove the cams, that increases deaths!!!!

It's the other way around numb-nuts. Putting the cams in place increases deaths by even higher percentages. Guess what reduces fatalities and increases traffic flow even better? Remove the light, period.

China continues Media Crackdown

You better not say bad things about your GOD, slave!!!

Evolution: A faster process than the mainstream thinks

I've advocated this for years, as hybridization with backcrossing seems the dominant form of evolution rather than random change.

The why behind Tim Kaine

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