Headline Nudes (05.28.16):

China: USA greatest threat to world Peace

They hit the nail on the head there.

WaPo: Ban Porn

... because Trump. Riiiight, as if that won't make men inclined to use that more radicalized, just as with every black market activity. Considering the last polling showed a majority of men admitted to enjoying porn, this would be an extremely unpopular measure, moreso than perhaps even the drug war.

The Task Confronting Libertarians...

50 Years ago. It's moved into a far more disgustingly depressing direction since then.

Ed Harrison's Latest

Interesting. I'm a bit more of the mind that this is more about the fed being painted into a corner due to this flattening (and always lowering) yield curve being needed to finance the forever war. Ed is right that rising rates would likely actually stimulate the economy at this point, but he neglects the impact that would have on government financing (and the subsequent chimpout that would cause).

Ron Delivers a Truth Bomb to Jones

Trump IS an authoritarian, and nothing Jones says can change that. Good on Ron for sticking to his guns, unlike Trump, Hillary or Bernie.
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