Headline Nudes (12.03.16):

Hackers knock over Russian Central Bank

Good reason not to have a central bank.

LCS: as much of a stinker as the F-35

As expected.

Brexit: article 50 is a scam

Just leave.

The real problem with the refugees in Europe

Merkel effectively says:

The door is open, come on in, everyone is welcome! Just don’t setup a bakery, until you have a license that you cannot afford, or an apprenticeship you cannot get because no one will hire you!
So, despair and handouts is all you can get. Guaranteed to create a violent underclass out of these refugees.

Taste as sweet with 40% less sugar

Getting it better dissolved into solution with better processes. This is good.

Egypt flipping sides to Syria?

The pentagram is gonna be pissed...

Pentagram to ramp up it's propaganda program

Gotta fight that fake news, yanno.

Snoopers charter: UK pols think themselves exempt

AHAHAHAHAHA! These idiots think they won't be blackmailed by the security services with these powers? That's the funniest damn thing I've ever heard.

Extreme hydrophobic coatings & capillary action: flow without pumps

That could vastly increase reliability in cooling systems.

Oops, Mark Cuban and Shark Tank bought stolen goods

A company that ninja-reorganized illegally to screw over it's initial funders.

Gambia: bye bye dictatorship?

Time will tell whether the new guy is worth a damn at all.

Guess what 787s and Patriot missiles have in common?

Gotta reboot 'em every night. QUALITY!

Phone fee fraud: still a big thing

Telcos are ridiculous.

Inventor of General Tso's chicken dies

More important to me than any president


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