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How google search was murdered πŸ”—

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In short, they made it less useful so that people would spend more time "engaged" with the search. Dipshits. Bonus points for putting the retard who ran Yahoo search into the ground in charge of Google search.

The author seems close to understanding the actual problem with public firms in the US. I'm not sure if it's because "growf = bad" just plays better with the same SEO blind zombies chugging content, or if he genuinely doesn't understand that this short-termism is just defrauding shareholders rather than maximizing value. I suspect it's the latter, unfortunately, given the passion he displays for leftist claptrap in general.

This is a common failing on the left. Failing to call a crime by its proper name. This is due to the tack they take with regard to opposing odious malum-prohibitum; civilly disobey and hack at branches instead of striking the root.
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