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Switch carts covered in bittering agent πŸ”— 1643143518  

They really do put attention to detail in their UX. Bravo.

The croatian madman interviews Scott Locklin πŸ”— 1642718958  

Lulzy interview. Follow him at @fbfsubstack since @progrockfarmer got banned.

The passion of Peter Duesberg πŸ”— 1642635017  

Great overview of the sickness at the heart of American lysenkoism.

Intel CEO: Bailout Plz πŸ”— 1642627956  

Commenter here has it right in response to the PR wire shared on /. about this.

Promising new Space motor? πŸ”— 1642520888  

Mars in 3 months. Huge if true.

Animal Motivation: it's just run and tumble + world modelling πŸ”— 1642520279  

E.G. "The action axiom totally vindicated by experimental observation"

In praise of ethanol πŸ”— 1642439259  

As an anti-knock compound. The biggest trouble here is that the mandated volume is higher than needed as an AK compound, but nevertheless it's probably the best we're gonna get given the political reality.

Level 4 Autonomy: not really worth it πŸ”— 1642272656  

On the other hand, automation for the boring stuff is very worth it. Much like autopilots in planes.

Yet another prof notices the wokeness, resists and gets the hammer πŸ”— 1642078699  

This time for the ridiculous practice of "land acknowledgement". Ultimately he's a fool for thinking that things like the rule of law actually exist, but it's a common conceit amongst Anglos.

UltraRAM on Silicon πŸ”— 1642078587  

Sounds expensive, but then again so is nvme. Let's hope we get some within the next few years.

Beef Market update πŸ”— 1642077466  

Apparently the futures market has dislocated due to the failure of the cash auctions. This inability to hedge at intermediate stages of the value chain certainly isn't helping the producers. Otherwise the point that market power is real and can't be avoided is ultimately striking the root here -- concentration is indeed the natural trend, with various knock-on effects.

Cody Wilson update πŸ”— 1642002503  

He's become rather more sanguine (as you would expect) over the years. No less radical however, and still doing good work. That said I think most of the energy in the movement is with the gatalog guys rather than DEFCAD.

Former Danish spymaster arrested for Treason πŸ”— 1642000041  

Will be interesting to see if any deeper investigation gets done here.

Norton: Now mining ETH as well πŸ”— 1641998578  

Certainly won't help the already well earned reputation of AV providers wasting your CPU cycles with bullshit

Who's next in the Russia-hater's playbook: Trans-dniester πŸ”— 1641958076  

Forcing an economic airlift to deal with blockade is outrageous. We'll see what the Russians think of this latest foolishness issuing from Mordor.

Why the south needs an independent foreign policy πŸ”— 1641908526  

Nice to see other people talking about this. Distancing ourselves from Yank warmongering is one of the most important things southerners can do right now.

The booming child surveillance industry πŸ”— 1641906708  

Lord save us from neurotic women. You want fucked up kids, give them no privacy ever.

Turns out the wuhan lab was in fact unlawful biological weapons research πŸ”— 1641906330  

In flagrant violation of the gain-of-function moratorium which was established precisely because such research is a cynical dodge of the weapons ban.

More on the Kazakh Situation πŸ”— 1641820850  

Seems big daddy USA still can't manage to be competent at anything lately, including coups.

The COVID dead enders πŸ”— 1641815808  

The narrative has finally and truly collapsed. The government and elites will keep lying like they did when the GWOT narrative fell apart, but nobody sane is going along with the bullshit anymore. Best commentary:
First, people suffering from depression want the outside world to match the inside one. It justifies their feelings and confirms they aren’t crazy when the world β€œout there” really is as bad as they feel like it is in their minds. These people believed that the world was ending when Donald Trump was elected; that the COVID pandemic came during his administration only served as the aforementioned verifier that reality really was a disaster, just as they had felt that it was.

Second, because the pandemic came to be such a political matter to that group of people, it has become central to the reality of their identities. Their opponents have said it’s β€œnot that bad” since the beginning. To admit that they’re now right would be to lose the political argument, and perhaps to admit to yourself that the world is not in the existential crisis that for so long your identity has depended on it being in. That’s really hard.

Third, I’d be remiss not to mention that an awful lot of these people are irreligious and have only this material world to cling to. Not that death isn’t a concern for nearly all of us, but it can be all the more terrifying for people who have no hope for anything beyond this life.

Revolver's J6 roundup πŸ”— 1641566386  

Good summary of the FIB's reichstag fire.

How "Broken Heart" deaths work πŸ”— 1641506309  

You need dopamine to live

Color Revolution in Kazakh? πŸ”— 1641418539  

Wouldn't be surprised if that's the pivot now that Afghanistan is no longer on the menu.

Real Hourly wages Stagnant since 1973 πŸ”— 1641409301  

"Inflation is good"

Mossad behind 1980s bombings on Swiss, German firms πŸ”— 1641408166  

Probably Gladio related

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