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The censorship net tightens 🔗 1715741614  

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The precedent set in the Mackey case eschews any limiting principle on how the law can be applied. Any “disinformation” — that is, any untrue statement, even crude jokes, like jesting that Michelle Obama is a man, or that [insert politician] is really an alien lizard in a human skinsuit — so long as it might deter someone from voting, is a potential crime. Even the mild suggestion that voting is irrational, a belief long held by many mainstream political scientists, could count as a criminal act under this reading of Section 241. This broadening of scope is precisely the point.
I've told multiple people in my life why I consider voting to be not only irrational but immoral. I have likely posted as much multiple times upon this very site. Ever since the PATRIOT act, I knew this day would come. It's just a matter of time until libertarians and anarchists will not be tolerated by the state any longer. The edifice of lies the regime rests upon demands it.
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