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The Doge πŸ”—

How google search was murdered πŸ”—

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In short, they made it less useful so that people would spend more time "engaged" with the search. Dipshits. Bonus points for putting the retard who ran Yahoo search into the ground in charge of Google search.

The author seems close to understanding the actual problem with public firms in the US. I'm not sure if it's because "growf = bad" just plays better with the same SEO blind zombies chugging content, or if he genuinely doesn't understand that this short-termism is just defrauding shareholders rather than maximizing value. I suspect it's the latter, unfortunately, given the passion he displays for leftist claptrap in general.

This is a common failing on the left. Failing to call a crime by its proper name. This is due to the tack they take with regard to opposing odious malum-prohibitum; civilly disobey and hack at branches instead of striking the root.

RIP Russell Bentley πŸ”— 1713890502  

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Sovietist Texan betrayed by RU cossack brigade and tortured to death for kicks. A regrettable thing which which has been a theme with cossack brigades through history; like most premodern armies, they are more dangerous to the local population wherever they are sent than the enemy.

In favor of self-immolation πŸ”— 1713890191  

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Like with other media contagions, it's at least less damaging than mass shootings.

Shitty streaming service animation: done by North Koreans πŸ”—

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Humorous to see North Korea become as South Korea is to Japan. This is still a positive development; I'm sure they'd rather toil away at a wacom than logging in siberian labor camps. Kind of sick to sanction people for offering less dreadful jobs than they could get otherwise.

Left realizes why they gave up on the worker πŸ”— 1713454499  

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People get their opinions where they get their corn pone at. This is why class analysis is the most reliable mental model for understanding politics. As such the left in the US has forgotten about it, as understanding politics means "we have met the enemy, and it is us". So rather than abandon their old ideology, they have chosen to become blind idiots focusing on irrelevant shit so they can pretend they give 2 shits about the class they used to be part of.

More identify the causes of the baby bust πŸ”— 1713454295  

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Predictably one of the planks for fixing it is "RETVRN". Which won't happen without the political situation totally undergoing phase change, as too many people get they corn pone thanks to the way things be.

More figuring out dark matter is a crock πŸ”— 1713454087  

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This model explores the notion that the forces of nature diminish over cosmic time and that light loses energy over vast distances.
How people don't think this is happening out in the wide world of sports when attenuation through a medium is readily observable escapes me.

Israeli use of mass surveillance and drones much like ours πŸ”— 1713451378  

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In which Murder, Inc. Kills people who who communicate in ways legible to the state. Social networks have always been about building these webs of relationships between people so they can play 6 degrees of osama bin laden on your ass.

On the nature of the SMO πŸ”— 1713354932  

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In short, they actually drank the west-point GWOT kool-ade, just like they have guzzled neoliberal econ and domestic policy.

Is the flying car here? πŸ”— 1713296624  

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Of course not, all technological advances remain outlawed. The only technological advance that would work is one that reverse-raptures pencil-neck bureaucrats into a lake of hydroflouric acid in hell.

Trump Train: Next stop - inflation πŸ”— 1713294654  

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Bunga Bunga

Old Keitora now legal in TX πŸ”— 1713293797  

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After a long period of semi-official oppression. You can see the clear push by the nomenklatura to pulp everything which isn't an EV built in the last 3 years.

NSA looking to digitally quarter troops in your server πŸ”—

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These dipshits are straight up hanging themselves with their own words in that regard RE their enthusiasm for "cyber warfare". This is furthermore a taking without compensation; yet another thing explicitly disallowed by the bill of rights. Anyhow if this bill passes, hosting anything in the USA will be non-viable.

.gov organ monopoly: wastes between a quarter and a third of donated organs πŸ”— 1713288226  

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Say what you will about the private enterprise, but it won't bury our talents in the ground.

Sascha Cohen: CIA Op πŸ”— 1712679910  

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Turd certainly wasn't funny, so there had to be something sketchy going on. I just assumed it was some kind of scam like the Uwe Boll flicks.

SawStop Mandate? πŸ”— 1712671599  

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More shit from the "Let's outlaw being poor" crowd

All Bling, No Basics: Very good analysis of the RU/UKR conflict at the very beginning πŸ”— 1711068898  

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Correctly saw the systemic falsification of readiness reports and siphoning of funding to wunderwaffe as being a critical weakness for the RF. Pretty much the USA's problem too.

Meanwhile at the Indoc Camps: Longhouse struggle sessions πŸ”— 1711067762  

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As expected, the more feminized the society, the more it retreats into fantasylands like "emotions are real and matter".

On Bukele's Salvador πŸ”—

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Big promises, Big dreams. He's at least taken the right approach so far (estado novo), but it remains to be seen if he can actually attract capital and build a non-corrupt public apparatus.

UPDATE: good article providing more context to the salvadoran situation.

The analog coprocessor cometh πŸ”— 1710948819  

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The opportunity of the decade.

As expected, Honduras was an indian giver to prospera πŸ”— 1710943818  

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You'd think a bunch of "libertarians" would have figured out democracies are not agreement capable by now. Or that the puppet government set up by Hillary Clinton was not going to be stable.

Haitian rump government collapses, warlordism resumes πŸ”— 1710884044  

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Lockdown nonsense, like in Sri Lanka, destroyed what little order they had. Now they get to experience the PHD secrets to elite thinking from the "Green Forest School".

On the hollowing out of the American furniture industry πŸ”— 1710517585  

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Ersatz for everyone. Fucking inflation.

Israel: Strategic Hamlets will bring us victory πŸ”— 1710447029  

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Mexico: The real winner of the Ukraine war πŸ”— 1709920586  

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Thanks to the LNG export ban.

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