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John Walker RIP πŸ”— 1707416398  

Pour one out for a real one

Zelenski finally fires Zaluzhny πŸ”— 1707416314  

"Surely firing one of the major figures aligned with the Banderite faction that put you in power will have absolutely no reprecussions"

Kinmen Islanders want bridge to mainland, demilitarization πŸ”— 1707416105  

USA: Did you forget to consult someone? As always, USA is the obstacle to peace.

EU to give Hungary the Polish treatment πŸ”— 1706729077  

Gotta get everybody with the program before the new weltkrieg

Axis of Resistance forces dunking US forces πŸ”—

Fancy CIWS installations that can shoot down two objects before requiring a complicated multiple minute reload are basically useless versus drone swarms or even large rocket salvos. This is also assuming that the readiness reports weren't fully falsified and the CIWS were broken or unloaded, as the outpost in Jordan hit likely did not expect any action. Both the Army's extreme level of corrupt practices and braindead doctrine will get a lot of boys killed if this nonsense escalates into a full blown war with Iran.

On the true origin of the Jews πŸ”— 1706637742  

The "Hannibal's Revenge" argument seems the most convincing. The Phonecians/Carthaginians dumping Molech for Yaweh makes a lot of sense, especially given where the big Jewish revolts in the Roman Empire happened (mostly north africa).

Navy now trolling for dropouts πŸ”— 1706637572  

MacNamara's Morons part II. Just go straight to child soldiers and admit the DC ghouls are no better than african warlords.

War college morons think the not war is an abyssinian war analogue πŸ”— 1706637390  

In reality it was the US invasion of Libya, Iraq et al that made a mockery of the bogus organization that is the UN. Similarly, the big steaming dump DC just took on the ICJ just underlines and bolds this.

Poland also going ham on totalitarian neoliberalism πŸ”— 1706547240  

The dog on Brussels' leash bites.

Taibbi: going to be a bad election πŸ”— 1706287223  

Given this chicanery is all the admitted plan of the DNC, there's basically 0 chance the outcome will be considered legitimate. The clear messaging that they're willing to go all the way to "color revolution" tells you all you need to know. All I can say is I wish they did this with Clinton, "Slicktatorship" has a better ring to it.

More foundational advances in the understanding of life πŸ”— 1706209870  

The stuff coming out of these labs is great. It's wonderful to see people finally realize that any system's data is as important as the system itself; the cross-pollination of the programming field with others is why I keep telling people it's so much more useful as a superpower in other jobs.

B asks "Why do this when your very reply suggests it is not logical" πŸ”—

The answer to "why" is the same as ever. As for the president, his primary concern is "not looking weak" and avoiding accusations of doing nothing in response to the Houthi attacks. Whether or not the actions are militarily useful or merely killing people for little, if any, gain is of no concern (as is the cost to the taxpayer of doing so). So long as campaign money keeps flowing in from those the president seeks to curry favor with, it is "money well spent" as far as a president is concerned. As to why the US armed forces and Navy go along with this, it is also the same as ever -- the mission of the army, navy and air force is to justify their budget. Wasting money like this aligns perfectly with these goals.

People like to over-complicate it, as that's at least not as depressing to contemplate. I did like the simplicity of the commenter who suggested they needed more sacrifices to satan, however. "They are just evil" corresponds well to the "Grug -> Midwit -> Wizard" meme template.

Peaceful Korean reunification officially dead πŸ”— 1705518849  

"Mission Accomplished" as far as the tidewater creeps are concerned. I guess we get to see a bunch of Koreans turn each other into hamburger with tube artillery soon too.

SCOTUS to hear case on vagrant immunity πŸ”— 1705357585  

If anything, it will be but temporary relief. Remember, the current circuit courts are but the next generation to be SCOTUS after all.

Elite crime tolerance and the bum explosion πŸ”— 1705263754  

When gangsters run your country, of course they'll legalize their activities and promulgate ideology to justify it to the victims. The "If I'm victimized, it's my fault for being a schmuck" attitude is quite common now, and far inferior to the very simple "you loot, I shoot".

OpenAI's ban on military use of chatgpt lifted πŸ”— 1705093782  

CABAL Online

The mitochondrial role in aging πŸ”— 1705093647  

Germline cells in the gametes are what sends (or fails to send) the signal for to cells to repair without growing uncontrollably; similarly to allow the lifeform to die when it has lost reproductive viability.

Israelis: Send the Gazans to the Congo πŸ”— 1704406633  

"Either way, there will be no running water or electricity"

Household debt/income at 123% πŸ”— 1704405342  

Standards of living on borrowed time

Ukraine lurches ever closer to a Coup πŸ”— 1704403028  

Looks like the oligarchy and military have increasingly aligned against the Zelensky regime. I suspect if the regime's plan to mobilize another half million actually go through, the ensuing draft riots will almost surely be the last nail in it's coffin.

Anatoly on how he got disillusioned by the Russian Right πŸ”—

Upon realizing that the Russian regime was a blood-soaked kleptocracy wearing white-guardism as a skinsuit, he did what most people do and doubled down on his hopes. When the reality of systematic falsification of all such metrics became unavoidable, he finally capitulated. In the "hitted too hard way", unfortunately; he sees western liberal internationalism as the way out. He does not yet realize we have the same exact problem. Our system is also a murdering kleptocracy wearing an ideology as a skin-suit to cover for their systematic theft. It's nice that he sees things like the "network state" (which are just re-heated Doug Casey from the 80s) as the way out; ultimately anarcho-capitalism is the only system actually compatible with our ultra-networked future.

Pfizer gets wrecked πŸ”— 1702923838  

Gee, maybe you should have worked on the actual public health crisis in the country like Eli Lilly.

Indian Federalism destroyed πŸ”— 1702923353  

No state allowed to have more autonomy than any other, which is to say Delhi's autonomy (e.g. none at all). "Surely centralizing won't cause a civil war this time, ignore all lessons of history"

On the FED's nacking of another crack at a 100% reserve bank πŸ”— 1702922316  

From the "It's a big club and you ain't in it" file

The left's take on the overconsumption crisis πŸ”— 1702921134  

They of course forget entirely that .gov policy comprehensively punishes saving and capital formation, while encouraging profligacy. Then they of course demand gibs as the solution. Look, this is entirely driven by Women, who spend 80% of the money in the economy despite earning ~40% of it. The globalization of the sexual marketplace has driven their expectations to the moon, and men won't tell their wives the magic word 'no', as this is commonly grounds for divorce to not keep up with her delusional wants. The savings rate will not recover so long as inflation & buying female votes is the 2 step .gov solution to perpetual reelection.

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