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Teo Greenwood πŸ”— 1606582586  

IDF Bozos downing 40% of their own Drones πŸ”— 1715101191  

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Fitting in the Empire's twilight that it props up the most "moral army in the world," if by moral you mean "incompetent" or "better at committing war crimes than even the Americans or slavs."

The best take yet on the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin πŸ”— 1708100573  

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Erik Prince: Ackshually, colonialism is good πŸ”— 1708085439  

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While he is correct that the Bantus probably will never govern themselves correctly, thinking that means we need to take back up the "white man's burden" is just as stupid as being woke. Who cares if the residents of some shithole country try to flood into this country? Just don't give the bums handouts and arrest them if they have neck tats or other signs of criminality. Seemed to work in Hell Salvador for Bukele. Problem solved without needing some dumbass foreign adventure to waste money on. Am Con is being retarded here by running this kind of pap, though the byline suggests the author is a britbong, so I can't be surprised by this.

Gang Weed Conservatism update πŸ”— 1707494336  

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While I still don't agree that this brand of "right wing authoritarian" potentially represented by Thiel, et. al is in any way shape or form "good for you," it is interesting to see both that Trump may have been successfully compromised by this faction via Ramaswamy (and that some other high profile tech billionaires seem to be joining this faction now).

Kingpilled still hasn't quite put all the pieces together yet however. Tesla's role in this isn't about semiconductors, but about the lithium batteries, and is an excellent cover for a covert fusion bomb program, which doevetails nicely with the launch vehicle and satellite network operated by Musk. A take over by this faction won't look like the kind of RW autoritarianism that they want, but more like the oligarchy of the La Le Leu Le Lo, brave new world style.

Zelenski finally fires Zaluzhny πŸ”— 1707416314  

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"Surely firing one of the major figures aligned with the Banderite faction that put you in power will have absolutely no reprecussions"

Kinmen Islanders want bridge to mainland, demilitarization πŸ”— 1707416105  

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USA: Did you forget to consult someone? As always, USA is the obstacle to peace.

B asks "Why do this when your very reply suggests it is not logical" πŸ”— 1705685582  

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The answer to "why" is the same as ever. As for the president, his primary concern is "not looking weak" and avoiding accusations of doing nothing in response to the Houthi attacks. Whether or not the actions are militarily useful or merely killing people for little, if any, gain is of no concern (as is the cost to the taxpayer of doing so). So long as campaign money keeps flowing in from those the president seeks to curry favor with, it is "money well spent" as far as a president is concerned. As to why the US armed forces and Navy go along with this, it is also the same as ever -- the mission of the army, navy and air force is to justify their budget. Wasting money like this aligns perfectly with these goals.

People like to over-complicate it, as that's at least not as depressing to contemplate. I did like the simplicity of the commenter who suggested they needed more sacrifices to satan, however. "They are just evil" corresponds well to the "Grug -> Midwit -> Wizard" meme template.

Milei wins in Argentina πŸ”— 1700497956  

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The only election in recent memory with any hope on offer. We shall see whether it is a false one for Argentina soon enough.

New House Speaker: Warmonger πŸ”— 1698688589  

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Calls the Russia - China - Iran alliance the new "Axis of Evil"

Otpor guys spotted in Georgia πŸ”— 1698156061  

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Doing precisely what one would expect, of course. Despite the Georgian Dream party doing several things to please the Americans over time, this is of course the reward. As usual, there is no negotiation possible with the USA, as only slavish obedience to insane demands is tolerated.

Travel to EU states about to get even more tedious πŸ”— 1698078602  

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USA still in the habit of using its' vassals as a laboratory for tyranny, I see.

Disobeying .gov orders: Best way to have kept alive in Maui πŸ”— 1692806015  

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As usual, government is here to help... you die!

Hungarian Military Purge: May be more serious than it looks πŸ”— 1674759582  

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Cashier all the pro-NATO generals and reach out to the Serbs for defensive planning. I wonder if a new Balkan defensive pact will form up if Turkey winds up hitting the eject button on NATO along with Hungary.

Regardless, you'd have to tell all the NATO guys to take a hike if you wanted to do something about the Ukrainians clapping every Hungarian they find to put on the front line.

Patreon on the Blockchain πŸ”— 1673377191  

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Still won't stop you from being Chokepointed/KYC'd out of biz by exchanges & banksters RE the "last leg" of that monetary flow, but at least should prevent retarded shit like randomly cancelling fully funded projects because a Karen complained about it.

US to make secondary alliance agreements with Sweden due to failing NATO bid πŸ”— 1673375796  

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I'm sure this won't please the Turks, as it effectively means going forward with the meat of joining NATO without acceding to their demands in keeping with the NATO treaty.

Afghanistan is Healing πŸ”— 1673367974  

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The sons of the old republic get to fulfill a long awaited desire to return to normalcy by implementing one of the great plans of the old republic. A shame they had to wait till they were old men to see their fathers' dreams realized.

French Foreign Legion to intervene in Yemen πŸ”— 1661351342  

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French neocolonialism will probably not work out for them this time either.

Deepfake Cryptocurrency Scamming πŸ”— 1661280803  

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"How many layers of scam are you at?"
"I dunno, maybe 3 or 4?"
"Haha you are like a baby, watch this"

Another FIBbie gets suspicious about 9/11 πŸ”— 1648599772  

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Finds what one would expect. Unsurprisingly, 0 play in mainstream, 100% chance this guy's career gets ruined.

US Congress considers issuing letters of marque against Russia πŸ”— 1647961118  

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Congress is well known for being butt pirates. About time they made it official again.

Intel CEO: Bailout Plz πŸ”— 1642627956  

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Commenter here has it right in response to the PR wire shared on /. about this.

Animal Motivation: it's just run and tumble + world modelling πŸ”— 1642520279  

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E.G. "The action axiom totally vindicated by experimental observation"

Former Danish spymaster arrested for Treason πŸ”— 1642000041  

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Will be interesting to see if any deeper investigation gets done here.

Norton: Now mining ETH as well πŸ”— 1641998578  

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Certainly won't help the already well earned reputation of AV providers wasting your CPU cycles with bullshit

More on the Kazakh Situation πŸ”— 1641820850  

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Seems big daddy USA still can't manage to be competent at anything lately, including coups.

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