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Grayzone gets "the treatment" by the banksters πŸ”—

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It's obvious these firms, when not enthusiastic collaborators with our fascist vampire regime, are being leaned on to the point of "you will be crushed and driven out of business if you do not comply" judging by the persistence and effectiveness of ChokePoint. Legally, everyone has a right to raise money for any lawful purpose, even to pay for legal defense against crimes you deliberately and obviously committed. The only legal leg these shit bags have to lean on is wartime emergency provisions against "aiding the enemy" of whom there are none, as there is no declared war, just "enemies" lists made by the gangsters and warlords of the alphabet agencies. The fact these firms can legally say "put them on the OFAC shit list or fuck off" and don't tells you all you need to know here. The "money transmitter" license laws are the relevant sword of Damocles they use as a club against any who dare.
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