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Surkov and "Generation P": the Kremlin machine 🔗

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The funny thing is that the West itself couldn’t keep Surkovism going for long.

The nihilism ended up being too much. And so, they had to create new causes and religions like SJWism and the Climate Cult to give the moral busybodies purpose and a means by which to harass normal people. These same types would be chest-clutching, Jahowa-worshipping, witch-burning Puritan church-ladies in another century. Not everyone can be a drug dealer and a house-flipper like Surkov envisioned. So, even though he is a genius propagandist, apparently, all he really did was copy post-Cold War America and now Putin’s people are belatedly realizing that America has moved on and their trendy progressive views from the 90s and 00s are considered literal fascism. Really, these clever masters of the universes are now the butt of a joke that they don’t even understand. They thought that no one cared about anything anymore! They convinced themselves and the rest of the country to not care either! And now what are they to do when they’re suddenly set up to be this century’s great moral foil to the heroes on their sacred anti-Amalek holy Crusade?

Pelevin says that power rests on bayonets and now the Moscow elite all stand a chance of getting sodomized by bayonets before this is all over. I may not be a high-brow art guy myself, but I can say that the situation that the Kremlin finds itself in now is what I would categorize as “fat people falling down stairs” levels of funny.
Rolo just knocks it out of the park here. Read the whole thing!
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