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Building a bridge to Meta-Rationality πŸ”—

This is one of the most important essays I've read in quite some time. The author's how to think real good explains exactly why a praxeological approach is required to achieve real AI. This has made me realize praxeology is the first metacognitive model -- it's synthesis of methodological dualism in response to Mises' brother's monism was my bridge to metarationality. His thoughts on boomeritis really hit home for me. The passage therein is quite apt:
Our actions are called forth spontaneously by the situation we find ourselves inβ€”not rationally planned in advance.
The impossibility of socialist planning is simply a specific case of the impossibility of the frame problem. Which means prices are the solution to AI too. Rather than attempt to find a closed form solution, build an ordinal mapping of preferences and rank (prices).
Action is driven by perception, not plans.
This is literally the action axiom.
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