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Some potential mischief with LLMs πŸ”— 1716492945  

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Once .gov first tasted the forbidden fruit of illegal surveillance, they never gave it up. Ever since the FIB's first illegal taps, this shit has just perpetually escalated until the point we are at now. Dragnet surveillance of practically every form of communication is the norm. The surveillance state dreams that they can use LLMs to read the firehose for them and finally make their East German wet dream real. The DoD can then use this to build CABAL from "Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun" and become a near-omniscient Murder, Inc.

LLM assisted Steganography and chaffing

Technology cannot only be used by the nefarious criminals riding herd on the monster. These tools can make them choke to death on their beloved firehose. Wiretaps will be worthless when not only can you make perfect AI reproductions of your, or anyone's voice, but you can have it spout nonsense 24 hours a day tying up multiple phone lines. Similarly, while meeting with people, you can play prerecorded nonsense, and actually communicate with pen and paper. The truly paranoid will only use synthesized voices, never allowing anyone but their family to know their speech.

One could do the same with digital appearances; a Vtuber morphing like in Michael Jackson's "Black or White" music video. The whole idea is that the only time you communicate anything in which .gov might have interest in, it could with reasonable doubt be said these are just 2 AIs spouting nonsense at each other in a loop like a "numbers station". Via use of TOTP, both parties could easily know which timespan to watch for the relevant message, with .gov powerless to know which is meaningful.

Robocalls to choke the monster

I'm sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth at someone who automates a system which is simply AIs calling each other and engaging in nonstop "terrorist chatter". Things on similar wavelengths to "discussing gambling on kiddie porn competitions to raise funds for self-driving IEDs to send to abortion clinics". In minecraft, mind you. While such behavior is entirely legal, I'm sure it'll raise some eyebrows over at Fort Meade.

Countermeasures such as SARs and other sanction by public-private partnershits should be expected when the feds prove less than amused by such artistry. Even phone calls will end up as heavily moderated as social media, as anyone who knows how to hit them where it hurts here will be quickly banned for life from communicating electronically. Perhaps this will finally put Ol' POTS out of its misery in favor of herding everyone onto more controlled mediums. Let's hope so.

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