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Tablet Mag gets Yarvinpilled 🔗

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No general or political leader was blamed for America’s longest war ending in humiliating defeat. No one was fired or resigned. Moreover, the total lack of accountability for a catastrophic systemwide failure is, according to Yarvin, not a problem that could be solved by electing better leaders or applying more political will, because it is an essential feature of the system’s design. “Why did this happen?” Yarvin asked. “Very simply: because no one is in charge of the government.”

Not the wrong people; no one.
That's always been the most powerful argument I've used for years. You live in anarchy right now. This is the place in which I disagree with Yarvin -- there is no other form of government. Nobody's ever in charge.

Anyways, they posted his full breakdown as a chaser. Meanwhile, he's Getting serious about making his program a reality.
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