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Moldbug on Hanania and the "classical liberals" 🔗 1691697944  

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Au contraire. The Chief Justice of the United States is not stupid. He knows that there is no way to end race communism with a court order. The fact that it took over the country—the public sector and the private sector; federal, state, local and corporate—not only without any legal approval, but directly in contradiction to civil-rights law—which not only is colorblind, but requires colorblindness—tells us that no law and no court order has the power to defeat this terrible force.
Banania clearly has not yet read either "The constitution of no authority" or Prof. Hasnas' "Impossibility of the rule of law". His response here is reformist pablum that fails to address the core point (above) entirely. The take that he's a weasel with no strong views whatsoever that is angling for beltway jobs seems about right. This is not to say Molds himself is anything special; He's reheated Hoppe with a side of impregnating ethots, lol
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