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Oh noes, the men are becoming more conservative πŸ”—

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Look, it's real simple. Women are the recipients of huge subsidy by men both through taxes and the resultant transfer payments and voluntary contribution. Gals naturally want more of this, and vote for it in droves. Men increasingly see this as a bad deal. Liberal men would prefer a more egalitarian arrangement where women in fact walk their talk of being independent and equal. But the vast majority of men are suckered in by the false argument by conservatives that this deal used to work (hint: it has not within living memory. Conserve what?) The liberals are right here. The traditional family is dead and buried and not coming back. Single motherhood will be the norm, and men ought not be held liable and forced to parentally invest. Men will all be raised as defective women and everyone feels instead of thinks. Society regresses to the mean, and we all live like Indians. The end.

BONUS: Articles like this sum up why the right wins the hearts and minds of men in this case. Can you imagine anything even remotely this entertaining from the limp-wrists on the left? Maybe if they grew a sense of humor they'd have a chance.
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