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Has the censorbund been vanquished? Taibbi thinks yes, for now 🔗

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These [name redacted] would-be censors are different. They have no sense of humor, no imagination, and exactly one distinguishing characteristic: they know what’s best for you. Anti-disinfo work suits them because they all have a Poppins streak that quietly gets off on binning your digital dirty bits (after the voyeuristic thrill of logging on to watch them in secret, with special credentials, which they rub with pleasure in evenings). They’re the vilest kind of snobs, and when they finally were forced to show their real selves to the public — and here I feel safe in thanking Elon Musk for making that possible, via the #TwitterFiles — the public rightfully recoiled from these arrogant power-worshipping mediocrities.
The mediocrities will never stop until egalitarianism, that deranged impulse to make everyone as lame as them, is rejected in toto. War will empower them anew; they have simply slunk off to the shadows temporarily. Still, Matt has the right attitude:
We don’t have to concede to a future of always being at war somewhere abroad, and with each other at home. We don’t have to put up with a government that doesn’t tell us anything. Most of all, we can go back to enjoying life, on our own terms, without stressing over an endless succession of panics invented by politically insecure losers. We can do so much better, and we will, because this place is ours to run, a fact the singing censors should never have let us remember.
Ultimately you just have to keep striking the root over and over. Never ever stop, and keep breathing in and out longer than the bad guys.
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