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Witch Hunt: The dem campaign to Martyr Trump may just get him re-elected 🔗

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Meme Magic becoming real RE "Punished Trump"?
Although Trump’s legion of enemies in the political and media firmament would probably regard Rall’s reaction as incomprehensible, the point he is making is a very simple one. In recent years, enormous numbers of Americans, possibly even a considerable majority, have come to regard our country’s ruling elite establishment as their deepest, sworn enemy. The massive vilification of Trump in such quarters indicates that those elites fear Trump as their most dangerous foe, so many voters may eventually conclude that the enemy of their enemy is at least worth a casual vote on the November ballot.
Ron's quite clearheaded to see the ultimate consequences:
I fear that all too many democratic or semi-democratic governments around the world will now eagerly seize upon the innovative electoral strategy pioneered by our own Democratic Party and henceforth use judicial means to eliminate their political rivals....

America’s political system is facing an enormous crisis of legitimacy, perhaps just as serious and potentially fatal as the one that brought down the old USSR in the early 1990s. Our horrendous budget and trade deficits seem permanent but clearly unsustainable, we recently suffered the highest inflation in four decades, and three years ago we experienced the worst urban rioting since the 1960s, as well as the largest spike in the national homicide rate since record-keeping began. We have spent the last eighteen months fighting a losing proxy-war against nuclear-armed Russia on Russia’s own border, astonishingly reckless behavior that would have been unimaginable at the height of the old Cold War. The Covid epidemic took more than a million American lives and last year I argued that the calamity was closely analogous to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster that played such a major role in the collapse of the Soviet Union a few years later.
Events certainly seem to be trending to a Weimar style collapse; The race communists will start shooting once SSI payments exceed the $2k in asset limit (and make nobody eligible) I imagine.
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