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Nitrogen fixing barley πŸ”— 1651528590  

A blessing to man if true.

Looks like the crash is finally here πŸ”— 1651526530  

Been kind of hard to avoid.

As expected, Poland considering deploying "Peacekeepers" to Galicia πŸ”—

The partition cometh. Meanwhile UAF is really getting chewed up.

The Managerial Revolution: 80 years later πŸ”— 1651436499  

We have, whatever Burnham hoped, in fact declined into the worst possible kind of governanceβ€”a β€œtechnocracy” of dumb people who spend all their time stealing.

IJ stops Riverside PD from getting away with armored car heist πŸ”— 1651079554  

The brazenness of the brigands grows with each passing day

On the overproduction of entertainment πŸ”— 1651063662  

It has indeed been a crapflood, with no signs of abating. People prefer sedation, because hard work is ruthlessly punished by .gov

Hanania getting closer to understanding πŸ”—

The "plutocracy" he describes is just a stateless order, e.g. not perfect but better than all the other alternatives.

His insight that the woke borg came to be thanks to the squeaky wheel getting the oil is right on the money.
The "Single elimination ass-kissing tournament" in corporate and the bureaucracy is what creates this dynamic.
Fix that, and you basically fix most of the problems.

Let them eat Diesel πŸ”— 1651059541  

Update on the bad policies exacerbating the coming global famine.

The terror in Ukraine πŸ”—

The SBU is rounding up and whacking people left and right. Certainly not going to help them counter the Russian narrative. "SEE! They ARE out to kill you!" etc

BONUS: Bernhard at MoA has put 2 and 2 together, and realizes this is the first phase of GLADIO 2: Electric Boogaloo

More troubling economic signs: Land Development πŸ”— 1650023254  

The money printing euphoria is finally running out of gas, and the hangover from lockdown's controlled demolition of the economy cometh.

The tyranny of Title 7 πŸ”— 1649694250  

Note that all programming tests are essentially written tests, all of which are frowned upon by the EEOC. Any programming firm that doesn't 1099 the entire programming staff is insane.

Proof that Cryptologic complexity is in fact Kholmogorov Complexity πŸ”— 1649511650  

Re-framing the one-way function problem as one of compressability is interesting.

Tablet Mag gets Yarvinpilled πŸ”—

No general or political leader was blamed for America’s longest war ending in humiliating defeat. No one was fired or resigned. Moreover, the total lack of accountability for a catastrophic systemwide failure is, according to Yarvin, not a problem that could be solved by electing better leaders or applying more political will, because it is an essential feature of the system’s design. β€œWhy did this happen?” Yarvin asked. β€œVery simply: because no one is in charge of the government.”

Not the wrong people; no one.
That's always been the most powerful argument I've used for years. You live in anarchy right now. This is the place in which I disagree with Yarvin -- there is no other form of government. Nobody's ever in charge.

Anyways, they posted his full breakdown as a chaser. Meanwhile, he's Getting serious about making his program a reality.

Backdraft: US sanctions are already a total failure πŸ”— 1648675955  

Quit hittin' yourself uncle satan

On the Uselessness of Phenylephrine πŸ”— 1648672257  

Gee, I wonder why so many died of glow-rona. Maybe it's because bronk-aid is essentially outlawed.

They sell us their "cures" while outlawing our medicine

Another FIBbie gets suspicious about 9/11 πŸ”— 1648599772  

Finds what one would expect. Unsurprisingly, 0 play in mainstream, 100% chance this guy's career gets ruined.

All News is Bad news πŸ”— 1648480287  

For those of you wondering why I don't post as often: this is why. Being a Newshound is essentially having a case of USI.

Lamps using UV-C variant can conquer airborne transmission? πŸ”— 1648461943  

Huge, great news if true and safe. Put them in offices and schools and probably 90% of airborne transmission will stop. The need for cold/flu vaccination will disappear.

The New Cola War πŸ”— 1648395224  

In which I break down the Ukraine war.

US Congress considers issuing letters of marque against Russia πŸ”— 1647961118  

Congress is well known for being butt pirates. About time they made it official again.

Craig Venter has finally done it: Synthetic Life πŸ”— 1647563868  

His quest for the minimum viable lifeform is complete. The secret to the cytoplasm is revealed!

Auto Production Quartered since 2019 πŸ”— 1647561219  

The lockdown truly destroyed our economy.

DHS muscles in on the bulk collection game πŸ”— 1647540705  

Thanks for uncovering their wasteful criminality go to Sen. Wyden

SCOTUS fails to bring CIA to justice for being torture ghouls πŸ”— 1647463068  

As expected. If the government says it, it must be true, right?

BAP knocks it out of the park πŸ”— 1647296520  

As always, know your enemy. No Russian ever robbed me like Mordor's minions have.

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