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NYC Lockdown: Tax revenue down nearly half πŸ”— 1608239629  

Heckuva Job

Moldbug on the Election πŸ”— 1608135905  

The big brain knows America is a Third World country. The galaxy brain knows America has always been a Third World country.

If this thesis is true, it's actually kind of cool that 20 years into the 21st century, the ghosts of LBJ and Ballot Box 13 are with us still. By fighting and winning the fuckery war, by cranking up the old heirs of Tammany one more time, the Democratic Party shows that it is a still a thing, it can still bring it, it can still play, it deserves to rule.

Soccer players call this being "physical". If you remain an electioncuck, I offer you this argument for free: it is the best case I can make for your sorry quisling soul. The case that might makes right is in fact extremely sound; why not just come out and make it?
As usual has very satisfying gigadunks on conservacucks:
The conservacon always gets nowhere, not because he is a bad person, but because he has the wrong goals. He is trying to repair what he should be trying to obliterate. He is oblivious to what he should be trying to preserve, which is not our garbage ideas and our corrupt, bloated institutions, but our beautiful land and wonderful people. What if America prevailed not because of its philosophy, but despite it? A heavy thought, man.

Taibbi's Latest: YT pouring viagra on Q πŸ”— 1608082695  

Meanwhile the leftards are still busy pimping russiagate. Nothing of consequence will happen, expect more insane gridlock for 4 years; the clerisy's smug self-important circlejerk status quo will persist until things violently snap against them.

A disillusioned Chinese elite's tale πŸ”—

I felt for the first time that the system I had long considered sacred was in fact unbearably absurd.

My experience with the study outline taught me that the ideas the party sanctimoniously promoted were in fact self-serving tools used to deceive the Chinese people. I soon learned that they were also a way of making money.
Like here, the founding myths can't be questioned even when they are only paid lip service to. This is the case everywhere. Interesting perspective that Xi is essentially a moron princeling.

Erdogicity making the rounds πŸ”— 1608079651  

Obvious to Misesians, as we already know the mainstream conception of utility is hokum. Value is subjective, and utility incoherent.

China Plaxicoes, bans Aussie Coal πŸ”—

The son of heaven and his bureaucracy have always had chauvinism as a weakness.

EU: Locking up Jews for opposing Israel πŸ”— 1608078429  

Voltaire comes to mind

Nolan: Streaming will kill movies πŸ”— 1608078299  

He has a point -- why not just get a video game if you aren't gonna see it with other people.

China's Virtual GF Xaioice πŸ”—

God shaped hole. Nevertheless this is yet another escalation in the war between the sexes; feminist women who do not understand the automation substitutes they are competing against are gonna get run over. Their only choices are getting on a high value man's harem or going cat lady, because they will never be willing to be feminine even to the rudimentary extent that a shitpile of automated scripts can.

Chemoton Theory nearing vindication πŸ”— 1608053988  

Life does indeed appear to be a conjunction of a few killer features. The effort to make the minimum viable organism continues; we can then finally understand how DNA works.

The fall of the Empire πŸ”— 1607797377  

Very spicy essay, and an interesting exploration of US Imperial tropes. I regard his crystal ball as needing work towards the end. Nevertheless, mythmaking is necessary in this walk into the future, and this is one such attempt. The broad strokes about the current clerisy situation are correct, but the way things will turn out will be so messy no one could possibly have predicted it.

Pentagram to CIA: We're done carrying your water πŸ”— 1607630191  

Battle lines now formally drawn between the DNC/State/CIA/Media/Uni complex and the MIC/RNC

FIB: Yeah, we actually have Seth Rich's laptop πŸ”— 1607622035  

lol, as usual these cretins are all about covering shit up, not investigating anything.

American Murder Association up to it's usual tricks πŸ”— 1607616663  

Doing little more than grifting for signups and enriching it's principals

Easy-B Goes all in on bunga once again πŸ”— 1607615834  


Mask Usage: Still doesn't work πŸ”—

Charts that need explaining, but will only receive hand waving in response

Biden's new DoD firm on being obstacles to Afghan Peace πŸ”— 1607550472  

It'll be fun to commemorate a quarter century of playing in the sandbox

Congress blocks bringing the troops home πŸ”— 1607529668  

With a veto-proof majority. Nothing can get in the way of the gravy train -- they'll keep raising pentagon budgets and invasions going by hook or by crook. No matter the cost.

Great post on OfTwoMinds today πŸ”— 1607456918  

Reminds me of some of the great stuff cog used to post on ZH back in 07-08.

I'm starting to realize how satanic the lockdown propaganda is πŸ”— 1607445130  

I read a lot about marketing today, and the most incredible thing is just how pictures hack the mind. Seeing every news story published against lockdown nevertheless showing masked faces tells me why the lockdown crowd won. They showed everyone the world that was coming and lapped it up. Shoop hannibal lecter masks on all incidences of pro-lockdowners' masked faces if you want this to stop.

Note that all the pictures of the lockdown pols are still smiling non-masked faces. It's all PR dammit!



Clerisy getting increasing blowback from their lockdown πŸ”— 1607401319  

Layoffs at Uni now following those at the Papers. Excellent news.

Jpost: The federation exists, but you aren't ready for it! πŸ”—


Proof that masks don't work πŸ”— 1607374116  

97% compliance, infections still totally independent.

FPS gamers call the waaambulance about ELO matchmaking πŸ”— 1607119918  

bruh, get on RTS gamers' level

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