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Shoigu proven to have stolen $11TN rubles out of the RU defense budget πŸ”— 1721085498  

Which is to say the vast majority of it over the last 5 years. Like the USA, the Russkies tend to do the right thing, but only when all other options have been exhausted.

PBM cartel finally getting clubbed by the feds πŸ”— 1721083822  

I can guarantee you it would not have happened without JRE #2079 popularizing this open secret.

How Delta 8 killed Delta 9 πŸ”— 1721076217  

Delta 9 growers predictably crying foul and clamoring for protection from big daddy guv. But the demand is too large at this point; a reality they'll figure out soon with kratom heroin substitutes too.

Anticancer immunotherapy: works πŸ”— 1721073861  

Of course the FDA will keep it away from practice for at least another decade, if not half-century.

Days of Rage πŸ”— 1721057284  

Oldie but Goodie. Good thing to keep in mind what with inflation and political violence being back on the menu. It's the 70s, but with worse music.

Illan Pappe: Israel entering it's last days πŸ”— 1720102576  

Predictably, people are getting upset that the monster is gonna lash out before expiring. They still have their nukes, and their policy remains the "Samson Option" -- holding a gun to the head of the world. We shall see if that bluff gets called and they pull the trigger.

One reason the brit elite are so hostile to .RU πŸ”— 1719186029  

Rothschild bagged Yukos, and then got expropriated. Imagine that's got to sting, but there's still the matter of all the current .RU elites having kids living in London. A million different sharks pulling in opposed directions until there's blood in the water.

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