Headline Nudes (12.04.17):

Big Doins' in Yemen

Saleh smoked by the Houthi within hours of flipping to Saudi. Sounds like they've got full control now; I assume nobody helped Saleh due to internal military intrigue combined with most of the people of Yemen hating Saudi 1000% at the moment for a variety of good reasons.

Patriot missiles prove useless, as usual

Existing anti-missile systems almost never stop the warhead; rather they destroy the tube, which is no comfort to those who have the warhead dropped on them.

As always, presidential apologists are question-begging

Scott Horton explodes a virulent statist myth:
That’s why they couldn’t tell us: because their claims could not bear scrutiny. Because they were lies.

Abandon your false premise that the people who run the U.S. government care about you or this country any more than their sometimes-ally Ayman al Zawahiri does. They don’t.

How Trump got hoodwinked into empire

Supposedly a big pow-wow in July told him of all the glorious fruits of empire. I'm sure they neglected to point out that the Cost pro-rated across taxpayers exceeds their gross margins, which would make any competent businessman cringe. Nevermind the fact that the NPV of the empire is negative. The only appeal that can be made is "hey did you know you are immune to insider trading laws like congress???"

Maduro gets in on the ICO scam

With a shitcoin called the 'Petro'.
instead of a cryptocurrency, perhaps Maduro meant to unveil the world's first kleptocurrency instead?

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