Headline Nudes (11.10.17):

Syrian War Update

Looks like the "Hot War" is all but wrapped up. As far as the guerrilla war by ISIS & AQ remnants though? Who knows.

Man records and resists "recruitment" via FBI extortion

These fuckers are just as bad as the KGB.

The CIA's strategy for avoiding detection

Look like someone else with your intel botnet. Specifically look like Kaspersky labs Thawte signed HTTPS traffic. Very timely leak, considering the recent smears about Kaspersky being a "shady" Russian hacker group.

"Black Cube" and Occult Symbolism

Sorry, but this one made me laugh. That's the only reason I'm sharing it. There's enough bad about the hollyweirdos without having to go to this level of shark jumping.

New Jersey's Governor Elect: LEGALIZE IT

Good news for NJ Weedman if true. One hopes they don't tax the hell out of it, but we know that won't be true.

The real agenda on Mueller's Investigation comes out

Protecting Gulen. With stories like this, it does certainly line up right.

Bandar Behind Bars!

Couldn't happen to a more deserving creep

RIP Sidney Schamberg

Heroic exposer of Vietnam betrayals. Nice to see more dirt on McCain also coming soon.

Burn the Programmer!

Good explanation of the media haterade coming at the tech wizards these days.

Twins in spaaaace

They naturally took the opportunity to study the effects of one in space for a year versus the other:
It made me smarter and more handsome than my brother Mark [laughs]. With the twin study, particularly, there was a bunch of experiments that were genetic-based. And there are these things called telomeres, which are the ends of our chromosomes, and the length and quality of them are indications of our physical age. The hypothesis was that with me being in space, and the radiation, and the microgravity, maybe the stress of living there for a long period of time, my telomeres would get shorter and basically older compared to Mark’s. What they found is that mine got better. So physically I got a little younger than he is, and then once I got back they kind of went back to their normal, preflight condition.
So, basically the guy didn't age while on the ISS. Amazing. Interesting clue:
So when the CO2 is at our normal low levels on the space station, it’s 10 times what it is on Earth. ...The Russians say that it should be high because it helps protect you from radiation
Interesting, reducing oxidative stress may give one time to recover.
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