Headline Nudes (10.11.17):

Russia even making inroads with Saudi

Apparently they really want those S400s (and realize that Russian foreign meddling in the area has been unusually effective).

T-Mobile had a pretty awesome backdoor on its' website recently

Almost as good as Goatse Security's find on AT&T back in the day.

Marvel gets Troll's Remorse over Northrop partnership

I can see why Northrop wanted the association, considering their bad PR, but I'm surprised Marvel couldn't see how all this would do is hurt their own brand. Northrop must have been promising some serious $$$ to overcome that thought. Obviously not enough though, once the public found out.

NRA being false friends of the 2nd amendment, as usual


More "Sex Trafficking" crusaders revealed to be the "Usual Suspects" re Puritanism

Well, if they want to end porn and hookers, I guess they love Rape?

Catalonia: Independence Declared... sort of

Uhh, we're independent, but we suspended the declaration immediately after issuance. Don't arrest us, OK?
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