Headline Nudes (08.07.17):

USA Killing Civilians in Raqqa

Dis can't go wrong

The "Usual Suspects" offers "Solution" to Afghan problem

Waste money on DynCorp's ineffective services.

The UK "Ground Rents" Scandal

The only "scandal" is that some companies got too greedy for their own good and threw their good sense out the window.

South Korean Intel agency admits to what is basically public knowledge

Yeah, we meddled in our domestic affairs, so what?

Kurds & USA have "Secret Deal" to give Raqqa to Assad?

Not bloody likely if the USA war hawks have anything to say about it.

Brexit "Betryal" Meme as "Stab in the Back" Fodder

Good to know the signs of potential Hitlerization coming. Too bad GB has been a Fascist state for the better part of the last century (so, too little, too late -- just like in the USSA).

Daily Kos keeping it Classy

Russia baiting without any real evidence.

CNN Plaxicoes its own "Special Report" on Russia -> Taliban arming

CNN Death Watch

More Agitation to get Thaksin back in Thailand by USA

Because they know their own kind -- economic idiocy is the hallmark.
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