Headline Nudes (04.18.17):

More evidence emerges to explode Syrian Gas Attack narrative

As expected, it's still a fake. The interview that Horton did with Gareth is good.

USA Doing Nuclear testing

Pretty sure these are their "Dial a Yield" bombs.

Freelance Bomb Disposal in Iraq

But without Government, who would sweep the mines and unexploded munitions??? Oh, wait, the market is what does that -- Governments put the bombs there.

Monero chaffing: not really effective

Zcash has the only design that can really hold water. It remains to be seen whether the code implements it correctly.

Optical Ram

I think that's the final link in the chain. A fully optical computer should be possible now.

Jones lawyer to Family Court: It's a Show

I'd definitely lean to the side that he's been "playing" that role so long that he probably can't disengage well. Funny that Jones is not having the usual bravado regarding Family Court when it concerns this.
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