Headline Nudes (01.17.19):

New AG: defender of Lon Horiuchi and the Ruby Ridge killers

About as far from MAGA as it gets. But, this is DC; I knew there were endless creeps worse than the keebler elf lining up to replace him.

Probable false flag attack in Syria

Cui Bono? Why would the depleted IS attack right as the Americans are leaving, unless they are indeed a CIA catspaw?

SEC hacked, people make a killing

Not just congress getting the inside dope anymore, eh? Abolish the SEC now.

May's brexit betrayal shot down

But she's still in the saddle, so the scheming continues.

Netanyoohoo delays elections


Bongo Dictatorship hangs on

Suspiciously the coup attempt happened a day after US AFRICOM moved into Gabon. I imagine the French are none too pleased with such US meddling in their backyard.

Most WTF medical story of the year so far

Not quite the old Gomer joke about "sperm in the CSF" but damn close
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