Headline Nudes (06.27.17):

More on the Khan Seikhoun

Sounds like Sy Hersh has similar sources to Philip Giraldi, as I remember him talking a similar game to Scott Horton quite a while ago. Here's his run-down of the general situation, which is more or less what you would expect.

BONUS: Right on time, the White House is doing predictive programming regarding the next chemical attack by their quislings.

White Helmets still up to the usual

Beheading those who oppose Al-Qaeda

Meanwhile, Israel steps up bombing near Golan Heights

Seems the Syrians are getting dangerously close to retaking the area of the Golan Heights the Israelis siezed near the start of the war. Can't have that.

Trumpcare still DOA

I suppose that's the best we can expect. No repeal will happen until we have Al Capone levels of mafiosi running healthcare.

Bernie Sanders family under investigation for bank fraud

Socialism is a fraud, so it's fitting that the prophet of socialism in the USA is a fraudster too.

Intolerable demands of Qatar made official

Tough to walk something like that back to peace.

FED as a part of the Control Grid

As if they wouldn't give up the goods to the blackmailers in BigGov.

Amazon Expands delivery Service

The most interesting part of this story is the size of the yearly hikes UPS have been doing over the last five years. "There is no inflation."

US Warships busy crashing into Container Ships

Normal maritime rules deem that faster craft should make way for slower ones. The Navy here is clearly in the wrong, but it doesn't surprise me.

Russians Imprison Tor Exit Node operator, Debian Dev

Not terribly surprising, altogether. The USA have done similar things.

Lending Standard Loosening Continues

Cruising for a Bruising

UAE revealed to be operating Torture Camps in Yemen

Some real "good guys" the USA are allied with there.

C(IA)NN Producer: Russiagate Bullshit for Ratings

No, really? Great job by O'Keefe, as usual. Now CNN has fired three of their "Russiagate" investigative journalists hysteria pimps for making the usual bogus claims.

BND spying on USG

They'd be stupid not to.

DEA leaks info to the cartels, town gets liquidated

Showing their true colors

Young Saudi DM now officially crown prince

Not surprising, given he has effectively run the country since the war started.

Nice to see the french "mandate" as bogus as in US

A majority choose "none of the above" by not voting. Yet they install an empty suit anyways, because politicians don't actually give a shit about things like consent.
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