Headline Nudes (12.01.15):

South Africa: Knew Saddam had no WMDs

Well, not totally bombshell, as people in the USA knew this at the time as well.

Israel and YouTube to become Censorship BFFs

Basically I suspect this'll be used to take down anything they don't like, probably will mean some libertarian stuff gets taken down.

Rancher Gunned down by Kops for Putting down Livestock

That's... a bit of an overreaction to say the least.

US embassy in Afghanistan: Enemy at the Gates

The Taliban's reconquista continues apace.

Amazon unveils new Prime Drone

Looks pretty nifty.

FBI Redacts parts of Docs that make them Look Bad

I'm pretty sure that's what 90% of redaction is about.

The U.S.-NATO Diplomatic Offensive in the Balkans

TPTB aren't too pleased about Russian and Chinese footholds being established in the Balkan states.

Insane company claims they have Patent on HTTPS

Cool Story, Bro

Terror Drill in Kenya kills 30

Surprising they didn't act like the west and just upgrade the drill to a full on terror attack and blame it on their enemies.
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