Headline Nudes (07.05.19):

Good column by McNeill

Modern rulers claim “legitimacy” by a long series of Byzantine pretenses and procedures no more moral, just or rational than “Divine Right of Kings” was, then claim that their subjects somehow agreed to obey due to something called a “social contract” by virtue of being born within a particular set of imaginary lines the rulers drew on a map; the fact that nobody can “choose” when, how or where to be born is pretended to be irrelevant, and the rulers claim the “right” to inflict violence – including assault, maiming, robbery, rape, child-abduction, locking them in a cage for decades and even murder – if the subject violates any of a vast, confusing, vague, broad, and ever-increasing body of arbitrary rules called “laws” which are invented by the rulers as excuses to expand their own power, destroy their enemies (especially rebellious subjects) and suppress everyone who isn’t a member of the ruling class.
Damn straight. The very concept of state legitimacy is illegitimate due merely to the means they choose to employ. The moment you decide that usurping another's will is somehow OK (except when defending yourself against aforementioned usurpations), you accept 100% of any tyrant's plan due to means coloring ends.

Huge escalation in the Gulf of Hormuz

Brits trying their usual trick of pirating a vessel then crying foul when someone else figures that means it is open season when it comes to piracy of your ships.

This, of course, is after practically begging Iran to shoot down a spy plane of the USA by quite obviously using a bogus IFF in plain sight over their territory.

Pope Francis giving away Relics of St. Peter to Ecumenical Patriarch

Somewhat of an odd angle to heal the schism, as zero of the other patriarchates will go along with it.

Mossad: Israel's real foreign ministry

All diplomatic corps are ultimately spies. This can come as no surprise.

Drumpf thinks he can tackle high drug prices

More likely this will cause the discounting other nations are getting versus the USA to cease.

Sick child theff ring uncovered in Italy


Get the Cold, cure Cancer?

Definitely got a chuckle out of some guys in a chat today -- What does this mean, "get pozzed to cure your lymphatic cancer?"

US Intel agencies chafing under Byzantine Bureacracy

HAHAHAHAHA, good fuck em. Hopefully this is why they've been such ass clowns lately. May they continue their slide into becoming the Janissary Corps -- all the better to burn down Langley with them inside.

MAD Magazine dead

Seems DC killed it with their move to LA

Pigs fired after they said no to being Revenue Generators

There's no job for police other than tyranny. Certainly not reducing crime. In a small town like the one mentioned here, they didn't need a force in the first place.
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