Headline Nudes (03.27.17):

As if it Weren't bad enough in Mosul...

Now they get to enjoy a cholera outbreak.

General: We need 5,000 more Troops in Afghanistan

As if it worked last time.

World Economic Forum's Vision for 2030: Communism

I'm sure it'll work this time, right guys?

Bestseller: Stoicism? Pfft, try Sociopathy

One *should* care about living a life which you consider virtuous, you just shouldn't link your emotional state to circumstances outside your control. This article advocates carelessness to a degree that smacks of narcissism and sociopathy. In other words, perfect for boomers.

Yeah, good luck with that

Yet somehow Spain’s new generation of unemployed, underemployed, badly paid, or “ni-nis” (NEETs) will soon be expected to maintain over eight million pensioners, who are living longer than ever and are used to earning an average state pension of €906 a month, the second highest (as a percentage of final salary) in Europe after Greece.

Meme Magic: More valuable than Venezuelan Currency

The feels!

Yet more violations of attourney-client privelige

As expected.
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