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Bunga behind bars no more πŸ”— 1634922914  

Bunga BEYOND bars

Putin: Western culture is basically Bolshevik πŸ”— 1634919761  

No shit. Those paying attention have seen this as the logical outcome of earlier developments before I was even born.

Apple: Designs improving now that Aesthete moron Jony Ive gone πŸ”— 1634832568  

From the "Sudden outbreak of sanity" department. Hopefully they stop with this "grey on gray" color scheme nonsense too.

DEA and their pet journos hyperventilating about meth again πŸ”— 1634831306  

Like the CDC is clutching pearls about teen vaping again.

The modern world of sperm donation πŸ”— 1634830504  

6'4 bums with soft-harems of over the hill women. This is the future; reversion to the mean of 1/20 men living to reproduce. Gals have made their bed voting for policies that made traditional fatherhood untenable, now they get to sleep in that bed.

Barrett Brown busy Rustling FIBbies again πŸ”— 1634828602  

Of course, they react as one would suspect -- "Weenie weenie weenie just wait till you are serving life in jail 😭😭😭"

Retard tier agitprop against Barrett so far in response, but it'll probably work to get him jailed again in the land of the Fee.

OSHA looking the other way at vax injuries πŸ”— 1634822038  

In the name of the mandate. Remember, when you have rulers, there are no rules.

Why the beef market has become dysfunctional πŸ”— 1634575963  

The traditional mechanism for price discovery was removed, and now the most powerful force (large packers) largely get their way at the expense of ranchers. There is no functional difference from a centralized planning point of view between having a few monopolies dominate an industry or GOSPLAN.

Market leverage update πŸ”— 1634574330  

Cruisin' for a bruisin' once more

China gets a FOBS, and a space shuttle πŸ”— 1634574023  

The FOBS makes sense given the ABM treaty is dead. We'll see if they use the boosters to make a space station, as should have been done with the US shuttle.

Where have all the children gone? πŸ”— 1634572507  

Finally, somebody who gets it. A world where children are a financial penalty rather than an essential asset to the family is one where having them is not going to happen. His understanding of the urban vs. rural divide is also spot on. He's got another essay here going into more depth. His halted revolution is a spot on description of what us techies have seen over the life of the internet.

1/5 of households zeroed out by schlockdown πŸ”— 1634319726  

More coming.

BoE: Bitcoin will trigger financial crisis!!!1 πŸ”— 1634235267  

LOL, that's more or less the wolf crying wolf. Pretty much what you'd expect of those clowns.

Russia: Now more or less convinced the USA is suicidally insane πŸ”— 1634227616  

No point in negotiating with the beast, just let it drown in it's own blood as it's constant mistakes continue to tear it apart from within.

Why the JFK records won't be released this month πŸ”— 1634227263  

CIA ass covering will happen until the fall of the regime

Lacey Hunt on why we're not going to stagflate, but continue "Turning Japanese" πŸ”— 1634226986  

The U.S. economy has clearly experienced an unprecedented set of supply side disruptions, which serve to shift the upward sloping aggregate supply curve inward. In a graph, with aggregate prices on the vertical axis and real GDP on the horizontal axis, this causes the aggregate supply and demand curves to intersect at a higher price level and lower level of real GDP. This drop in real GDP, often referred to as a supply side recession, increases what is known as the deflationary gap, which means that the level of real GDP falls further from the level of potential GDP. This deflationary gap in turn leads to demand destruction setting in motion a process that will eventually reverse the rise in inflation. In the 1970s, the economy was beset by a string of such supply curve shifts primarily because of falling oil production. Then the inflation rate did not fall but continued to march higher. However, before Paul Volcker was made Fed chair late in the decade, the Fed actions allowed money supply to accelerate steadily. During the 1970s, unlike currently, the velocity of money was stable (although not constant). As a result, the aggregate demand curve (C + I + G +X = M x V) also shifted steadily outward. This allowed the inflation from the supply side disruptions to become entrenched. Currently, however, the decline in money growth and velocity indicate that the inflation induced supply side shocks will eventually be reversed. In this environment, Treasury bond yields could temporarily be pushed higher in response to inflation. These sporadic moves will not be maintained. The trend in longer yields remains downward.

USA looking to sanction Ethiopia further for trying to oust Tigray Commies πŸ”— 1634148993  

As if both sides there haven't suffered enough

AU going to get a whopper of a Depression πŸ”— 1634135437  

Thanks to the AUKUS deal souring their #1 customer, China. This will hurt the Chinese badly as well, as there is no other practical source for the amount of coal they need.

BONUS: India's ongoing economic insanity has resulted in Coal Shortages as well.

The locust swarms devastating Africa caused by the demonic war on Yemen πŸ”— 1633968097  

Can't believe I missed this in 2020

Study: Kop murders routinely misclassified πŸ”— 1633967501  

Read: covered up
In Oklahoma, the misclassification rate was 83.7 percent
I believe it. Oklahoma cops have a huge reputation as lawless bandits.

RIP JStark πŸ”— 1633964719  

Heart attack at 28. Nothing to see here πŸ˜‚

Why the Assange assasination plot is in the news a year after it was revealed πŸ”— 1633530045  

As a way to smuggle in bogus propaganda narratives, of course

Greenwald's latest on the Facebook WhistleGlower πŸ”— 1633482839  

Essay really slaps. Cites Yarvin; nobody can deny that for better or worse he's one of the great thinkers of our age. Great that he points out this person is essentially a plant by a regime operative.

CIA now crying about lack of assets πŸ”— 1633459967  

"Wherein they learn that diplomatic reputation actually matters"

Trillion Dollar Coin meme being trotted out again πŸ”— 1633456633  

MMT as African Economics

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