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Headline Nudes (10.07.15):

Political Illustration

CNN keeps it classy, as usual.

Bernank attempting to Salvage his Rep

Bernanke, of course, should be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff.

Meanwhile, Fischer demonstrates how they have no idea what they are doing on air next to Bernanke:
Janet Yellen will determine [Bernanke's] fate in history. This isn't over. We don't know if it has worked. It worked temporarily... This is a four-act Shakespearean play, we don't know if it's a comedy or a tragedy.

Another Cheap Car banned by USG

Thank you for protecting me from low prices.

Buppert and Prof. CJ's Irregular Warfare Series

Head back to part 1 and listen to it all, it is linked on the page. Still one more to come sometime next week. This one was on COIN, and was an excellent smashing of that nonsense.

IntelExit leaflet drop

Excellent work.

Russia once again looking for talks to forestall issues in Syria

As usual Uncle Satan doesn't negotiate with "terrorists", including Putin.

Drudge goes on AJ's show

Is rightly afeared of the TPP and it's Website licensure schemes.

His recommendation on social media is legit too: make your own site, don't comment on sites that could give less than a shit about what you say. That's why this site has no comments section -- I don't care about your comments, and I comment on others' stuff here. The only pages I have commented on are things I would have emailed the author about if they didn't have a comments section.

Strong Cities Initiative: Bring imperial policing to the whole world

Implement COIN in basically all cities, like they're beginning to do here. E.G. how to rile up the entire friggin' world by stuffing them into strategic hamlets.

Hillary and Tony Blair: two peas in an authoritarian pod

“It’s great having you on the team,” Clinton wrote to Blair in September 2010. Yep, war criminals sure are useful to the CFR, aren't they?

Feds claim to be releasing some of their captives

Only 6,000 of millions. Not what I'd call earth-shattering; this is probably only enough that they can watch them and then say, "SEE! They were recidivists, you should LOVE the gulags!!!"

Trump: Russia Bombing ISIS A-OK

Basically is like 'one less thing I gotta do'. He may just pull the 'populist nationalism' thing off talking like that. At the least he's doing a good job of trolling McCain.

How Zuck got Scammed by Chris Christie

Gets to learn that throwing money into the maw of molech just goes into govt. goon pockets, not into whatever goal you wanted.

Female MPs: Arm Candy for the PM

Cameron is such a bozo.
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