Headline Nudes (10.14.18):

Venezuela: 13% flight measured so far

If they keep it up, even more will leave, though some will starve.

Looks like a decent sized ancap Mastodon instance is up

When reading through the CoC for it, it seems like it'd be OK. My inner anarchist says "don't tell me what to do," lol. In any case, Anarchyball is on there, so...

Trump administration continues to sabotage NK peace deal

This time, by treating SK as if they were truly a vassal of the USA, not just a nudge, nudge, wink, wink "ally":
“Well, they won’t do it without our approval,” Trump said in the Oval Office on Wednesday when asked about reports Seoul is considering the idea. “They do nothing without our approval.”
Sounds like it's time for SK to grow a pair. If they reached out to the right countries, they could turn this into a Suez moment for Uncle Sam.

Exxon now advocating for a Carbon Tax

If you weren't convinced it was a scam before...

Germany killing their Auto Industry with emissions standards

Though completely unprepared, looks like VW and Benz get to become EV manufacturers in short order.

Guess how much of the hurricane damage was just from trashed F-22s

7.458bn dollars, down the drain. Guess that whole "can't fly in the rain" thing made it hard to get them out. That and the defective fuel lines, lol
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