Headline Nudes (04.29.16):

Venezuela: On death's door

Tonight there are no lights. Like the New York City of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, the eyes of the country were plucked out to feed the starving beggars in abandoned occupied buildings which were once luxury apartments. They blame the weather – the government does – like the tribal shamans of old who made sacrifices to the gods in the hopes of an intervention. There is no food either; they tell the people to hold on, to raise chickens on the terraces of their once-glamorous apartments. There is no water – and they give lessons on state TV of how to wash with a cup of water. The money is worthless; people now pay with potatoes, if they can find them. Doctors operate using the light of their smart phones; when there is power enough to charge them. Without anesthesia, of course – or antibiotics, like the days before the advent of modern medicine. The phone service has been cut – soon the internet will go and an all-pervading darkness will fall over a feral land.

The marathon of destruction is almost finished; the lifeblood of the nation is almost gone. No, there is nothing heroic or epic here; ruins in the making are sad affairs – bereft of the comforting mantle of time which lends intrigue and inevitability. And watching it has, for me, been one of life’s great tragedies.

Unmasking Zero Hedge

Looks like this Boobberg hit piece got roundly exploded in rebuttal.

Another MSF Hospital Bombed, this time in Aleppo

Nobody knows yet who did it, but Kerry is already calling the Russians and Syrians monsters. Sounds like crocodile tears to me.

Satanists Upset at Comparison of Cruz to Satan


North Korea: Can't even do IRBMs right

They must really need the food aid badly.

Bill to draft women Passes

Wow, that lawmaker was an idiot.

Vox giving Hummers to Goldman

Lol, no wonder Yglesias is such a rabid Keynesian.

There is no independent "reality"

It's all relative to the observer. Which is why getting many perspectives on a situation helps a great deal. The wave interactions of all independent observers in 4 dimensions are difficult to discern otherwise.

SciHub: Quite Popular

It's time for the empiricists out there to grow up and face the sunshine like the Mathematicians have been doing for centuries. This can only improve science.

More False Flag 'hate speech' at universities

This...is CIA

Only One in Six F-35s could take off in Tests

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