Headline Nudes (10.02.19):

Big Doin's in Ukraine

Seems the comedian prez realized he was fucked no matter what and decided to go with Team Russia and recognize DPR/LPR autonomy.

Saudi Govt. denies losing to the Houthis

Considering their "buddy buddy" relationship with the anglosphere, one wonders if the "official denial is the best confirmation" canard holds true with the Saudis as well. Scott Horton also has interviewed Nasser Araybee about the situation, which offers another interesting perspective on the operation.

Credit Suisse scandalized by their own investigation of former employee

The suicide of one of the investigators is a bit of a ???, but otherwise I'm not sure why this is a huge scandal unless the detective agency which was involved was both told to break the law in their investigation and did so (instead of telling Credit Suisse to pound sand).
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