Headline Nudes (11.16.18):

Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting: Blowback from supporting Ukronazis

I kind of wonder if this would cause Joe Lieberman some cognitive dissonance, considering how buddy buddy he was with John McInsane.

Pentagon fails Audit

Their response? #yolo

Wells Fargo's latest excuse

You can't sue me! You had no basis to trust that your money was safe with us! Fa Fa Fa!

Avigdor Lieberman overplays hand, Likud likely screwed

Lieberman winds up resigning over his hit squad's actions, then Likud gets the fear of god put into em by the palestinians. "Life comes at you fast," as those on Twatter would say...

US Sanctions irrelevant Saudis over Kashoggi killing

The Clown Prince, of course is not sanctioned.
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