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Shoigu proven to have stolen $11TN rubles out of the RU defense budget πŸ”— 1721085498  

Which is to say the vast majority of it over the last 5 years. Like the USA, the Russkies tend to do the right thing, but only when all other options have been exhausted.

PBM cartel finally getting clubbed by the feds πŸ”— 1721083822  

I can guarantee you it would not have happened without JRE #2079 popularizing this open secret.

How Delta 8 killed Delta 9 πŸ”— 1721076217  

Delta 9 growers predictably crying foul and clamoring for protection from big daddy guv. But the demand is too large at this point; a reality they'll figure out soon with kratom heroin substitutes too.

Anticancer immunotherapy: works πŸ”— 1721073861  

Of course the FDA will keep it away from practice for at least another decade, if not half-century.

Days of Rage πŸ”— 1721057284  

Oldie but Goodie. Good thing to keep in mind what with inflation and political violence being back on the menu. It's the 70s, but with worse music.

Illan Pappe: Israel entering it's last days πŸ”— 1720102576  

Predictably, people are getting upset that the monster is gonna lash out before expiring. They still have their nukes, and their policy remains the "Samson Option" -- holding a gun to the head of the world. We shall see if that bluff gets called and they pull the trigger.

One reason the brit elite are so hostile to .RU πŸ”— 1719186029  

Rothschild bagged Yukos, and then got expropriated. Imagine that's got to sting, but there's still the matter of all the current .RU elites having kids living in London. A million different sharks pulling in opposed directions until there's blood in the water.

Eric Margolis on the Gaza situation πŸ”— 1718118403  

As hinted at by Eric in TFA, the divide between the largely austro-german heritage Jews who hew closely to principle versus the Jews of the pale of settlement who largely treat their orthodoxy as a religion of crime due to their "thou shalt go nuts when it comes to the goy" attitude is of the utmost importance. There's no conspiracy that the latter sharks swam towards blood and became the Rothschilds and Korshaks of the world; they were simply the smartest of the hoods. This line of argumentation is how you "attack the Jews from the torah", rather than just going Stormfront on their ass. Such is no better than the way the regime in Israel treats their Judean and Samarian captives; they likely could have peacefully converted most of them had they the the wisdom to try rather than treat them as goy to be ridden roughshod over.

Korean Politics gets Retarded πŸ”— 1717512718  

NK floats over a flaming bag of poo in response to floated leaflets. While I also would like to mail spammers a flaming bag of poo (and thus sympathize), retarded spats like this are no reason to end a de-escalatory agreement RE one's borders. That's the really childish thing here.

DNC crosses the rubicon πŸ”— 1717172978  

First time they've locked up a POTUS contender since Debs, and first time it's been done to the RNC. From here I presume the game will be DOJ filing in all 50 states to take him off the ballot. Hard to see how this doesn't clinch him either winning the election or people finally having the courage to call the regime totally illegitimate.

F-Troop's grisly strategy to enforce the "closing of the gun show loophole" πŸ”— 1716929945  

Simply murder anyone with standing, so the ruling can't ever be challenged. No Man, No problem.

How the CIA took over social media πŸ”— 1716575114  

Pretty much the same way that the mob took over union pension funds back in the day. Like the mob, I'm sure they aren't just using this to shape public opinion (union legbreakers at your local polling place), but to steal.

US has no legal obligation to defend Japan πŸ”— 1715864633  

Both the US and JP lie like rugs about this. It's useful to do so to fuel the inevitable betrayal narrative which will fuel re-militarization.

The birth of the neocons πŸ”— 1715863769  

The Israel lobby and the war state had a baby. Listen to him talk to Scott about it here.

Note that many of these names also happen to be people connected to Sid Korshak -- it's also a mafia alliance.

New Caledonia once again in revolt πŸ”— 1715863600  

Papuan savages ask once again "what about MY pillage?"

Afghan files leaker goes to the slammer πŸ”— 1715863527  

Democracy and transparency, folks

Big Doin's in Ubangi-Shari πŸ”— 1715745598  

Wagner rules the roost, but the CIA has sent in mercs to start beefing. Africa's warlord period continues.

Ukraine update: Russian offensive, western advisors πŸ”— 1715744328  

Ukie defenses doing poorly on the Russian rather than the DPR/LPR front due to a combination of low manpower reserves and corruption preventing mining. NATO is responding by sending advisors and hoping they can hang on long enough for the somnolent president to get re-elected and send in the troops. This is on the heels of Germany reimposing conscription.

It's not looking good amigos.

The censorship net tightens πŸ”— 1715741614  

The precedent set in the Mackey case eschews any limiting principle on how the law can be applied. Any β€œdisinformation” β€” that is, any untrue statement, even crude jokes, like jesting that Michelle Obama is a man, or that [insert politician] is really an alien lizard in a human skinsuit β€” so long as it might deter someone from voting, is a potential crime. Even the mild suggestion that voting is irrational, a belief long held by many mainstream political scientists, could count as a criminal act under this reading of Section 241. This broadening of scope is precisely the point.
I've told multiple people in my life why I consider voting to be not only irrational but immoral. I have likely posted as much multiple times upon this very site. Ever since the PATRIOT act, I knew this day would come. It's just a matter of time until libertarians and anarchists will not be tolerated by the state any longer. The edifice of lies the regime rests upon demands it.

Canada "Online Harms" bill: Life imprisonment for tourists engaging in ex-post facto thought crime πŸ”— 1715449065  

Throws in soviet style snitch incentives. Their society will go straight to hell shortly.

AdVon, the AI grifters felching the corpses of the old media giants πŸ”— 1715448750  

Sic transit

NATO: No "Boots on the ground" In Ukraine πŸ”— 1715272567  

I've heard this lie before. Sure, it starts with a "no fly zone", but you inevitably get sucked in.

IDF Bozos downing 40% of their own Drones πŸ”— 1715101191  

Fitting in the Empire's twilight that it props up the most "moral army in the world," if by moral you mean "incompetent" or "better at committing war crimes than even the Americans or slavs."

Scott A. Reviews Banania's book "origins of woke" πŸ”— 1714583083  

I’m not really sure what to do here. How do you review a book that has a glaring omission, but also its author has written an essay called Here’s Why I Like Glaring Omissions And Think Everyone Should Have Them? Is it dishonest? Some sort of special super-meta-honesty? How many stars do you take off? Nothing in my previous history of book-reviewing has prepared me for this question.
Of course he's unprepared for reality, being a "rationalist/bayesian". They deny the implications of the Frame problem, which is their core error. I should write a blog post about this; it's why racism and all the concerns discussed are straight-up spooks. You might be able to walk a mile in another mans shoes, but you can't walk with his feet.

On archive.org's legal catastrophe πŸ”— 1714425274  

An absolutely fascinating defense. "Someone else might not be able to commit this crime, so we should be allowed to do it" is one of the weirdest defences I have ever heard.
Hey, it worked for the TBTF banks...
"At bottom, [the Internet Archive’s] fair use defense rests on the notion that lawfully acquiring a copyrighted print book entitles the recipient to make an unauthorized copy and distribute it in place of the print book, so long as it does not simultaneously lend the print book. But no case or legal principle supports that notion. Every authority points the other direction."
Oops, guess your local library needs to burn their microfiche collection! Also, emulator enthusiasts up against the wall.

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