Headline Nudes (09.21.17):

Wikileaks drops docs on Russian Spy Grid

B..But it must be 11th dimensional backgammon by Putin!!!1 Wikileaks is in cahoots with them to "hack" Hillary's vagina the election!

Catalonia Update

Martial law de-facto imposed to prevent the elections.

Trump vindicated on spying claim

As if it *couldn't* have been true with all the NSA shit wikileaks told us about earlier (and the stuff we even knew in the 90s).

Update on Russia Hacking Narrative

Looks like even more evidence for it being an "insider attack" is surfacing (Seth Rich with USB drive, likely).

Russia kills 850 in Idlib

Claims they are all Nusra guys. Sounds highly suspect.

NSA still trying to pimp breakable crypto as a standard

Thankfully, US allies aren't buying the lies.

Ethereum jumps on the zk-SNARKs bandwagon

As expected, the good stuff wins out in the end.
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