Headline Nudes (03.18.19):

Christchurch shootings: Drills happening at the same time

Seems obligitory for any major terror attack at this point.

Shooting Aftermath: Likely will empower the State which failed to stop the attack

...as always, it is those very agencies that have failed their charges, who will be first in line to exploit the news cycle in a quest to justify the provision of ever more money, more power, more resources and ultimately, the ability for them to engage in ever more spying.
Of course, they'll continue to do what they always do, which is "just let it happen" RE real terror and then spy on potential movements to empower the peasantry instead, as that's all the State ever cares about watching for.

Speaking of spying on the peasantry...

Of course you knew that the NSA supposedly stopping their spying efforts was a lie, right?
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