Headline Nudes (06.12.19):

Sweet, sweet movement drama from the Salt Right

Milo always was a bit of a bomb thrower, lol

EU busy ensuring Hard Brexit is the only option

Arrogantly confirm on video what the "conspiracy theories" of the brexiteers have been talking about all along.

Paganism: Queer as Blazes

Not terribly surprising, though if paganism revives here, I'd suspect that the USA becomes SPARTAAAAAAA

The latest border scaremongering

Oh noes, those immigrants might have 1 year gestation SuperEbola!!! Better ship em back, lol

McAfee: I've got 31TB worth of dirt on gov goons!

Supposedly as insurance against arrest. I'll believe it when I see it. Also, it's not like this threat will prevent his arrest, so if he's got it, he should just drop it all now.

Another "moderate" rebel eulogized by western media

Oh? He was actually a jihadi nutcase? Sad.

The African datacenter shortage

A part of me says "TIA, what do you expect", but it does make me think there's an opportunity *somewhere* in the continent to run a shade tree shared host and make bank.

USA formally asks for Assange extradition

Didn't take too long. I suppose he'll be sharing a cell with Ross Ulbricht if they don't hang him high.

USA to send more troops to... Poland?

Obviously more cold warrior bullshit, but whatever.

Stockman gets it right on, as usual

Like Lacey Hunt emphasizes, the story is all about marginal productivity of debt. When that turns negative (like it has), the fed is worse than useless.

There are hopeful signs that Powell may actually know better. Here's hoping.

Accounting and Jesus

Stewardship over charity. Teach men to fish. Don't give away your inheritance for a mess of pottage.
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