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The Anglican church has completed it's conversion to Wokeism πŸ”— 1620660780  

And feminism. It's somewhat sad to see the church of my youth go down this road, but given it's sorta the oversoul of the Anglo, I don't consider this to be particularly surprising.
It rejects, for example the central belief of Christianity that the death of Jesus was divinely ordained for the forgiveness of the sins of humanity: the atonement. Reddie’s Core Text states that β€œJesus died because of our sins and not for them” as a β€œsubversive agitator”, a victim of β€œimperial greed and colonial corruption”. His life was a β€œstruggle for liberation of all oppressed peoples”.
Jesus was not rebel against the law, but it's fulfillment. Those following this "rebel" Jesus should realize they're actually following the original rebel.

I guess I'm no longer Anglo. The only option left to those of us not on board is culturally convert to something else or to go old-school Saxon and call up Odin.

How science became corrupted πŸ”— 1620660278  

Good article on the current moment. The clerisy has essentially achieved total victory. They've terrified the populace via the lapdog media into believing the nonsense issuing forth from their lysenkoist science cartels, all in the name of .gov absolutism. We're all China now.

What's next: HARPA πŸ”— 1620502049  

Hopefully the "clown world" folks wind up nicknaming it HAARPO

Freddie DeBoer sums up the media landscape πŸ”— 1620411857  

The adolescent social skill set is everywhere and has fucked up pretty much every profession.

Spectre mitigations broken using the micro-op cache πŸ”— 1620137528  

Pretty much every CPU is fundamentally broken to achieve acceptable performance for code that doesn't embrace SMP

Basecamp dumps the politics πŸ”— 1620136584  

Glad to see another company come to its senses.

Yarvin's back πŸ”— 1619978089  

And in good form after the passing of his wife. He makes a powerful case that "I just want to grill" is the reason monarchy happens. We see this at every level of the economy (it's why full-time employment is a thing), and the idea of an ancap future is essentially this sort of corporate feudalism fully embraced. This is the core dispute with the syndicalists, who insist not having worker ownership simply builds the oligarchy that installs oppression. This seems to build a strong systemic case against dilution of ownership in a firm, much like with the old monarchies rejection of gavelkind in favor of winner-take-all inheritance.

Latest round of Diplomatic tit-for-tat: Visa restrictions πŸ”— 1619888378  

Travel between US and Russia now will be incredibly difficult. Tensions can only go up from here.

CDC now lowering PCR threshold πŸ”— 1619806005  

For vaccine caused infection. LOL, PCR tests are the perfect technology to manipulate a "pandemic"

Generals to DNI: Quit lying plz πŸ”— 1619705619  

LOL, will never happen, USA will remain world laughing-stock

MIT Study confirms: distancing, masks useless πŸ”— 1619705580  

Opening windows works lots better, but we don't dare do that cuz some of the fatties might get hot or cold, waaaaaa

Greenwald dunks on Bertrand πŸ”— 1619542853  

Yet another disgusting propagandist of the Goldberg mold exposed. Like with Goldberg, they will only be further exalted from here.

Pfizer Vaccine: Triggering Shingles πŸ”— 1619099224  


Rollo on the situation πŸ”— 1618932266  

Internalizing the new realities of the global sexual marketplace on both sides will be required to address the demographic crisis blue-pill old order thinking has brought us.

Mexico outlaws Junk Food πŸ”— 1618931089  

They at least are correctly identifying the culprit in the pandemic. The ban won't work, now you'll get FATTY cartels. Reminds me of the old UCB episode:

The case for coming deflation πŸ”— 1618931775  

Good reason to "sell in may and go away". Wolf's take is also similar.

Brexit: basically no economic impact πŸ”— 1618929867  

Like everything else, any impact it could have had was swamped by the dopey overreaction to a cold.

Maher on the Schlockdown πŸ”— 1618929802  

I had a feeling that anyone who was friends with Carlin would know right away this stuff was horse shit. Glad he feels safe enough to actually say this now, is a good sign.

As expected, schlockdown world destroyed upward mobility πŸ”— 1618927719  

Replaced with downward mobility

Pentagram making clandestine burn pits in poor neighborhoods πŸ”— 1618927059  

It's for the children

Oregon: Masks forever πŸ”— 1618927008  

Let's institute prog sharia

Ukie war sensibly called off πŸ”— 1618926968  

The old Georgian PM let the Ukie PM know "this is how they get you" RE US shenanigans.

Ukies: Admit us to NATO, or we're gonna make nukes πŸ”— 1618598242  

I have serious doubts the machinery from the soviet days still works well enough to actually pull it off. It might be they smartly squirreled some of it away during disarmament, but I doubt it stayed what way given their 100% corrupt system.

Major Russia escalation inbound πŸ”— 1618513096  

National emergency declared

On BTC destroying the environment πŸ”— 1618356970  

Not sure I buy this GDP to BTU cost justification, as GDP is largely a bullshit stat in the first place. That said, presumably factoring in negative marginal productivity of debt is "an exercise left to the reader" if you wanna keep following that line of thinking.

I'd say the more accurate comparison would be comparing the net cost of the financial system versus the net cost of operating the global BTC mining network. Good luck with that, but I suspect the current financial system isn't particularly energy efficient either.

Considering how many goobers make their living off of seignorage and the money multiplier effect, supporting these leeches and the malinvestments they enable would make that cost potentially astronomical. In a way, this was the point this author was trying to make, albeit with what I would consider a poor economic metric for doing so (which surprises me, usually the institute is a lot better at resisting the temptation to use econometrics as a justification for arguments).

The most efficient system in this regard is almost always going to be the ones which are:
  • Fastest, as processor time scales to energy usage.
  • Lowest maintenance costs. Purely digital currency of almost any kind clearly wins here, as transport & manufacture costs of both paper and specie are guaranteed to be far far more for the same amount of value transferred via digital technologies, despite the "inefficiency" of BTC's PoW algo.
  • Lowest wasted economic output due to malinvestment. Any "Hard" money always wins in this category, and thus far running secure code based on global miner consensus seems to be working out at least as well as the old Global Standard if not better in that regard. This is where the global fiat ponz really falls flat on its' ass.
Anyways, if people actually cared about efficiency, they'd be going ham on BCH and other related coins with speed optimizations which are still based on proof of work. BCH wins here, not BTC.

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