Boston T. Party

Headline Nudes (08.31.15):

Damascus: Barbarians at the Gates

Neighborhood on the outskirts seized by ISIS.

Man fined for Picking Berries in Public Park

Sorry, no hunting or gathering on the King's land.

Court blesses NSA Surveillance on a Technicality

Well, it's so secret, we don't actually have any evidence anyone was actually spied on, so we're dismissing the case (despite reams of whistleblower procured evidence and testimony that proves specific individuals WERE spied upon).

Kiev Parliament Protests Get Violent

Looks like the protesters fragged some guards.

The story of

Another one from the crypt of the early web.

New Blog Post up

This time on the newest excuse I've been hearing for denying agency for one's own actions. As ever, it is just that -- an excuse.

What the PNAC Clowns are up to

Advising everybody and their momma to sign on to the same failed ideas, as usual.

F-35 to get Humiliated by A-10

Slashdot's peanut gallery gets it right this time:
You didn't read the rest of the story, which states "In order to make the comparison fair, the A10 will be fuelled with paraffin wax and weedkiller, have a large number of anvils bolted to it, and will be dragging a large boat anchor. 'We hope this at least evens the odds a bit so the F35 will look OK', a Pentagon spokesthing was quoted as saying".

Batch script to run on Win7/8

Removes the telemetry 'features'.

EU Declares Infowar on Russia

Propaganda blitzes are always the prelude to hot war.

Shigir Idol: 11k years old

Yet another piece of evidence that neolithic man was much more sophisticated than previously thought.

Rise of the Khalifa: Return of the Gold Dinar

You know, if they don't actually tax muslims (only rely on Jizya) and have hard currency, they'll likely take over the entire region.

Assange: I'll be killed by drone if I Leave

Sounds like he's probably on the 'kill list' then, and has been phoned to let him know. Sickening if true.
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