Headline Nudes (11.20.17):

CENTCOM Spying Archive found in S3


USA: Our forces and Committments will remain in Syria

Just as with anywhere else, don't leave. Idiots. Meanwhile, Erdogan gets the Urge to Purge again.

Pentagram: Afghan "Surge" MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Of course, there's no mission other than getting more boys killed for no reason. The Afghan army predictably becomes even more of a joke.

Hariri exiled to France, effectively

Man, some really good coverage by Anti-War lately. I hear they need more donations too, 'tis the season and all.

Denver PoPo have been stepping up their Brigandry

Pretty sweet deal to earn at least $1,000 when making an arrest. Sounds like a great reason to plant evidence on every traffic stop. You'd rake it in that way, regardless of the bogosity of the charges. Next step is for the troglodytic enforcers to realize that if they explain that to their victims first, they might be able to earn a $1,500 bribe to "make this all go away" and let you drive off.

South Front did a good job on their Hezbollah Documentary

No wonder the Israelis worry about them more than anything else. With that style of organization, I doubt the Israelis would ever be able to seriously be able to consider taking over Lebanon.

Meanwhile in northern Albania

Honor codes continue to prove more reliable than the state's law.

Cambodia returns to being a one-party state

US meddling in southeast Asia has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.

First new church in over a century in Turkey

Good news in more way than one.

Big Doins' in Saudi Arabia

Palestinians thrown under the bus so they can get their war with Iran. Looks like this is the "deal of the century" Trump was angling for to solve the Palestinian problem.

ATLAS update: doing backflips

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