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Canadian diplomatic row over Sikhs getting whacked 🔗 1695918868  

Response is about as expected; what are the Canadians gonna do? Go over there and spank 'em? Please.

The Mothership: Let's send advisers to Ukraine 🔗 1695747617  

"Without risking escalation"

Meanwhile in chicongo: Rather than fix crime, just do breadlines to fix grocers fleeing 🔗 1695746992  

Any excuse to steal

SEC now selling database of everyone's trades to other spooks 🔗 1695746894  

I'm sure they wouldn't dare find anything suspicious about the carlyle group or any other elites. They will however find a way to use it against the punters.

Boomer homelessness on the rise 🔗 1695746271  

The wages of inflation. Meanwhile, those who can are finally retiring en masse, making our ongoing recession worse.

Jack Poulson: Good new OSINT guy 🔗 1695745857  

Very interesting articles on his substack.

First artificial embryo created 🔗 1694111038  

1% yield. This will no doubt improve with time. We shall see whether the authorities can restrain themselves from growing slaves as the demographic crisis worsens.

Grayzone gets "the treatment" by the banksters 🔗 1693508523  

It's obvious these firms, when not enthusiastic collaborators with our fascist vampire regime, are being leaned on to the point of "you will be crushed and driven out of business if you do not comply" judging by the persistence and effectiveness of ChokePoint. Legally, everyone has a right to raise money for any lawful purpose, even to pay for legal defense against crimes you deliberately and obviously committed. The only legal leg these shit bags have to lean on is wartime emergency provisions against "aiding the enemy" of whom there are none, as there is no declared war, just "enemies" lists made by the gangsters and warlords of the alphabet agencies. The fact these firms can legally say "put them on the OFAC shit list or fuck off" and don't tells you all you need to know here. The "money transmitter" license laws are the relevant sword of Damocles they use as a club against any who dare.

State Dept: 0 connection to reality as usual 🔗 1693482806  

High on farts

Viva Millei 🔗 1693482758  

Here's hoping things work out.

On Post-Liberalism 🔗 1693333991  

But if we recognizes this as the true sickness that ails us… well, the post liberal narrative rings lackluster. It is not Locke or Jefferson that has robbed our lives of significance. The post liberals could drive the Woke out of public life, annul the words “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” from the public memory, and re-Christianize the entire public sphere, but the essential problem would remain. As long as America is divided between managers and the managed; as long as her culture honors distinctions between experts and the average; and as long as her citizens’ daily lives are decided by rules and regulations made by bureaucrats living far away, then the malaise, atomization, and enervation that the post liberals mourn will continue apace.
Largely mirrors my thinking for many years. The problem remains centralization, and systematic suppression via coercion of all attempts at privately establishing an order of subsidiarity.

Escaping only so far 🔗 1693333396  

In the stories of the modern fairy realm we see the seeds of stagnation. Protesters who occupy Zuccotti Park without the faintest notion of what their occupation should accomplish, political parties that seize all branches of the government without a plan for governing, Ivy League students pretending that they are not, in fact, elite—all of this flows from a culture that can articulate the anxieties of the overmanaged but cannot conceive of a healthy model of management. We cannot suffer ourselves to imagine righteous ambition even in our fantasies. Responsible leadership is not possible even in our fairy world. Little wonder so few strive to realize it in the real one.
On why every story nowadays is the same

As predicted, the semi sanctions on China are worthless 🔗 1692977647  

This belief that the guys over on Formosa don't have family on the other side of the strait, and manufacturers willing to poach them, is 1000% delusional.

On the Niger situation 🔗 1692879784  

Would these “good guys” –who have the “NeoCon blessing” of Victoria Nuland— lead a genuine grassroots movement against U.S. imperialism? The answer is obvious!
lol. Doug Casey understands the ultimate end here is for warlords to steal more.

Prigo Whacked: what now? 🔗 1692879220  

Also, it seems clear to me that the next time a high level internal spat in Russia happens there won’t be any backing down or compromises. Now everyone knows that it’s either total victory or death. So, there won’t be anyone challenging the government in any way unless they’re ready to go all the way. It seems glaringly clear to me that we’ve missed yet another off-ramp in our headlong descent into chaos and eventually internal civil war within Russia.

Disobeying .gov orders: Best way to have kept alive in Maui 🔗 1692806015  

As usual, government is here to help... you die!

Magnetically actuated, cheaply mass-producible artificial muscles 🔗 1692737945  

One of the last major obstacles to really good robotics has been a lack of precisely this.

Cuba: Trying to go cashless 🔗 1692735231  

Good luck with that, the economy would totally collapse without "sin factura, por favor"

Boston Dynamics finally did something useful: stretch 🔗 1692726555  

Here's hoping it gets all the sticky-fingered fuckers making shit disappear off loading docks out of a job. Meanwhile the boss is busy trying to figure out how to teach the bots how to man lines, likely with LLMs. Currently all spot is good for is remote manipulation, which is necessarily limited.

Bong institutional collapse taking its toll: Orknejar considering anschluss with Danemark once more 🔗 1692725445  

When your .gov is just gangsterism running a bust out on existing services, don't be shocked when things stop working.

NY/LA sissy hypno of asset managers has finally failed 🔗 1692643131  

Turns out nobody wants to be a bugman crushed by taxation after all. Who'da thunkt???

Why Ukraine won't be a second South Korea 🔗 1692289153  

Korea was a useful beard for the Japs, so it prospered. The Poles have no need for such things; Ukraine's ultimate fate will be misery followed by partition.

LK99: Just copper sulfide impurities 🔗 1692216325  

Did anyone learn anything? Time will tell.

Surkov and "Generation P": the Kremlin machine 🔗 1692043006  

The funny thing is that the West itself couldn’t keep Surkovism going for long.

The nihilism ended up being too much. And so, they had to create new causes and religions like SJWism and the Climate Cult to give the moral busybodies purpose and a means by which to harass normal people. These same types would be chest-clutching, Jahowa-worshipping, witch-burning Puritan church-ladies in another century. Not everyone can be a drug dealer and a house-flipper like Surkov envisioned. So, even though he is a genius propagandist, apparently, all he really did was copy post-Cold War America and now Putin’s people are belatedly realizing that America has moved on and their trendy progressive views from the 90s and 00s are considered literal fascism. Really, these clever masters of the universes are now the butt of a joke that they don’t even understand. They thought that no one cared about anything anymore! They convinced themselves and the rest of the country to not care either! And now what are they to do when they’re suddenly set up to be this century’s great moral foil to the heroes on their sacred anti-Amalek holy Crusade?

Pelevin says that power rests on bayonets and now the Moscow elite all stand a chance of getting sodomized by bayonets before this is all over. I may not be a high-brow art guy myself, but I can say that the situation that the Kremlin finds itself in now is what I would categorize as “fat people falling down stairs” levels of funny.
Rolo just knocks it out of the park here. Read the whole thing!

Pakistan: Back under military control 🔗 1692027478  

Of course, US fingerprints are all over it, as expected.

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