Headline Nudes (02.19.17):

Political Illustration

Pretty much sums up the US political system.

40 years of Weird Al Yankovic

Apparently he's a pretty cool guy.

More coming out of the Jimmy Savile investigations

Former PM outed. Now keep going up...

The AutoShoop bot


Social Mobility declining in the USA

Less are moving to find new opportunities. Not quite "SERFDOM REESTABLISHED" yet, but certainly not a good sign. Mostly this is because "ain't nowhere to run" to escape the tyranny in the USA.

Indian Gov: abusing it's biometric database

Name me a government database that hasn't been misused, and I'll call you a liar.

Car Phone Apps: security risk

If the former owner can start and unlock the car, so can criminals.

Self-Driving: not quite up for racing

Well, it's gonna have to be.

Cameroon cracking down on the Biafra area again

Not surprised.

Blizzard: clearly new to this whole FPS thing

Crying about how mouse + keyboard is unfairly better than crap controllers.

Zyklon Paper

Interesting idea for rapid use papers.

Playboy brings back the nudes

Good. Nothing wrong with it.

All-Corn diet turns hamsters into cannibals

cannot live on bread alone...

Study: 85% of humans under corrupt government

The remainder lived in areas of low state authority, I imagine, since all governments are 1000% corrupt.

Casette Tapes making a comeback?

Nothing beats cheap -- it's the economical choice for the small artist.

Coffee: the inflammation fighter

If nothing it keeps you living longer by keeping your damned brain working.

Jay-Z's streaming service: bogus

More or less what I expected.

LG: taking a bath on it's smartphones

They ARE crap, after all

The Belicheck formula: make your own luck

Belichick would never make such a move. Instead, Belichick almost favors trading down, acquiring more picks, and taking more shots. Given the number of variables at play on what players will succeed at the next level, it’s impossible to eliminate the risk that goes into selecting a player. Even an ideal player can have his career ruined before his first game by a fluke injury. The more draft picks you secure, the more chances you have to hit. This, combined with a coach staff that excels at player development, has given the Patriots a consistent source of young talent – even allowing the team survive occasional disappointing draft picks.
Oh, that and the spy-cams.

Another failed attack on Mises

This time from dumb old Monbiot.

Russian Newspapers monitor is interesting this week

Very interesting how trade activity is basically showing the Donbass has won.
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