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Headline Nudes:

NATO statement on Belarus stokes Polish revanchism πŸ”— 1623871694  

Sounds like they want to crack off the Cherven cities once again.

And of course the Capitol Riot was infiltrated by the feds πŸ”— 1623862187  

"Just Let it Happen" continues to be SOP

Thierry: USA prepping to give Russkies a knife for the China's back πŸ”— 1623820656  

A Yalta II? Sounds like things are afoot in the bureaucracy. I am skeptical that this can overcome the rabid Russia hate spewing forth from the Unis and Media though.

US warns vassals not to get uppity about big tech πŸ”— 1623819156  

I suspect this will backfire

Veritas flips an H-town Journo πŸ”— 1623818895  

Watch this get taken down before tomorrow morning. Nice to see people talking about how the Ad Council is essentially a money laundering via official propaganda scheme.

Azerbaijan accepts vassalization offer from Turkey πŸ”— 1623778813  

"One nation, two states"

Biden: Ukies must "clean up corruption" to join NATO πŸ”— 1623766309  


FIB: QAnon turning violent! πŸ”— 1623766231  

Presumably all thanks to their tireless infiltration efforts. I'm sure they are happy to have found yet another reason to exist now that the terrorism schtick is more or less played out.

Indians make the covid religion official πŸ”— 1623682235  

Local government religion incensed at competition

Summary of the goings on in the Talamakan and Dzungaria πŸ”— 1623678868  

AKA the Uighur "genocide". Sounds like NED magicked a program for vocational education into forced labor camps. Maybe, if you buy the old "no education before liberation" communist canard our elites increasingly seem to be adopting.

Bengal has finally lifted itself out of poverty πŸ”— 1623677727  

Mostly due to embracing markets, as one might expect. Higher per-capita GDP than India now.

Tax revolt in Baltimore brewing πŸ”— 1623598836  

Cops sent in to crack down. How dare they demand they actually get what they are supposedly paying for.

Bong professor: lockdown forever πŸ”— 1623593688  

College dean realizes "I'm the bad guy???" πŸ”— 1623592052  

The ivory tower is a helluva drug

Multiple resignations over Biogen's useless new alz drug πŸ”— 1623424107  

LOL, guess they didn't get a big enough sack of cash under the table

Macron hawking massive gold scam πŸ”— 1623423660  

Guessing the Mali war ain't going well

Latest estimate: 70% of pandemic unemployment funds were fraudulent πŸ”— 1623350259  

Surprise surprise. Free money attracts it.

The Feds' Latest scheme to allow evidence obtained under torture πŸ”— 1623339837  

That scheme called for FBI "clean teams" to interrogate the tortured person after the torture was completed, using conventional and lawful interrogation techniques. These techniques often proved more successful than CIA torture. Because these techniques were lawful, and the person being interrogated was advised of his rights and treated humanely by the FBI, the information thus obtained from him was usable in federal court.
Pretty much the most extreme form of "good cop, bad cop." Just tell the tortured victim that unless you tell the "clown clean teams" from the FIB what we want them to hear you'll get the electrodes back on your nutsack.

Lind (mostly) gets it on the kulturkampf πŸ”— 1623079824  

What we are witnessing is a power grab carried out chiefly by some white Americans against other white Americans. The goal of the new woke national establishment, the successor to the old Northeastern mainline Protestant establishment that was temporarily displaced by the neo-Jacksonian New Deal Democratic coalition, is to stigmatize, humiliate and disempower recalcitrant Southern, Catholic, and Jewish whites, along with members of ethnic and racial minorities who refuse to be assimilated into the new national orthodoxy disseminated from New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and the prestigious private universities of New England. Properly understood, the Great Awokening is the revenge of the Yankees.
He of course hates confederates, which is simply evidence of his reaper indoctrination by the same northern unis.

Revolver's COVID roundup is great πŸ”— 1623079280  

3 article series.
A fake crisis was manufactured and used to destroy American small businesses and spiritually cripple its people
So, SOP for the yanks.

Craig Murray gets clapped πŸ”— 1623077852  

For exposing Scottish corruption, of course.

Yellen: Raising rates would be good for society! πŸ”— 1623073399  

Of course, she doesn't state the obvious -- it would immediately bankrupt the USG. As such it ain't happening. LOL

Nigeria blocks Twitter after they suspend Nigerian President πŸ”— 1622825799  

I mean, what do they expect? Live by the block...

How a professor found out the fuel for H-Bombs from the stock market πŸ”— 1622818927  

So it's Lithium deuteride. I now get the big push for electric cars and green energy. They want MORE lithium and pressurized light water reactors. Yet more enslaving our economy to the hell bomb.

Adhesion through vibration πŸ”— 1622749873  

I suspect this might have interesting applications as a braking medium.

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