Headline Nudes (09.26.16):

Swiss vote to get blackmailed by the deep state

Morons. But save us from the TURRRHRISSSS!

Sounds like the MIC still wants endless war

None of their proposed goals do anything to further the interests of the average denizen of the USA.

One of the better Slashdot comments I've seen

> articles go out from a seed source and are quickly seeded throughout the world.

That's a wonderful idea. We'd need a new protocol for distributing these "articles". We could call it Network News Transfer Protocol or something. You could tag your article according to categories and subcategories, and people could subscribe to these different news groups. We could use ssl/tls for authentication of peers.

It probably wouldn't take too long to develop such a protocol; I bet we could have it done by 1986.
Excellent trollface RE Krebs getting took down.

Yet more DRM that's actually a rootkit

Look, you can only do a good-faith effort to stop cheating and theft of digital goods. Restrictions can always be bypassed, so quit with the charlie hustle shit.

Public School: Supermax

That these parents don't understand what they are doing to their children is tragic.
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