Headline Nudes (02.09.16):

License Plate Reader Dragnets: Just as effective as NSA Dragnets

Y'know, not at all effective at catching criminals. Good at spotting minor infractions for which you can extort people for though, so expect readers to become very common.

Draft Resisters in Israel

Sounds like the ultra-orthodox over there have a religious objection to slavery.

USA Busy putting up missile shields in South Korea

Against the laughable North Korean missiles. I'm guessing the MIC guys were pleased to have the contract.

CIA Intended to Capture Snowden in 2013

Looks like they tried to setup some sort of deal with the Danes to black site him that fell through.

Ted Cruz has a lot of Psy Ops guys in his Camp

Expect "4 more wars" out of Cruz missiles if elected.
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