Headline Nudes (08.27.16):

Zbig admits failure


Mugabe to arrest Olympic team for not winning medals

lol. Good way to not have a team at all next year.

China's economic liar in chief: to be executed for being a corrupto

Nevertheless, the fictitious data will continue.

Meanwhile in the Phillipines

Hit squads are bullish thanks to Duerte.

Yet again, John Kerry's mideast peace plans have gone nowhere

Cause he doesn't want peace on Syria.

The wolverine whisperer

Neat to see someone has begun the work of domestication.

Belarus: slowly becoming freer

Much like Russia, de-facto kingdom has been good for the place (as it is a marked improvement over the prior arrangements of Communism and Democracy).

Larry King to Slick Willie: Ted Turner will serve you

Turned out to be true.

Ferguson update: without the shakedowns, city going broke

Good, fuck 'em. They need to go broke.

Study: Monopoly the source of high drug prices

UHDUUUUUUUUH! They need a study to figure this shit out?

Using CRISPR to deduce how fins may become hands and vice versa

Interesting investigation.

SF: Considering an income tax

lol, idiots will have to enjoy a mass exodus if it passes.
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