Headline Nudes (05.25.16):

Will Grigg's Latest

On coproaches and their high suicide rate. It must be stressful for them to have a conscience; clearly they need to screen better to hire sociopaths so that the kop suicide rate goes down.

Cop of the year, Kid Raper

The orcs are truly disgusting.

Kurds going in for the kill?

If so, would be a pretty big win for the YPG.

Meanwhile, IS forces strike back in Latakia

Guess they are getting revenge for how much the Russians rolled back their earlier gains.

US Prisons: Stay locked up after term's up

4,300 is a small number considering how many are locked up, but it is still a travesty.

Hitlery: Bring back driving 55

What a dirtbag.

Chris Kyle: Stolen valor

LOL. Enjoy your heroes, gov worshippers.

Yet another greek bailout

As with the last ones, it's actually a bailout of EZ banks.

Bicycle-boat across the Atlantic

neat story.

Alzheimers Breakthrough: Plaques are part of immune system

It's how the brain fights infection. Over age, the blood-brain barrier weakens, and eventually infections overwhelm it.
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