Headline Nudes (08.31.16):

Mullah Omar: Boogeyman

A dutch Journalist has done the actual investigating, and proven the western "Intelligence" to be a total sham. The Taliban doesn't exist as this ever present threat; Afghani society simply isn't anywhere near that unified. Even much of the Haqqani network has fallen apart.

Nevertheless, it is nonstop tribal warfare; a thing which no outsider should have anything to do with (and could not possibly make any better).

Facebook: Your source for Fake News

Now brought to you by algo, serving up Faux News about Faux News!

Ukraine: Black Sites

Presto Disappearo!

US up to the usual tricks of empire

Like the Romans, take hostages & educate them in your ways and subsidize the local chieftains. It looks much more voluntary on the surface, of course, given our propaganda is infinitely better than either Roman or British imperial propaganda.

Finland trying out the BIG

AKA helicopter money. Schmucks.

DoD up to the usual Tricks

Spending over $1m on strippers and gambling.

Freedom, as usual, is found on the Margins

EPA going after aftermarket performance kits

How DARE you sell such a device!

Johnson: "The True Republican"

Gag me

Interesting: Clinton communicated with Daughter via fake name

Clearly to cover for confiding juicy political details to the daughter. She's being groomed for political office.

Apparently the euphemism "Colored People" is now racist

The idiocy continues.
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