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On the radicalization of France 🔗

What France was confronted with, Roy argued in a formula that made the article immediately famous, was not a “radicalization of Islam” but an “Islamization of radicalism.” “The essential problem for France” was not ISIS, he argued, but “the revolt of the youth.”
Can anyone blame them? Saddle a people with debts worse than the NAZIs bucked against, don't get shocked when they don't think twice about tossin' out bodies.
“Why do converts, who never suffered from racism, want all of a sudden to avenge the humiliation endured by Muslims,” asked Roy. “What do migrants of the second generation and converts have in common?”
A fight against a deck they know is already stacked so bad they gotta be slaves forever or start shooting. That the Boomers don't fully understand the magnitude of their sins visited upon the next generation is truly astonishing. It's not just the debts either, it's the agglomeration of toxic ideology like Feminism. Practically their entire legacy is dunking on and humiliation of the next generation.

The adoption of a radically foreign culture and ideology frees them from the crushing burden they are expected to shoulder if they conform to the existing norms, so they adopt it gladly.

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