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You think there must be something else; but no, this is all there is. And this ugliness, too, is aped. Somewhere, right now, in a school or office near you, someone is being humiliated and destroyed, by small, cruel, thirsty souls, for the benefit of the people. Do you have a tear for them? Of course you don't. You can't feel anything but power.
PHD secrets to elite thinking right here. This is why ideology is irrelevant other than who gets run over by the machine.
The disadvantage is that, once this financial system can no longer hide systemic losses, it can no longer hide the reality that America loses half its GDP in red ink every year. Is it any wonder that if you drive across the country, you see a country bleeding to death; even before 2020? Well, that's exactly what you're looking at. Financially, anyway.
Why we can't actually go back to capitalism in a nutshell

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