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2020: The year of everything fake πŸ”—

Yarvin makes a point which summarizes his take on why the USA is incapable of dealing with a pandemic:
Whole worlds can be fake, yet carry on. Our world will carry on. Maybe we will forget, probably we will forget, the level of fakeness it showed us here. Probably we will even become completely inured to it. This is the way things work in the Third World, where no one but a stone cold fool takes the world seriously.
USA has always had a 3rd world government, because it is preferrable to the alternative -- e.g. Killer Government of the European variety that makes gulags and murders millions. 250k dead who already were on schedule to croak within the year is irrelevant. But Yarvin nevertheless prefers lockdown due to being a hypochondriac himself.

Nevertheless, the advice to not take shit seriously is a good takeaway. As always this is the answer thanks to the way emotional investment by elites work; they are only elite because you care.

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