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Why the Dems chose a loser like biden πŸ”— 1599646835  

So maybe the radical left's attack on restaurants and looting will knock some out of their anti-cop trance (which is really an anti-civilization) but I suspect that this is what the Marxists behind the curtain want. They want the people to be fearful, so that Trump is re-elected to "fix things." The Marxists know a Trump victory will continue the recruiting of socialists to the cause.
Bingo. Look, there's a reason we generally get 8 year swings. It takes a while to get people fired up enough to lose objectivity and actually get motivated enough to vote, despite the screaming evidence that it has 0 impact on public policy. The entire electoral system is nothing but an elaborate smokescreen giving the bureaucrats the cover they need to keep doing what they want to do.

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