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My Career as a White Cop 🔗 1599644395  

A journey of disillusionment. It's interesting how many are coming to a similar conclusion about nearly all large bureaucratic organizations regardless of profession.
As the “defund the police” movement gains momentum, police officers are leaving the profession in droves. My agency is no exception. Soon, very few people, if any, will apply for this job. In order to fill vacancies, agencies will have to eliminate written tests, lower hiring standards, and look the other way on questionable backgrounds. This has all been tried before in the name of “diversity,” and led to incompetent, untrustworthy, corrupt officers. This is a disaster for any society.
It's of course gonna be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The incentives surrounding all bureaucracies guarantee this is the outcome. All police agencies succumb eventually, everywhere. Government is always and everywhere eventually filled by those who simply cannot be employed in any useful profession. That is the essence of the political means.

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