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Assange extradition hearing a farce 🔗 1599642141  

As expected. In the interest of justice, the mother country needs to grow a sack and tell the colonies to pound sand. Escobar's Prometheus Bound is worth a read on this.

UPDATE: One of the defense witnesses cuts to the core issue:
Lewis then said that in Stafford Smith’s written evidence paras 92-6 he had listed specific Wikileaks cables which related to disclosure of drone policy. But publication of these particular cables did not form part of the indictment. Lewis read out part of an affidavit from US Assistant Attorney Kromberg which stated that Assange was being indicted only for cables containing the publication of names of informants.

Stafford Smith replied that Kromberg may state that, but in practice that would not be the case in the United States. The charge was of conspiracy, and the way such charges were defined in the US system would allow the widest inclusion of evidence. The first witness at trial would be a “terrorism expert” who would draw a wide and far reaching picture of the history of threat against the USA.
This alone ought to be lethal to the extradition. Nobody has a reasonable expectation that upon extradition the USA will restrict itself to prosecution of the crimes for which Assange is purportedly to be extradited for. The record of the USA giving 0 shits about their lawful treaty obligations is miles long.

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