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Black lives MAGA 🔗 1599468729  

Best essay on the current situation. Rs are just progs driving the speed limit.
The founding fathers and the majority of American presidents throughout history were white supremacists. If they’re true to their own values, Republicans should want to detonate and flatten almost the entirety of Washington’s statuary. Perhaps what needs to be toppled is not the effigies of men who presided over a functioning society, but the edifice of Martin Luther King, whose legacy renders America a failed state on the precipice of civil war.
It's not a coincidence that the reaction to the failure of white supremacism in the 20th century was the twofold rise of fem supremacism and black supremacism. Either ideology is plenty dangerous without the communist ideology the thought leaders of both subscribe to. But nobody in the USA is interested in individualism; the market for tyranny is booming.

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