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I had a feeling the "Deep State" essay of the other day was a bit of a limited hangout. Thankfully, Peter Dale Scott comes out with the antidote:

...the current threat to constitutional rights does not derive from the deep state alone. As I have written elsewhere, the problem is a global dominance mindset that prevails not only inside the Washington Beltway but also in the mainstream media and even in the universities, one which has come to accept recent inroads on constitutional liberties, and stigmatizes, or at least responds with silence to, those who are alarmed by them. Just as acceptance of bureaucratic groupthink is a necessary condition for advancement within the state, so acceptance of this mindset’s notions of decorum has increasingly become a condition for participation in mainstream public life.

As I have known for some time, it's not a conspiracy that sharks swim towards blood. The only way to get away with this sort of evil is to make the system evil so that the removal of any member (shark's teeth) does not harm its operation.

Ironically, you can't centrally plan an empire; it has to come about because a de-centralized network of criminal organizations (like political parties) all see it as the best way to aggrandize themselves. As such, the only true solution is to abolish the government, or at least the Standing army, police and security apparatuses. If you don't go all the way, they'll just come back though.

Perhaps the most important takeaway is that the vast blackmail apparatus that is a part of the deep state is largely unneeded to control the elected organs of the state. A system that can produce such a thing is already so evil that anyone who could win office would prefer participation to resisting evil.

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