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One thing a Statist should NEVAR do πŸ”— 1439057914  

From time to time, I keep seeing posts from various sources, whether they be as a link in some comment or even a full blown article making the argument that if you hate Taxes/The State/Welfare Programs/Infrastructure but simultaneously utilize some government offered service, then you are obviously some sort of sociopathic hypocrite. This, of course, fails on many levels to be a logically consistent argument.

First, hypocrisy implies deception, which may not always be the case. I very seriously doubt that most who advocate for Smaller Government/Minarchism/Anarchy actually are massive statists "on the down low" (unless, perhaps, you happen to be a politician). You may be able to legitimately say that many of these people do not 'practice what they preach', but even then, there are many who, through their writings/speech, have made it clear that under whatever system they 'preach,' it's still okay to accept state "services", whether that acceptance is voluntary or forced.

Then again, Libertarians (and Commies!) can also make this mistake - sometimes even resulting in double the dissonance:

can you spot Schiff's error?

Still, in the interest of simultaneously "Striking the Root" and arguing in Bad Faith, I'll go one better to statists with a list of prohibitions they should comply with in order to avoid "hypocrisy":

   1. Do not engage in free exchange and association. Instead make all relations mandatory.

What? You were wanting more? Too bad. Since you have such faith in the state, you should be pleased to know that there will be no market failures or externalities to worry about anymore. This is because you'll be too busy dealing with extreme privation to worry about anything like that if you follow the rule above. I think I can be fairly certain, however, that I don't have to worry about leading anyone down this ever so consistent path, as facts don't matter and language controls perceptions.

Hmm. Not bad for a first blog post. Now that the bile has been cleared from my throat, maybe I can get to work on some decent posts - I've been in an Aesop mood recently.

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