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LK99: The room temperature, ambient pressure superconductor? πŸ”— 1690914400  

Looking increasingly like it. Amazing news for fusion, and many other areas.

Invar now fully understood πŸ”— 1690487184  

Hopefully this allows for the creation of allows with even less thermal expansion/reduction. If we could make flexible seals that are invar, space flight would be massively improved.

IRS deals with their backlog in the most ass way possible: just throw the unprocessed paper returns in the trash πŸ”— 1690482235  

LOL, paper returns still winnin'

The recession is on: .gov strangulation of the real economy πŸ”— 1690308935  

Extreme spending coupled with extreme indebtedness, while it can juice in the short term, will increasingly strangle the economy under the weight of interest payments. This is why hyperinflations inevitably happen, as the dose of spending must necessarily escalate perpetually to avoid this strangling effect of ballooning interest payments crowding out all other activity. Hyperinflation does so as well, but not right away, so it is of course the easy choice.

Yet more wondering why Exit is the only choice for the young, and online is the place to escape to πŸ”—


These people are thick. Of course people want to escape. One wrong move socially means potential imprisonment, expropriation or at best exile from your situation. The problem is that we live in a damned police state and raise kids in a regime of zero tolerance.

If the only world you are allowed to live in, the only game you can play is fake and gay; don't be surprised when people take their ball and go home rather than playing. Sure it misses the mark, and real life is quite fulfilling. Doesn't change the fact that it's precisely the turds whining about the new generation that authored or did nothing to stop the system they suffer under.

It's beyond hilarious to see people who should know better (the study about how people and animals do drugs when life is hopeless is rather well known, after all) not understand this. Greedy capitalists can't slang dope to the kids if they don't want it in the first place. If you aren't making the world they live in a better alternative, you are part of the problem.

Russia's Descent into Weimar democracy continues πŸ”— 1690136136  

The outlawry of the "angry patriot ghost faction" brings to mind Hitler's rebuttal to Otto Wels in the reichstag on the passing of the enabling act. Going Vae Victis on a huge subset of the domestic population has far-reaching consequences.

White Man's Ghost Dance πŸ”— 1690135923  

The younger generation figures out .gov is the enemy, and wants you dead, your kids raped and in a gulag. They have yet to understand the only path to victory is simple; just keep breathing in and out longer than the bad guys. The libertarians are right, Exit is the only thing that ever works. You already see this with the internal migration amongst the states; when the tyranny centralizes and is made mandatory nationally we'll then see a brain drain followed by an East German lockdown.

Anti-Lab leak paper known to be false when emitted by authors πŸ”— 1689960797  

Surely people defending covert biological weapons research wouldn't lie to me!

"Jawboning" defense against social media censorship likely to remain alive and well πŸ”— 1688598282  

Seems like a trend of having nominally positive rulings for freedom with no actual impact on the bureaucracy's behavior. I've largely concluded that the Judiciary is essentially powerless now.

Bongs considering adopting American Governance πŸ”— 1688577527  

Author correctly recognizes that the fundamental instability of their constitutionless system is the core strength. The trouble of course that has lead them here in the first place is that "the people suck", or more correctly their elites do. As such their system does need fundamental reform in such a way that it no longer produces the human refuse currently filling Parliament.

Patriots in Control! πŸ”— 1688574115  

Frankly, if the peasants could just learn about these psy-ops in general and understand the frequency with which they are employed by the social engineers over and over and over again with almost no variation, maybe just maybe, something would finally change for the better in the world because they wouldn’t fall for obvious scams so easily and drag us into them as well.

But I am not holding my breath.
Great insight that Z/Qanon stuff is just good ol' "Operation Trust" run by a bunch of thieves running a bust-out which ends in national suicide. War as always, remains a racket.

Nigel gets debanked πŸ”— 1688571261  

ChokePoint goes worldwide. Life in the USSA and it's latter-day warsaw pact

SCOTUS fails to overturn Affirmative Action πŸ”— 1688408463  

As expected. The only actual solution is to overturn the execrable CRA.

On Wagner's Mutiny πŸ”—

Lukashenko once again proved himself to be the only competent politician in the Slavlands
Basically the Tuvan Gangster Shoigu decided everyone had to be his minion. Wagner and the Cossacks told him to take a hike. The podcast with James Corbett is great.

How modern Raytracing works πŸ”— 1687539063  

By cheating with AI denoise.

The $52,000 trash can πŸ”— 1687533343  

Pentagram business as usual

The Juice starts a-flowin' for the election πŸ”— 1687533211  

Let the bailouts flow. Probably gonna be long till the election.

DGSI: Tech literacy is terrorism πŸ”— 1687467893  

Any and all tools useful for citizen resistance against l'etat depredations will always be subject to villification by said rascals.

The Christian imperative of political decentralization πŸ”— 1687223451  

A 2023 "what then shall we do?"
We can conclude, then, that an obvious objective for Christian politics in the coming years is to check or even reverse the process by which expressive individualism has gradually supplanted the traditional understanding of the self and of social relationships in the law with a new understanding that is incompatible with orthodox Christianity.
Nice to see more coming around to the Inner-Light-enment being the core heresy at work here in the USA, mostly since the 70s. What it boils down to is that people instinctually get that malum-in-se things are always coercive destruction of agency. What the progs don't understand is that the church is as concerned with you doing this to yourself as it is to others. This is why it's so upset with suicide, abortion, transexualism etc. Massive destruction of your possible future for a mess of pottage.

From there the article is a pretty straightforward defense of subsidiarity which should be familiar to the readers of this site.

The Rise and fall of the american energy grid πŸ”— 1687222127  

I remember around the turn of the century TXU's public plan being "lol just let shit fall apart, add no new capacity while we get to be parasites".

Vtubing for Dummies πŸ”— 1687188853  

Show up as duke next stupid meeting you have to go to

The American Competence Crisis πŸ”— 1687188672  

By the 1960s, the systematic selection for competence came into direct conflict with the political imperatives of the civil rights movement. During the period from 1961 to 1972, a series of Supreme Court rulings, executive orders, and lawsβ€”most critically, the Civil Rights Act of 1964β€”put meritocracy and the new political imperative of protected-group diversity on a collision course. Administrative law judges have accepted statistically observable disparities in outcomes between groups as prima facie evidence of illegal discrimination. The result has been clear: any time meritocracy and diversity come into direct conflict, diversity must take priority.

The resulting norms have steadily eroded institutional competency, causing America’s complex systems to fail with increasing regularity. In the language of a systems theorist, by decreasing the competency of the actors within the system, formerly stable systems have begun to experience normal accidents at a rate that is faster than the system can adapt. The prognosis is harsh but clear: either selection for competence will return or America will experience devolution to more primitive forms of civilization and loss of geopolitical power.
A good companion to this is a recent article on South Africa, which is a vision of our future. Whites permanently disenfranchised scapegoats; Jews in their own homeland.

Why UBI is being trotted out again πŸ”— 1686250310  

As the lube to shove the CBDC dildo up the body politic's ass. Hey, Airdrops worked for tons of other crypto scams. And few happened to notice they disproportionately hooked up certain wallets...

What does it mean to be right wing? πŸ”— 1686243442  

Much in the same way that Ludwig Von Mises showed the distribution of scarce resources via a price system that ignores the nature of human action, and instead favors central planning cannot overcome the economic calculation problem so too will artificial hierarchies be unable to overcome the distribution of human capital, or what I shall dub as the hierarchical calculation problem. From this we can surmise that artificial hierarchies will inevitably result in the same problems as artificial price systems, with the misallocation of human capital. This seems to be indisputable then that if you accept the idea that scarce resources can and will be misallocated through central planning that human beings will also be misallocated to positions of power that they should not inhabit, often to disastrous results.
I've written elsewhere about precisely this phenomenon in the corporation, and its corrosive results. Synthetic hierarchies are fundamentally what produce all the bizarre pathology described in "Moral Mazes" (the single-elimination ass-kissing tournament).

The UAF situation: not looking good πŸ”— 1685919859  

Sounds like their C3I and logistics are FUBAR and systemic control fraud abides. This is not an army that can win; Very reminiscent of the French army in the run up to WWII. Betting the farm on fortifications and ignoring the corruption in the organization to their own peril.

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