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The press vs the president πŸ”— 1675439222  

4-part piece on the Russiagate hoax and media hysterics surrounding it. Will be the definitive work.

Russian CBDC effort going about as expected πŸ”— 1675019246  

Tyrannical wartime measure they intend to force on those without capacity to resist (e.g. pensioners), and then wedge it into society at large from there.

Hungarian Military Purge: May be more serious than it looks πŸ”— 1674759582  

Cashier all the pro-NATO generals and reach out to the Serbs for defensive planning. I wonder if a new Balkan defensive pact will form up if Turkey winds up hitting the eject button on NATO along with Hungary.

Regardless, you'd have to tell all the NATO guys to take a hike if you wanted to do something about the Ukrainians clapping every Hungarian they find to put on the front line.

Cyber Phrenology and The Butterfly War πŸ”—

Great article linked by a guy noticing ChatGPT is a sort of Reaper IFF. In short it turns out our retarded social media censorship regime is the empire coming home! It's literally run by COINdinistas. No wonder it's such an obvious failure.
As these efforts go into full swing and the defectors pile up, Silicon Valley will have to institute Scientology-style restrictions of expression and behavior. These limitations will only create more defectors as internal reprimands become more reactionary. If you need help finding the psychology of Silicon Valley developers, mine HackerNews and IRC logs for sentiment analysis about their behaviors and allegiances.
Spot on prediction, much like those of us who noted at the time that COIN would go as well as "Strategic Hamlets" did in Viet Nam.

ChatGPT and Student Essays: In which english class is exposed for what it is, tedious make-work πŸ”—

If you can't write at least as well as clockwork, what the hell are you even doing? I remain skeptical that this will finally force the education system to actually teach people how to enjoy writing well enough to do it on a regular basis. They'll just bury their heads in the sand and be happy that technology is artificially inflating standardized test scores like calculators have done for decades now.

Patreon on the Blockchain πŸ”— 1673377191  

Still won't stop you from being Chokepointed/KYC'd out of biz by exchanges & banksters RE the "last leg" of that monetary flow, but at least should prevent retarded shit like randomly cancelling fully funded projects because a Karen complained about it.

US to make secondary alliance agreements with Sweden due to failing NATO bid πŸ”— 1673375796  

I'm sure this won't please the Turks, as it effectively means going forward with the meat of joining NATO without acceding to their demands in keeping with the NATO treaty.

Afghanistan is Healing πŸ”— 1673367974  

The sons of the old republic get to fulfill a long awaited desire to return to normalcy by implementing one of the great plans of the old republic. A shame they had to wait till they were old men to see their fathers' dreams realized.

Looks like forts are back on the menu, boys πŸ”— 1672957206  

John Kiriakou and Scott Horton on JFK, 9/11 and the non-pardons of whistleblowers πŸ”— 1672855768  

Huge news on all these fronts. Pretty much a slam dunk the CIA had to have known about Oswald now. Similarly, 9/11 is 100% the usual Saudi cynical game with Ikwhan kooks. Makes the carlyle group chicanery pretty obvious carrot/stick compromat, and everything else is explained by agency incompetence and interservice rivalry. Also, Trump failed to pardon the whistleblowers thanks to coercion by Cocaine Mitch.

Why Everything became woke πŸ”—

...my critics and I both missed something that might not have been obvious 30 years ago. By the late 1990s the rapid expansion of the universities came to a halt, especially in the humanities. Faculty openings slowed or stopped in many fields. Graduate enrollment cratered. In my own department in 10 years we went from accepting over a hundred students for graduate study to under 20 for a simple reason. We could not place our students. The hordes who took courses in critical pedagogy, insurgent sociology, gender studies, radical anthropology, Marxist cinema theory, and postmodernism could no longer hope for university careers.

What became of them? No single answer is possible. They joined the work force. Some became baristas, tech supporters, Amazon staffers and real estate agents. Others with intellectual ambitions found positions with the remaining newspapers and online periodicals, but most often they landed jobs as writers or researchers with liberal government agencies, foundations, or NGOs. In all these capacities they brought along the sensibilities and jargon they learned on campus.
The colostomy bag that is Uni ruptured, the body politic is now septic

Why there are tweaking bums everywhere now πŸ”— 1672777043  

9th circuit tortured the 8th Amendment into compliance, so now the only way you can arrest for vagrancy is by giving them a house. Everyone living in town soon will know the joys of being regularly screamed at by psychotics high on drugs that smell like something crawled up their ass and died.

On woke AI chatbots πŸ”— 1672428586  

Read part 1 linked in TFA as well. Entirely correct that the only way to truly make it newspeak is to kill what makes it work so well.

NYT clutches pearls about the 2ch guy πŸ”— 1672428356  

Since he owns 4ch now. The whiners have no answer to his argument "we do not live in a utopia". Society is now and always has been chock fulla nuts.

Sodium-Sulfur battery breakthrough? πŸ”— 1671565110  

The regulators will of course pooh-pooh it out of existence due to it emitting toxic gases when exposed to humid air.

CBAM: the EU's Smoot-Hawley πŸ”— 1671560210  

Extreme foolishness, but to be expected. Really just a way to sneak in the kind of tariffs under cover of greenwashing needed to mobilize their economy for world war 3.

BOJ throws in the towel on murdering the Yen πŸ”— 1671559994  

Astonishing. Took them longer than the Afghan war to realize they were licked. I suspect their 5 year plan to re militarize will inevitably result in backsliding. Nevertheless, this deflated punters out there hoping for J-Pow to spike the punch bowl again.

On Long Covid and the coddling of Hysteria in general πŸ”—

Bending over backwards to appease hamstering neurotics describes much of public policy. I like that the doc is sympathetic -- To some degree functional disorders are like being shell shocked. Even when you know it's mostly in your head you can't help yourself easily. Like habit formation, it's hard, time-consuming work to install new software in your own head.

Merkel lets slip that Minsk II was a ruse πŸ”— 1670698300  

Even if not actually true at the time, this willingness to be publicly duplicitous is hugely damaging to the prospects of diplomacy.

Journalists beginning to realize they've lost the kulturkampf πŸ”— 1670455796  

I remember saying years ago that the pivot BAP made to being Aesthetics first would likely carry the day, as it's at least not boring bullshit Karens teaching the next generation are into.

Bill Buppert has started Podcasting πŸ”— 1670434746  

Great to hear.

The view from St. Pete πŸ”— 1670285605  

Sounds about like how things went with our Kabinetskriegs post 9/11. That will change when they get to find out like every generation does that war is a racket.

Pentagon finally admits they can't supply the Ukranian effort without mobilizing the economy further πŸ”—

They'd need to ramp up production 30x to actually fulfill on the ground needs, so I suppose it's back to "guns and butter" lunacy.

BONUS: As expected, the rat line to smuggle shipments falling off the back of trucks to NATO's terrorist buddies around the world is fully operational.

Matt Taibbi: Don't trust mainstream media πŸ”—

Getting things right is hard enough. The minute we try to do anything else in this job, the wheels come off. Until we get back to the basics, we don’t deserve to be trusted. And we won’t be.
Ding Ding Ding. Everywhere I work this is the truth. Do the job right, and keep your damn opinion to yourself. If people want to know how you think, make them do the stalker shit all girls do to guys they're interested in.

BONUS: He got the scoop from Elon RE shenanigans at twitter dot com. Sounds about like I expected, acephalous corporate doing what it does best

Israel getting it's own fascist paramilitaries πŸ”— 1669733634  

In the wake of the return of Netanyoohoo and the annexation of the west bank, it sounds like they are getting serious about settling it by force.

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