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Ukies working on becoming "big Israel" πŸ”—

Hey, when it comes to scamming uncle sucker nobody else comes close! An integral nationalist Jewish Slav frankenstate doesn't have to make much sense, just like a colonial apartheid state of the same in the Levant doesn't have to either.

UPDATE: Thierry has a great piece on the history of the Ukie Integral Nationalist movement. Worth particularly noting their tight integration with GLADIO and the crazies in the basement. This means the bureaucracy at state will never, ever give up on them.

The Email Caste's Last stand πŸ”— 1667932222  

Rumors of the demise of the parasite class are always exaggerated. They only get larger until they kill the host. This is but a temporary setback; they'll soon find a way to be commissars again.

Twitter has become the Internet Hate Machine πŸ”— 1667408114  

Gleichschaltung. But this time it's emerging naturally, because that's what gets the most engagement. Turns out exploiting the demonically oppressed is one hell of a cash cow, and has taken on such a life of its own as to be in the drivers' seat.

The agency's men at Facebook πŸ”— 1667327252  

It's the same with all the content mills. Consent factory. Whole thing coordinated by the DHS.

Levant Gas Fields agreement reached πŸ”— 1667321246  

Glad to see all the parties involved could look past their conflicting claims and do what's best for their economy and people.

Eric Margolis on the Russia war πŸ”— 1666910301  

He's quite astute to see the real aim of Washington is the dissolution of Russia. These days I put it to most people as "UMM SWEETIE ITS TRANSAMUR..."

FIB disappears former spook reporter πŸ”— 1666657692  

Sounds like they came over for a friendly visit and he gave the wrong answer.

Starlink: Can be used as a "poor man's GPS" πŸ”— 1666654577  

Which of course also means the users can be pinpoint targeted whenever the NSA insists they tap in, if they haven't already.

The law that ate the constitution πŸ”— 1665672086  

The Civil Rights act is what foisted this public-private partnershit of corporate coercion everywhere upon us. The feckless Rethuglicans won't touch it.

PPP Loan fraud forgiven and uninvestigated πŸ”— 1665672003  

Fraud remains the fundamentals

SMIC sanctioned πŸ”— 1665671953  

Means ASML can't do business in China. Won't work, most of the Photolith expertise they acquired was leakage from Taiwan anyways.

Washington chimps out about OPEC production cuts πŸ”— 1665605320  

OPEC has 'em by the short and curlies, and knows it. It'll be interesting to see if this actually results in a diplomatic realignment of the Arabs. I would expect retaliatory CIA chicanery to be not long behind if so.

Los Alamos has failed to produce a warhead for 6 years πŸ”—

Maybe if you didn't classify the bejeezus out of everything and scream STRENG GEHEIM until anyone with an IQ above room temperature refuses employment with you, nukes wouldn't have to be reverse-engineered from first principles every generation

Morgan stabs Visa/MC in the back πŸ”— 1664212277  

Killing processor fees will be a great boon to the economy. I suppose it will help the bottom line of JPM's portfolio more than it hurts their own fee income.

Russia Mobilizes another 300k πŸ”— 1663767026  

Sounds like they want all their lines fully staffed so they can actually push all the way to the Dneipr. The question from here is how will the west now escalate?

World's richest lithium deposit in Maine cannot be mined πŸ”— 1663766923  

Regulatory hasn't changed it's tune since FDR's day. Keep it all in the ground so we are supreme on some theoretical day which will never come that we are the last ones holding everything.

Israel murders US citizen πŸ”— 1663766813  

For being a troublemaking Journo. The Tel Aviv regime will of course get away totally with this.

This may be the most perfect piece of journalism ever crafted πŸ”— 1663621554  


HELOC apps collapse πŸ”— 1662652320  

Mortgage mills BTFO, laying off droves

The Crucifiction of Andrew Tate πŸ”—

He became world famous thanks to building an affiliate marketing machine to game the social (read: advert) network algos, and got banned / on the Visa/MC shit list. Kinda like they do card counters at casinos, but the casino here is Wall Street's interlocking directorates. The real lesson here is how easily within grasp this kind of astroturfing actually is. This is essentially standard practice for any political party that's worth anything. Push hot-button, receev bacon

Aluminum/Sulfur battery? πŸ”— 1661520509  

It's at least cheap. Sounds like it has to be constantly charging and discharging to stay at temperature. Not clear as to the lifespan either. Nickel irons probably still make more sense.

French Foreign Legion to intervene in Yemen πŸ”— 1661351342  

French neocolonialism will probably not work out for them this time either.

Deepfake Cryptocurrency Scamming πŸ”— 1661280803  

"How many layers of scam are you at?"
"I dunno, maybe 3 or 4?"
"Haha you are like a baby, watch this"

Zim finally capitulates, returns to gold standard πŸ”— 1660590038  

As happens eventually to all central bank regimes. When all other options are exhausted, they try doing the right thing for a change.

The Miles Kwok story gets crazier πŸ”— 1659907365  

Not sure if this guy is just a straight up scammer. Nevertheless, it wouldn't shock me if an intelligence plot developed around all this nonetheless.

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