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On the Uselessness of Phenylephrine πŸ”— 1648672257  

Gee, I wonder why so many died of glow-rona. Maybe it's because bronk-aid is essentially outlawed.

They sell us their "cures" while outlawing our medicine

Another FIBbie gets suspicious about 9/11 πŸ”— 1648599772  

Finds what one would expect. Unsurprisingly, 0 play in mainstream, 100% chance this guy's career gets ruined.

All News is Bad news πŸ”— 1648480287  

For those of you wondering why I don't post as often: this is why. Being a Newshound is essentially having a case of USI.

Lamps using UV-C variant can conquer airborne transmission? πŸ”— 1648461943  

Huge, great news if true and safe. Put them in offices and schools and probably 90% of airborne transmission will stop. The need for cold/flu vaccination will disappear.

The New Cola War πŸ”— 1648395224  

In which I break down the Ukraine war.

US Congress considers issuing letters of marque against Russia πŸ”— 1647961118  

Congress is well known for being butt pirates. About time they made it official again.

Craig Venter has finally done it: Synthetic Life πŸ”— 1647563868  

His quest for the minimum viable lifeform is complete. The secret to the cytoplasm is revealed!

Auto Production Quartered since 2019 πŸ”— 1647561219  

The lockdown truly destroyed our economy.

DHS muscles in on the bulk collection game πŸ”— 1647540705  

Thanks for uncovering their wasteful criminality go to Sen. Wyden

SCOTUS fails to bring CIA to justice for being torture ghouls πŸ”— 1647463068  

As expected. If the government says it, it must be true, right?

BAP knocks it out of the park πŸ”— 1647296520  

As always, know your enemy. No Russian ever robbed me like Mordor's minions have.

Controlled Flight into Terrain: The west's suicidal sanctions πŸ”— 1647287813  

Although the complexity of this situation makes it impossible to make any forecasts, consider: a worst case scenario is much much worse than stagflation. Just wrap your mind around the consequences the merely the two outcomes described above: a fair bit of famine and supply shortfalls, even potentially problems with maintaining some critical infrastructure due to chip scarcity. Some of that productive capacity loss could become permanent due to business failures.

And let us remind you….so far we are discussing only what the West has done to itself. What happens if Russia goes full Smoot-Hawley and retaliates, or engages in the passive aggressive version, as in no formal pronunciations, just supplies go to friendlies and the West gets chocked down, not 100% but enough to feel like that.

The Democratic Party is in the process of executing a controlled flight into terrain. Too bad that we are along for the ride.

Drone Powerline Perching πŸ”— 1647189469  

Hot dog. This extends effective range of most drones to near-infinite when controlled with GSM.

University of Seville's BirdBot πŸ”— 1647188653  

Beautiful. This will result in the most capable and maneuverable drones yet known.

LiDar now transistorized πŸ”— 1647188276  

I want a 3D scanner on my phone!

The Automated Road Sealer πŸ”— 1647188064  

This would be a blessing on remote Texan roads.

Deepfakes considered "more trustworthy" than the genuine article πŸ”— 1647186161  

John Henry Eden, coming soon to an electorate near you

Computerized neuron mapping making huge strides for the crippled πŸ”— 1647186032  

This tech should also allow fully articulated artificial limbs very soon. I imagine they'll even implement sensation at some point if they can do control.

FED Update: Too little too late, if not outright mendacity πŸ”— 1647185041  

I actually suspect the latter, but these are PHDs...

Qaeda guys shipped to Ukraine πŸ”— 1647184862  

Since the Kazakh thing failed, I suppose it's the only job left for these dogs of Uncle Sam.

LME "bails in" large Chinese nickel trader taking a bath πŸ”— 1647183559  

"But understand we have crossed a Rubicon in the last few months that financial institutions and Govts can take money because they do not like that person or their activities."
Breaking fundamental trust, much like how the Central banks have done so with Russia's Reserves of late. A currency crisis is now inevitable.

The great mogambo guru has died πŸ”— 1646756434  

RIP since February. Noticed this right as his portfolio (buy so, so, much freaking gold silver and oil) is goin' to da moon.

patio11 on the SWIFT stuff πŸ”— 1646413505  

SWIFT is less important than people imagine, as correspondent arrangements still work. The OFAC shit list (and the paranoia about who "might" get on it) is the real problem.

Briggs on Probability πŸ”— 1646180724  

The replication crisis, and almost all of quantum "theory" being all wet, explained simply

RIP Gary North πŸ”— 1646165024  

The Remnant owes him a great debt.

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