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FAA remains nothing but a barrier to progress πŸ”—

Extracting rents from everyone it can.

Jove declares 1/10 of french population noncitizens πŸ”—

Par for the course. He's betting big that the number of fervent and delusional covid cultists that were on the fence about him outnumber the unjabbed. Probably not a smart choice.

CCP starting to sweat demographics πŸ”—

Facing a halved population by 2050, they naturally want to do something. As expected, nobody wants to face reality, so nothing can be done.

Dan Wang: China in 2021 πŸ”—

As with last year, a good clear-sighted analysis.

Unz on the Duesberg Hypothesis πŸ”—

Neat to see he read the same papers and came to similar conclusions I did years ago. It's hard not to -- the whole thing is obviously a corrupt scam by these pharma diphsits and the bureaucracies revolving around them.

Guardian: Let's do Price Controls again *tee hee* πŸ”—

In case you have not already read it, check here for the definitive book on why this never works to whip inflation.

Quantum Theory decisively crushed πŸ”—

Finally. A paper proving that among the real numbers all quantum effects cancel out to nothing.

SSRIs for COVID? πŸ”—

Makes sense, you'd reduce hospitalizations by chilling all these hypochondriacs out. That said smokes are cheaper.

California: Breaking your legs and outlawing crutches πŸ”—

β€œCalifornia’s first-in-the-nation law banning the sale of new gas-powered mowers and blowers also targets a machine that has become increasingly popular with consumers in recent years β€” portable generators. As people face power blackouts β€” in areas where utilities have cut power to curb wildfire threats, for example β€” many have turned to generators as a backup energy source. The new law, AB 1346 by Assemblymember Marc Berman (D-Palo Alto), was signed Oct. 9 by Gov. Newsom. Berman’s bill requires the sale of new small off-road engines to be zero-emission by 2024, or when the Air Resources Board says the cutoff is feasible, whichever is later. β€˜Small’ means less than 25 horsepower, and portable gas-powered generators typically have half that level, or less. Portable gas-powered generators would be phased out by 2028.”
Couple this with shutting down Diablo Canyon, the provider of 1/5 it's base load with no plan whatsoever will work great.

New Blog post: The apotheosis of propaganda πŸ”—

Why it's all bullshit, and bad for ya

That was Fast πŸ”—

Turkish stock market collapses, trading halted.

Erdogan's Dangerous Game πŸ”—

So, he's a mercantilist who doesn't want to get vassalized via IMF debt bondage. As such he is instead executing the "economic hitman" gameplan on his country but to enrich his own faction focused on exports.

...Or, yanno, his government could have just stopped spending so so much money that they need to constantly hit Ctrl+P in order to keep the government solvent. Don't need an IMF loan if you don't run deficits to the tune of 3% GDP every year. Also, if you are just gonna default via inflation to avoid IMF debt bondage, why not just default on the already considerable debt load they have?

Oh wait, because that version of the farce doesn't wind up with big E in power. Instead the people would benefit by shaking the sickness out of the system. Can't have that.

PPI up 28%! πŸ”—

Q1 gettin raped

The latest in robotic bartending πŸ”—

Things have come a long way since the bartendro.

The Ascento πŸ”—

This is the best idea coming out of bipedal robotics. Would be life changing for paraplegics.

Mandates smacked by the senate πŸ”—

More or less total defeat of the administration. Turns out forcibly abolishing peoples' social lives is unpopular, who'da thunkt.

Even the FED lying statistics are damning now πŸ”—

CPI-W now at 7.5%. Dems are cooked in '22. Bond markets still don't give AF. Crash flag flying as high as it can.

Aussies now self-immolating over the mandates πŸ”—

Nobody will care, just like nobody cares about the men who self-immolate after being ruined by family court for frivolous reasons.

Russia and India now have bilateral currency exchange πŸ”—

Uncle Satan becomes less relevant by the day

Scott Horton interviews Gilbert Doctrow on Russian situation πŸ”—

Missile Crisis 2: Electric Boogaloo sadly

Movement Lawyering getting clients thrown in the slammer πŸ”—

Criminal negligence and conflict of interest by the woke. Par for the course with these Weltverbesserers.

The latest kop pseudoscience πŸ”—

Phrenology, but with irises. Amazing.

France and Italy align against Germany πŸ”—

Huge Development, likely fatal to the EU. Germany remains delusional and does not realize their former masters still lust for their territory and have huge debts that can't be paid any other way. If they don't wise up soon and re-arm, they are in for a rude awakening.

More of the Biden Mandates get smacked down πŸ”—

I of course don't expect them to go to SCOTUS, as that might touch the third rail of why EOs, PDDs and administrative law is considered lawful in the first place. We shall see.

Eurodollar futs invert πŸ”—

Yet more deflationary signs. I too expect J-Pow to unload the toxic waste on FED balance sheets, but not hike ever.

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