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Facebook's Noblility πŸ”—

They exempt celebs from rules because of hatemob mass-reporting. If only people had the same sense when it came to ridiculous "cancelling" accusations against the little guys...but it's not about that. It's all about rubbing the rules-for-thee-not-for-me in the peasants' face.

Posture correction exosuit πŸ”— 1631293755  

One most easily increases the amount and frequency of weight you can lift simply by having good form, just as any lifter bro would tell you. The suit prevents you from doing anything other than having good form.

The future of the space industry: looking bright πŸ”— 1631286610  

Lots of opportunity here.

Everyone's Tapering but USA; What's happening? πŸ”— 1631286590  

ECB is second giant to taper. Bank of Japan already ended QE. Bank of Canada shed 15% of its assets. Bank of England & Reserve Bank of Australia are tapering. Reserve Bank of New Zealand quit QE cold turkey. Riksbank will end QE this year. What’s taking the Fed so long?
Ha Ha Ha. They've long since painted themselves into a corner. RPM's latest interview touches on this quite well, though readers of this website could have known this for over a decade.

The mandates cometh πŸ”— 1631221208  

Vaxx demanded through OSHA rules on 100+ employee orgs. Demand becoming an independent contractor, or bust.

Freddie DeBoer on Self-Hating whites πŸ”— 1631125212  

Yet another way to say progs' morality, beliefs and politics are ego defense, e.g. slave morality.

Progressivism as Ego Defense πŸ”— 1631125088  

Pretty spot on, it's full of blue-pill covert contracts like the famous "social" one, and more!

Yet more note the war on 'rona has failed πŸ”— 1631034235  

Like with the war on Terror, winning isn't the point

IPCC comes out with a non-stupid climate assessement πŸ”— 1630886266  

Makes it clear that the difference between total abandonment of CO2 emissions and status quo reductions is basically .04C. Diminishing returns are real, and not worth ladder pulling the third world over.

Common sense Knife Control in NZ πŸ”— 1630885624  


NSA backdoor in Juniper router being hacked by Chinese πŸ”— 1630885561  

This is why you don't put in backdoors, especially stupid ones mandated by laws like CALEA

USG crying about their dragnet surveillance mechanisms being used against them πŸ”— 1630885337  

By the Taliban. This is an important reason to not use this useless garbage in the first place.

CASSIE gets a torso πŸ”— 1630617373  

Nice to see this get commercialized.

China going hard against the globohomo πŸ”— 1630611688  

American cultural subversion is especially virulent; it's subverting itself as we speak

Elite GWOT narrative shifting to Africa πŸ”— 1630611555  

Pharmacy theft rings: Fencing on AMZN πŸ”— 1630610527  

This reminds me of a construction equipment theft gang in SE oklahoma when I was learning to Fly. It was actually pretty obvious flying over it, and it made me wonder enough to look into it. A few months after finding out nothing I heard they got busted and it made sense. IIRC they were moving the stuff online as well.

CDC-FDA turf war brewing πŸ”— 1630610385  

Nothing like a good bureaucrat sissy fight

US Army looking to revive portable nuke plant project πŸ”— 1630510696  

From the "Dis can't go wrong" department

USA now looking to intervene in Tigray War πŸ”— 1630510662  

On the side of communists, of course

Chinese SPOT πŸ”—

Compare here. Pretty straightforward reverse-engineer, looks like.

State of the art in jet boots πŸ”— 1630420508  

Elon's latest vaporware: Robots? πŸ”— 1630420415  

This can actually work better than car autonomy. Based on their prior record, expect something real in maybe 4 years.

ATLAS learns new tricks πŸ”— 1630420278  

Pepe Escobar on the developing Afghan situation πŸ”—

Apparently the hoo haas went waste_the_motherfuckers.mp4 on the crowds after the the Abbey Gate bombing. Fitting, given the reaper drone strike in response mostly killed kids. That said, the army is finally out of there, and it's just the CIA stay-behinds the Taliban has to mop up now.

BONUS: Pentagram knew the attack would happen hours before it did and "just let it happen."

Jim Schutze's book gets published πŸ”— 1630343560  

The history is correct, but the forward-going conclusion and hopefulness was not. The council gave up on white supremacy in favor of thorough corruption. While the ideology has changed, the Good Ole Boy network is still the operational principle. Houston works much the same way, right down to the history.

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