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Afghanistan Update πŸ”— 1628272547  

Taliban still making significant gains. "Traditional" powers still aren't quite understanding how they are winning. Pakistan now supporting the Taliban from behind the scenes.

Moscow: declares vax passport, throws in the towel after 3 weeks πŸ”— 1628000460  

Bureaucrats truly are the dumbest of the species. Russians caught on long ago that the corruption and forgery are the point.

Pentagram update πŸ”— 1627999818  

Muth's "Command Culture" conclusions still not addressed whatsoever

Cappy's Latest πŸ”— 1627938389  

Mirrors a lot of my thinking. I've seen this unfold in real time with the young I know.

New blog post πŸ”— 1627918419  

In which red meat is discussed

NHS: secret plan to let pensioners die πŸ”— 1627746950  

Why wouldn't they? More to keep for themselves.

IOER update: charts being shuffled around πŸ”— 1627746707  

I hope that has inspired you to pray for more free money to banks. God's work is all they do.

Lithium accumulator station catches fire πŸ”—

Honestly ridiculous. Why not just build a nickel-iron accumulator? You could put the entire apparatus in a collosal barn with no air conditioning and it'd work for a century.

Turley on the shift to corporate governance πŸ”— 1627668319  

Realistically this shift was inevitable. There is no restriction on corporate behavior, as it is essentially an abstraction layer in which rights can be made to disappear. Turns out those sovereign cinnamons were right all along that .gov was using the corporate principle as a dodge around the constitution.

Ed Snowden doing good work πŸ”—

Calling out the public-private partnershit for turning society into a prison. Unsurprisingly, the story is already buried in the media thanks to the la-le-leu-le-lo.

This is all the poisonous legacy of CALEA backdoors in SIM cards. All Pegasus takes to install is a missed call. I'm willing to bet money much of the scam calls are actually covers for infection vectors.

Taibbi on the narrative mutating into "plague of unbelief" πŸ”— 1627667682  

That they don't understand they're unironically taking a page out of Warhammer 40k lore beggars belief.

Google delaying return, forcing jab of the fauci juice πŸ”— 1627667252  

The rest of tech will soon follow suit

Duterte back on USA dick ride πŸ”— 1627666866  

I'm guessing USG gave him assurances he'd be able to stay in the saddle going forward.

Is cryptochrome 4 the way to see magnetic fields? πŸ”— 1627666630  

Huge if true.

On USG's malicious mistranslations to poison foreign relation πŸ”— 1627666497  

They've got a whole team on it now! TOP MEN

The J-Date to conservathot pipeline πŸ”—

Striker is quite good at the forbidden noticing. Makes the latest TPUSA controversy all the more lulzy.

Vaccination Campaign: Going as expected πŸ”— 1627583591  

The virus is mutating inside the vaccinated, ensuring that the vaccine is useless. Precisely as predicted when the vaccines came out if you listened to doctors who weren't bozos.

Gammon & the RZ crew on longterm econ outlook πŸ”—

Less than 5% of women willing to form families with 50% of men means we will experience a catastrophic reduction in population within but a few generations.

Also good that they touched on the reality that much of the financial leadership in the country (like Janet Yellen) will increasingly be women. Their emotional inability to accept a lower standard of living essentially guarantees they will play the role of inflationista in the crack-up boom doomsday machine while this demographic collapse unfolds. The combination of rapid deflation due to population reduction combined with incredible levels of desperate money printing will result in an astonishing crash.

FIB: now imposing hate crime quotas on local PDs πŸ”— 1627571828  


Update on HBOT rejuvenation πŸ”— 1627571562  

Appears to only have reliable effects on the circulatory system, which is far from what is needed.

Speaking of, here's an interesting overview of Aging πŸ”— 1627570541  

It's all about Methylation suppressing good genes, and stopping suppressing bad ones.

A little dab of demethylization of good genes: double crop yields πŸ”— 1627570487  

Very interesting results from epigenetic research just now coming out.

Latest whistleblower a descendant of Nathan Hale πŸ”— 1627569497  

Absolute patriot whos ancestors are smiling upon him:
Addressing the court Tuesday, Hale quoted the words often attributed to his famed ancestor: β€œMy only regret is that I have but one life to give to my country, whether here or in prison.”

Reminder: there is no private property in the USA πŸ”— 1627498520  

It's amazing that libertarians still have to be told this. You only have control insofar that .gov aligned people don't know what you are up to, and this has always been the case. Privacy is the only important right, and the lolbertarians have been on the forefront of "private company bro" excuses for destruction of this.

Why even the private schools went woke πŸ”— 1627498312  

All you have to do is take over the licensing cartels. Any sane person realizes what a national security risk these are, but .gov doesn't care because the license raj is how they get their suck-off. Let entryists pervert it, who cares as long as they get theirs.

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