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French shocked, simply shocked to find Nazis in Ukraine πŸ”— 1624557517  

Now give them the missiles...

More on Biogen's crap alz drug πŸ”—

So if you look at the disease landscape not knowing the back story, things look great: the FDA just approved a new Alzheimer’s drug and now there are two more Breakthroughs right behind it! But if you do know what’s going on, it’s downright depressing: the agency approved a drug that shows no solid evidence of helping anyone (and more believable evidence of its ability to cause harm), and this mistake is allowing everyone else to jump on the same damn bandwagon with data that are no better. Put out more flags.
As always, the FDA can only do the wrong thing. Burn it to the ground.

Adam Curry with Malice πŸ”— 1624548295  

Yarvin on banning CRT πŸ”— 1624544103  

Of course it doesn't go far enough -- that' why it should be opposed. Just burn the damned jannisaries and get it over with.

Turns out even CPUs are crap nowadays πŸ”— 1624542682  

People are just now noticing subtle errors piling up thanks to scaling to where it matters. People act like this stuff doesn't matter, but it does.

Twitch thots get a slap on the wrist πŸ”— 1624389778  

Temp bans for the most egregious thottery. Twitch knows where its' bread is buttered -- simping.

Gee, it turns out there are sex differences in personality after all πŸ”— 1624312656  

Complex subjects require multivariate analysis? say it ain't so.

TROJAN SHIELD and Anom: the FIB's honeypot πŸ”— 1624287289  

As always, you have to be a moron to not use open source self-hosted software.

Majority of fish biomass in deep central ocean gyres πŸ”— 1624284529  

Almost 0 knowledge of their composition, as they are nocturnal and avoid nets quite well.

Swiss reject green economic suicide πŸ”— 1624284331  

The young correctly see this all as a cynical ladder-pull

NATO statement on Belarus stokes Polish revanchism πŸ”— 1623871694  

Sounds like they want to crack off the Cherven cities once again.

And of course the Capitol Riot was infiltrated by the feds πŸ”— 1623862187  

"Just Let it Happen" continues to be SOP

Thierry: USA prepping to give Russkies a knife for the China's back πŸ”—

A Yalta II? Sounds like things are afoot in the bureaucracy. I am skeptical that this can overcome the rabid Russia hate spewing forth from the Unis and Media though.

US warns vassals not to get uppity about big tech πŸ”— 1623819156  

I suspect this will backfire

Veritas flips an H-town Journo πŸ”— 1623818895  

Watch this get taken down before tomorrow morning. Nice to see people talking about how the Ad Council is essentially a money laundering via official propaganda scheme.

Azerbaijan accepts vassalization offer from Turkey πŸ”— 1623778813  

"One nation, two states"

Biden: Ukies must "clean up corruption" to join NATO πŸ”— 1623766309  


FIB: QAnon turning violent! πŸ”— 1623766231  

Presumably all thanks to their tireless infiltration efforts. I'm sure they are happy to have found yet another reason to exist now that the terrorism schtick is more or less played out.

Indians make the covid religion official πŸ”— 1623682235  

Local government religion incensed at competition

Summary of the goings on in the Talamakan and Dzungaria πŸ”— 1623678868  

AKA the Uighur "genocide". Sounds like NED magicked a program for vocational education into forced labor camps. Maybe, if you buy the old "no education before liberation" communist canard our elites increasingly seem to be adopting.

Bengal has finally lifted itself out of poverty πŸ”— 1623677727  

Mostly due to embracing markets, as one might expect. Higher per-capita GDP than India now.

Tax revolt in Baltimore brewing πŸ”— 1623598836  

Cops sent in to crack down. How dare they demand they actually get what they are supposedly paying for.

Bong professor: lockdown forever πŸ”— 1623593688  

College dean realizes "I'm the bad guy???" πŸ”— 1623592052  

The ivory tower is a helluva drug

Multiple resignations over Biogen's useless new alz drug πŸ”— 1623424107  

LOL, guess they didn't get a big enough sack of cash under the table

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