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Why "All electric world" is not the utopia people think it is πŸ”—

What to do with gasoline, which is half of every barrel of oil? We won't magically find something else to do with it after all.

Nevertheless, this fundamental instability is opportunity; when oil is cheap you can be assured it won't remain so for long.

Brexit: Trade kabuki πŸ”— 1609162426  

Nominal free trade, but still have to comply with the worst of their regs to sell goods; essentially the same predicament US firms have regarding California. Still better than the alternative, as you can sell "good enough" goods worldwide now.

2020: The year of everything fake πŸ”—

Yarvin makes a point which summarizes his take on why the USA is incapable of dealing with a pandemic:
Whole worlds can be fake, yet carry on. Our world will carry on. Maybe we will forget, probably we will forget, the level of fakeness it showed us here. Probably we will even become completely inured to it. This is the way things work in the Third World, where no one but a stone cold fool takes the world seriously.
USA has always had a 3rd world government, because it is preferrable to the alternative -- e.g. Killer Government of the European variety that makes gulags and murders millions. 250k dead who already were on schedule to croak within the year is irrelevant. But Yarvin nevertheless prefers lockdown due to being a hypochondriac himself.

Nevertheless, the advice to not take shit seriously is a good takeaway. As always this is the answer thanks to the way emotional investment by elites work; they are only elite because you care.

The managerial Revolution πŸ”— 1609090881  

Interesting that Burnham saw this in the 40s; I realized this myself in 08 that the inmates were in charge of the corporate asylum. As above, so below.

Fauci admits he's been lying all along πŸ”— 1609025139  

Of course the goal was maximum power to him and his ilk all along.

Dipshits buying books as zoom backgrounds πŸ”— 1609002102  

I've always used "how many bookcases you own" as a good "should I talk to you or not" filter. Guess the cretins figured that one out.

Jeremy Hammond demolishes the covid propaganda πŸ”— 1608761858  

They've been doing this horseshit narrative for years, only difference is that retards decided to run with it

Robinhood: This time isn't different πŸ”— 1608760512  

ROB is in their name, muppets

EFF: Proposed Rules against Crypto Defeat the purpose of Crypto! πŸ”— 1608755458  

Government: Duh, that's why we're doing it

HVP being tested in army howitzers now πŸ”— 1608739650  

Hitting stuff 40 miles away.

Joe Biden: Deficit Hawk πŸ”— 1608737351  

Lulz, only shows how confused Biden is and how deranged Trump is.

Jersey and Guernsy becoming spook hubs πŸ”— 1608645488  

For the same reason the "special relationship" is there to wash US spying on its own citizens

Thierry on Lebanon πŸ”— 1608645399  

Ultimately, the next twenty years should be devoted to plundering the country, especially its hydrocarbons, while the Lebanese will continue to blame scapegoats and ignore their real enemies. Already, the Israeli port of Haifa has partially replaced that of Beirut. Eventually, the country itself should be divided and the part south of the Litani River attached to Israel.
Deprived of its colonies, Phoenicia really can't work.

Apple Car is coming πŸ”— 1608645150  

TSLA now screwed, Apple guaranteed to be more of a status symbol

COVID Omnibus bill: total insanity πŸ”— 1608644958  

4FT tall of shit

Yet more russia-baiting πŸ”— 1608568010  

Our cybersecurity is shit, clearly the russians are the devil

COVID mutates πŸ”— 1608566250  

So much for the stupid ass vaccine. Absolute retards thinking it hasn't spread worldwide yet.

UK Lockdown goes insane: London now gulag πŸ”— 1608565431  

The famine will begin soon.

IMF: Social credit score now πŸ”— 1608564658  

I googled IMF and now I can't get a loan

Radio waves from proxima centauri πŸ”—

Most curiously, it occupies a very narrow band of the radio spectrum: 982 megahertz, specifically, which is a region typically bereft of transmissions from human-made satellites and spacecraft. We don't know of any natural way to compress electromagnetic energy into a single bin in frequency such as this one, Siemion says. Perhaps, he says, some as-yet-unknown exotic quirk of plasma physics could be a natural explanation for the tantalizingly concentrated radio waves. But for the moment, the only source that we know of is technological.
uh oh

mRNA vaccine: 2.79% complication rate πŸ”— 1608534831  

I wouldn't take it if the rate were 0%, because it's a waste of money. Even those "at risk" shouldn't take it, as it's unlikely to extend your life anyways.

World Bank: Cooks the books for Saudi πŸ”— 1608534727  

Any outfit which would have Wolfowitz is guaranteed to be crooks

Hyundai buys Boston Dynamics πŸ”— 1608315093  

Very big news for industrial automation.

Feel Good story of the week: ATF Agent Tased by Cops πŸ”— 1608312359  

Sometimes two wrongs do make a right.

UK Court: finds in favor of "offensive speech" πŸ”— 1608302866  

Won't change the general trend, I fear. It's already explicitly illegal to not like people in many contexts.

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