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DMT: Re-grows brain cells πŸ”—

Damn. Cure for what ails the demented as well?

Lockdown 2: Twisting the knife in resturaunts πŸ”—

Keep those chef's knives handy my unemployed friends; vengeance shall one day be reason enough.

Ghani holding up Afghan peace over nothing πŸ”—

Preferring (one would assume) to stall until Biden re-establishes foreverwar.

On the mass psychosis πŸ”—

"Fear has become a new virtue. Never before in the history of this country have we told people that fear is good, or to settle into those fears and allow them to control and constrain your life", said McDonald, who spoke at the American Front Line Doctors White Coat Summits in July and October.
Fear is a good primary emotion for the religion of the state. This is exactly what the USSR looked like -- total mental illness in the population.

20 state unemployment funds insolvent πŸ”—

Federal bailout incoming in...never? One hopes. Anyways, they're already comprehensively welshing on benefits too. This is exactly what the feds want -- all the states and munis to be zombified and useless so they can sweep in and seize power.

USG: Firing squads OK again πŸ”—

Gearup 4 Gulag

Mance's latest πŸ”—

On a certain very failed presidential candidate to be (lol). I always knew his protestations to the contrary were of the "It's you who brought it up" variety

Political Illustration πŸ”—

Government is a crime gang, so no surprises there

Iran resumes 20% enrichment πŸ”—

Stupid actions have consequences. This murder by the Israelis was on purpose -- they're pouring viagra on the Israeli Hawks by doing this (saving bibi). It's kinda funny the symbiotic relationship the hawks in both country have.

Who's in charge of the Dems? πŸ”—

Read Gus Russo's "The outfit" for the actual answer: The Mob

IRS: no double-dip on PPP loan paid expenses πŸ”—

Tax Relief is part and parcel of economic recovery. They do not care.

Tigray commies crushed πŸ”—

We shall see if they manage to continue as insurgency.

Yet another sacrificed on the altar of the blank slate πŸ”—

The day when this hokum is regarded as phlogiston is can't come soon enough

French cops beat man 15mins for not wearing mask πŸ”—

Macron is "simply shocked" his thugs act thuggishly

Yet another mainstream media hack just made it up πŸ”—

Beats workin'

Johns Hopkins study: Rona only killing those who would have died anyways πŸ”—

As evidenced by no meaningful increase in total deaths so far.

Taibbi: Cheaper to be guilty than exonerated πŸ”—

Our wonderful "Justice" system. You have to embrace "I'd rather be happy than right" more and more under authoritarianism.

Office365 Taylorism πŸ”—

Managers will always chase legibility, and workers will naturally resist it as they know it means they have to chase metrics instead of achievement.

Hawaiian Aquifer found πŸ”—

Great news for them; Rain catchment and desalination has been their only real option before this.

1099 Master race: borne out by the data πŸ”—

One-man shows everywhere

Experimental observation confirms how stars work πŸ”—

Given the theories were themselves based on such, this comes as no shock.

Corbyn becomes a total disgrace πŸ”—

On Thanksgiving πŸ”—

We're not facing a disease as deadly and cruel as the Spanish flu, of course, though viewers of CNN might be forgiven for not understanding that. Not that it would matter; my kin (the oldest and most vulnerable especially) would still insist on gathering. Being with family is, to them, worth the risk. Has anyone asked the elderly we've warehoused in isolation, these survivors of war and poverty and disease, if they feel the same? Of course not. Their opinions never mattered before; why should they now? It's all political theater.
Pretty much. My family is quite well, and I enjoyed the holiday very much.

WEF pimping blockchain passport πŸ”—

Delete all WEF threads

France: against the woke mob? πŸ”—

Huge if true.

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