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Teodesian Video Cast: Episode 1 πŸ”—

Good chaser to the Birdarchist interview above.

Wikipedos: this is an MMORPG πŸ”—

I actually agree, as MMOs are universally cancerous

NKLA: Reaching for the tool of the scoundrel πŸ”—

Let's prosecute the evil short sellers.

Mance Interviews Bird: Part 2 πŸ”—

This time touching on BioPower. We'll have a podcast that talks about this to expound further on these concepts, but from the angle of Ego Investment, as this definitely jives well with the whole "how does one become a subject" thing.

Hordes of mosquitoes in LA now πŸ”—

Thanks to the 'cane. Sucking livestock dry and carrying off small children.

Tesla A/C: Held together with straps and fake wood from Home Depot πŸ”—


Social Media NPCs: Least likely people to Vote πŸ”—

Part of this is that their reading skills range from functionally illiterate to 8th grade at a maximum. I've seen more coherent english on Twitter by @LiangHanWei6 on Twitter than most accounts on there (and this is a joke account). Guess the whole Russian social media hacking thing was a big fat nothing burger after all 😏

Austin gets Bootlicker Billboards πŸ”—

Hmm, and yet somehow Austin is not on fire. Could this possibly be related to the people that live there? I mean, to every other Texan, Austinites look like communists, but it probably looks like libertarian paradise to a Californian.

QNAME minimization: good technique to obscure DNS requests? πŸ”—

Ultimately just makes it more complicated to piece together the now multi-part DNS queries to know what people are requesting. Not a problem for the actors behind the threats this is supposed to frustrate.

Why the LP Failed πŸ”—

They didn't build the correct counter-narrative to the myths bought by R&D. The explanatory force of the Double Government hypothesis is undeniable.

Stockman's latest: The bubble is alive and well πŸ”—

...valuing the market at 51X LTM earnings during the present parlous moment in time – or even nearly 27X if you want to give the financial engineering jockeys in the C-suites a hall pass for $77 billion of mistakes and losses this quarter alone–is nothing short of nuts.
Sure, let's buy companies that will take 51 years to actually earn enough to reasonably profit from our investment. This isn't just betting on share price, no...

This is why everyone says long/short like they are options traders nowadays. It's just gambling, not investment.

Dalrymple on Clout Chasing πŸ”—

...posing and posturing have become a mass phenomenon, the tattooing of our time. Of nothing is this more true than contemporary Woke morality. Whereas not long ago young people of the middle classes sought to express their sympathy for the lower and supposedly oppressed orders by imitating their tattoos and way of dress, imitation being the highest form of empathy available to egotists, they now express the same desire by making Wokeness the touchstone of their morality. They think they are rebelling when, of course, they are conforming. They do not realize that it is more difficult, and more courageous, to contradict a friend than to criticize a society.
Can confirm 100%. That said it's essentially impossible to "live in a society" completely eaten by this stuff without "making the trend your friend".

While I find most of this social media stuff to be ridiculous nonsense you can make it work for you if you realize it's just there to build your brand rather than anything genuine. That's all Woke, Inc. thinks they are doing -- but brand building is all about reliably demonstrating higher value, not helping people identify with you. Customers want to be more than they are, and do not want to identify with something on their level. They chase "better".

Great article on how the extreme growth of the cities has mostly been malinvestment πŸ”—

Bingo, it's all about planting your sucker as close to the money spigots as possible. Once that no longer has any value the cities have to shrink back to the level they can actually work. I think that ironically it's the most dispersed cities like those in Texas that will do the best.

Interesting that CHS also put out an article on shrugging; I personally know a few people who have done so recently. This is the biggest sign to me that the current crisis is actually more serious than it seems.

Cait Johnstone with a spicy article πŸ”—

Lots of great brain droppings here:
Ten percent of my social media notifications every day for the last four years:

β€œCaitlin I’ve noticed you have opinions about the most powerful and influential government on planet earth. As an American, I find this strange and suspicious.”

Gateway back from the dead πŸ”—

As the whitebox for Walmart. Fitting, since they were little more than high quality whiteboxes in the past.

SSC Update πŸ”—

Scott figures out why anyone who excels gets pushed into entrepreneurship and the hustle economy.

Israel using USA's Al-Tanf base to bomb Syrian Targets πŸ”—


Pasco Co, FL's experiment with "Pre-Crime" πŸ”—

How to create an authoritarian police state. Sounds like the county will empty of people soon enough.

The Verge's PC Build πŸ”—

Oh my god, this is better than some youtube poops. If this is the competition from the majors, no wonder it's easy money online.

Great Repression unemployment: Getting worse πŸ”—

After getting better. We're now entering the hangover of the mania spurred by the end of lockdown 1, as we settle into the permanence of lockdown 2.

Woodward book confirms disloyalty at the pentagram πŸ”—

It's been well known that if you seriously oppose the wishes of the killer bureaucracies you end up dead, president or no.

Goobers behind Russiagate media hysteria: same goobers behind WMD πŸ”—

This is why I never believed these twerps; I have a longer than 3 second memory.

Troy on Harry Browne's "Living Free in an Unfree World" πŸ”—

At the end of the day it's always about freedom.

Happy government failure day πŸ”—

Red Pill with JP part 2 πŸ”—

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