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Teo Greenwood πŸ”—

Fake tweet leading to NYT outrage bait story vs. Taliban instantly exploded πŸ”—

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Fake news on death watch, but as always unrepentant.

Russiagate? More like Watergate, amirite? πŸ”—

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As suspected all along, it was a scam cooked up by the Clintons.

SEC's Gensler out with a real Howler πŸ”—

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Gensler also said several times during the interview that he doesn't see private forms of money as viable in the long term, comparing crypto to the Wildcat banking era of the 19th century when banks in remote areas of the U.S. distributed nearly worthless paper currency backed by bonds and other securities. "History tells us that private forms of money don't last long," Gensler told the Washington Post.

You mean like the private federal reserve paper currency notes backed by bonds and other securities held at the Federal Reserve? I will admit he's right on one thing, this form of money indeed won't last long. Given the USD's current trajectory, it won't last past mid-century.

Total Terror War Arms Bonanza cost: 4.4 Trillion πŸ”—

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That'll do pig... that'll do

Posture correction exosuit πŸ”—

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One most easily increases the amount and frequency of weight you can lift simply by having good form, just as any lifter bro would tell you. The suit prevents you from doing anything other than having good form.

Everyone's Tapering but USA; What's happening? πŸ”—

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ECB is second giant to taper. Bank of Japan already ended QE. Bank of Canada shed 15% of its assets. Bank of England & Reserve Bank of Australia are tapering. Reserve Bank of New Zealand quit QE cold turkey. Riksbank will end QE this year. What’s taking the Fed so long?
Ha Ha Ha. They've long since painted themselves into a corner. RPM's latest interview touches on this quite well, though readers of this website could have known this for over a decade.

US Army looking to revive portable nuke plant project πŸ”—

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From the "Dis can't go wrong" department

USA now looking to intervene in Tigray War πŸ”—

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On the side of communists, of course

Pepe Escobar on the developing Afghan situation πŸ”—

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Apparently the hoo haas went waste_the_motherfuckers.mp4 on the crowds after the the Abbey Gate bombing. Fitting, given the reaper drone strike in response mostly killed kids. That said, the army is finally out of there, and it's just the CIA stay-behinds the Taliban has to mop up now.

BONUS: Pentagram knew the attack would happen hours before it did and "just let it happen."

Antifa Thugs acting about how one would expect πŸ”—

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Taibbi rightly has a moment of forbidden noticing about the matter.

IDF looking to get the USA into an Iran war πŸ”—

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Well, that's one way to try to keep the USA "in theatre"

Total Afghan war cost: 2.3 Trillion πŸ”—

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Flushed right down the commode. Just think how much good that could have done in the form of taxes not needing to be paid.

OnlyFans negotiates end to ChokePointing πŸ”—

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Thots off death watch

Nasrallah: Afghanistan pullout proves what every Jihadi has said about the USA πŸ”—

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Just like in Iraq, US bungling continues to provide endless moral authority to fellows like Nasrallah. This will prove even more fatal to the US agenda than the (now) very real possibility of an Iran friendly nation existing between Iran and Pakistan. I don't think the USA realizes how quickly the rest of the Middle East might realize that it is the right time to kick out the Americans and their quisling regimes, much like the Afghanis did. Saudi and Israel should probably cease their warmongering activities and focus on diplomacy.

Cannabidiol useful against the 'Rona πŸ”—

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Afghanistan Update πŸ”—

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Taliban still making significant gains. "Traditional" powers still aren't quite understanding how they are winning. Pakistan now supporting the Taliban from behind the scenes.

Vaccination Campaign: Going as expected πŸ”—

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The virus is mutating inside the vaccinated, ensuring that the vaccine is useless. Precisely as predicted when the vaccines came out if you listened to doctors who weren't bozos.

Haiti: Wants their sovereignty respected πŸ”—

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I mean, that makes sense, as much of the problems there have only been exacerbated by foreign intervention. Good luck having the do-gooder US Government respect their wishes however. I expect "regime change" if any significant reforms actually happen to resolve the ongoing problems there.

South African society collapsing πŸ”—

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The wages of inflation. Expect Arab Spring like unrest in 3...2...1...

Xi Thought app hotbed of scams πŸ”—

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Lol. As with anything the public can post on.

Twitch thots get a slap on the wrist πŸ”—

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Temp bans for the most egregious thottery. Twitch knows where its' bread is buttered -- simping.

Azerbaijan accepts vassalization offer from Turkey πŸ”—

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"One nation, two states"

Biden: Ukies must "clean up corruption" to join NATO πŸ”—

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FIB: QAnon turning violent! πŸ”—

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Presumably all thanks to their tireless infiltration efforts. I'm sure they are happy to have found yet another reason to exist now that the terrorism schtick is more or less played out.

Latest estimate: 70% of pandemic unemployment funds were fraudulent πŸ”—

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Surprise surprise. Free money attracts it.

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