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Xi Thought app hotbed of scams πŸ”—

Lol. As with anything the public can post on.

Twitch thots get a slap on the wrist πŸ”— 1624389778  

Temp bans for the most egregious thottery. Twitch knows where its' bread is buttered -- simping.

Azerbaijan accepts vassalization offer from Turkey πŸ”— 1623778813  

"One nation, two states"

Biden: Ukies must "clean up corruption" to join NATO πŸ”— 1623766309  


FIB: QAnon turning violent! πŸ”— 1623766231  

Presumably all thanks to their tireless infiltration efforts. I'm sure they are happy to have found yet another reason to exist now that the terrorism schtick is more or less played out.

Latest estimate: 70% of pandemic unemployment funds were fraudulent πŸ”— 1623350259  

Surprise surprise. Free money attracts it.

The Feds' Latest scheme to allow evidence obtained under torture πŸ”— 1623339837  

That scheme called for FBI "clean teams" to interrogate the tortured person after the torture was completed, using conventional and lawful interrogation techniques. These techniques often proved more successful than CIA torture. Because these techniques were lawful, and the person being interrogated was advised of his rights and treated humanely by the FBI, the information thus obtained from him was usable in federal court.
Pretty much the most extreme form of "good cop, bad cop." Just tell the tortured victim that unless you tell the "clown clean teams" from the FIB what we want them to hear you'll get the electrodes back on your nutsack.

Yellen: Raising rates would be good for society! πŸ”— 1623073399  

Of course, she doesn't state the obvious -- it would immediately bankrupt the USG. As such it ain't happening. LOL

Nigeria blocks Twitter after they suspend Nigerian President πŸ”— 1622825799  

I mean, what do they expect? Live by the block...

Israel: US should learn from our Tactics! πŸ”— 1622727425  

As if the USA needed help figuring out how to bomb civilians and cry for more $$$.

FED continuing to withdraw market support πŸ”— 1622727331  


CV19 Vaccine: Spike protien is the reason for deaths caused by it πŸ”— 1622727273  

Causes clotting, neurological issues and concentrates in ovaries and mammaries. Has big implications for suckling infants and blood donors.

"We made a big mistake and didn't realize it till now".

LOL, that's why you don't take experimental medicine.

CV19 and Sacral Violence πŸ”— 1622640776  

Really good listen this morning.

FED now the one having the "Taper Tantrum" πŸ”—

The reason for reverse repo spiking and getting a permanent facility for it is due to getting mad at their own member banks (primary dealers) for not continuing to juice shit when the risk is way too big. Bullish for bubble continuance in the medium term, but bearish for the member banks themselves. Basically this paves the way for the USG finally throwing the banksters under the bus and expropriating them fully. Another "domino" in the way of de-facto nationalization of the entire economy falls.

What's next: HARPA πŸ”— 1620502049  

Hopefully the "clown world" folks wind up nicknaming it HAARPO

Pfizer Vaccine: Triggering Shingles πŸ”— 1619099224  


Major Russia escalation inbound πŸ”— 1618513096  

National emergency declared

On BTC destroying the environment πŸ”— 1618356970  

Not sure I buy this GDP to BTU cost justification, as GDP is largely a bullshit stat in the first place. That said, presumably factoring in negative marginal productivity of debt is "an exercise left to the reader" if you wanna keep following that line of thinking.

I'd say the more accurate comparison would be comparing the net cost of the financial system versus the net cost of operating the global BTC mining network. Good luck with that, but I suspect the current financial system isn't particularly energy efficient either.

Considering how many goobers make their living off of seignorage and the money multiplier effect, supporting these leeches and the malinvestments they enable would make that cost potentially astronomical. In a way, this was the point this author was trying to make, albeit with what I would consider a poor economic metric for doing so (which surprises me, usually the institute is a lot better at resisting the temptation to use econometrics as a justification for arguments).

The most efficient system in this regard is almost always going to be the ones which are:
  • Fastest, as processor time scales to energy usage.
  • Lowest maintenance costs. Purely digital currency of almost any kind clearly wins here, as transport & manufacture costs of both paper and specie are guaranteed to be far far more for the same amount of value transferred via digital technologies, despite the "inefficiency" of BTC's PoW algo.
  • Lowest wasted economic output due to malinvestment. Any "Hard" money always wins in this category, and thus far running secure code based on global miner consensus seems to be working out at least as well as the old Global Standard if not better in that regard. This is where the global fiat ponz really falls flat on its' ass.
Anyways, if people actually cared about efficiency, they'd be going ham on BCH and other related coins with speed optimizations which are still based on proof of work. BCH wins here, not BTC.

The Rise and Fall of Urban Sewage Treatement Ponds πŸ”— 1617672224  

The fall sounds suspiciously like it could be caused by inflation based property bubbles.

Strange UAVs buzzing US Destroyers πŸ”— 1616772762  

My my, sounds like the navy brass got their panties in a bunch over this one.

Another reason not to be in California πŸ”— 1616519195  

Just squat in the house you sell to never have to give it up but enjoy the money from the sale. EZ money

Looks like things are shaping up for USA + Turkey alliance on Syria πŸ”— 1616513566  

As expected, the only way they could get it done and save face while hating on Russia is to throw the YPG under the bus.

JPM: The retail investors are evolving!!!! πŸ”— 1616441915  

Presumably they are worried that "we no longer require your services" just like with cryptocurrency obsoleting the big banksters.

Stallman back at FSF πŸ”— 1616424181  

Good. The departure was all stupid kabuki anyways.

IRS arrests Ian Freeman πŸ”— 1616423733  

Among the accusations is running a satanic bitcoin cult. Sounds about right for the usual hyperbole the MAN slings.

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