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The Doge πŸ”—

Taibbi: The censorbund is just the war coming home πŸ”— 1681059732  

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Like the FIB was just the evolution of prohibition cops after that disappeared, this stuff was just redirected (temporarily) at the American people due to the terror war being on hold. Rather than doing Daesh "Deradicalization" agitprop, they instead treated everyone who disagreed with the NIH and Russiagate as terrorists. Now they've moved on to being NAFO dipshits, because their budget can really only do one thing at a time -- they are but a wart on the anus of the state.

The American Empire's Feet of Clay πŸ”—

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Thanks to not heeding Zbig's warnings, our elites have failed. They're too busy grifting for engagement to be effective.

I pray the empire dies with a whimper, not the murder-suicide it feels like things are building towards.

Macron: Alea iacta est? πŸ”— 1680214583  

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Last week, during the Schuman Forum, Josep Borrell presented his first report on the implementation of the "Strategic Compass". The idea is to coordinate the pooling of national armies, including intelligence services, in a spirit of integration rather than cooperation. Emmanuel Macron’s project now buries that of Charles De Gaulle and the French Communists. The "Europe of Defence" now appears to be a slogan aimed at placing not only the operational forces of the EU member states under the authority of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), now the US General Christopher G. Cavoli, but also at taking control of all the financing decisions that were previously the responsibility of the national parliaments, and even of the decisions on armaments and organization that were the responsibility of the member states’ executive bodies. Thus, the Union is organizing a common army without knowing who will command it.
Note the seizure of control for finances. That's a key part of any actually successful coup.

Even the booboise starting to see that Ersatz lightbulbs aren't all they're cracked up to be πŸ”— 1680196445  

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Incandescents cost less, have better light, perform in cold temperatures and last longer. I guarantee you the energy to manufacture this shit is far more than the entire lifetime of usage for 10 incandescents.

The Age of Average πŸ”— 1680095936  

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2 things at work: Relentless inflation reducing standards of living such that all which can be reasonably afforded is a reduced selection of mass produced glop. Secondly, women making 90% of purchasing decisions. They can be counted on to stick with the herd.

NYT dares publish the facts: US is the obstacle to peace πŸ”—

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Some sanity at the editorial board prevailed enough to publish Trita Parsi.
In a multipolar world, shared responsibility for security can be a virtue that reduces the burden on Americans without increasing threats to U.S. interests. It is not security that we would give up, but the illusion that we are β€” and have to be β€” in control of developments far away. For too long, Americans have been told that if we do not dominate, the world will descend into chaos. In reality, as the Chinese mediation has shown, other powers are likely to step up to shoulder the burden of security and peacemaking.
Needs to be said, as this hallucinatory hyperventilation about what will happen if we don't win in every shithole everywhere is the mainstream opinion.

As expected, the real malign influence in the 2016 election was Israel πŸ”— 1679841468  

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As always. It's got a helluva ROI for them, so I can't say I blame them.

Has the censorbund been vanquished? Taibbi thinks yes, for now πŸ”—

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These [name redacted] would-be censors are different. They have no sense of humor, no imagination, and exactly one distinguishing characteristic: they know what’s best for you. Anti-disinfo work suits them because they all have a Poppins streak that quietly gets off on binning your digital dirty bits (after the voyeuristic thrill of logging on to watch them in secret, with special credentials, which they rub with pleasure in evenings). They’re the vilest kind of snobs, and when they finally were forced to show their real selves to the public β€” and here I feel safe in thanking Elon Musk for making that possible, via the #TwitterFiles β€” the public rightfully recoiled from these arrogant power-worshipping mediocrities.
The mediocrities will never stop until egalitarianism, that deranged impulse to make everyone as lame as them, is rejected in toto. War will empower them anew; they have simply slunk off to the shadows temporarily. Still, Matt has the right attitude:
We don’t have to concede to a future of always being at war somewhere abroad, and with each other at home. We don’t have to put up with a government that doesn’t tell us anything. Most of all, we can go back to enjoying life, on our own terms, without stressing over an endless succession of panics invented by politically insecure losers. We can do so much better, and we will, because this place is ours to run, a fact the singing censors should never have let us remember.
Ultimately you just have to keep striking the root over and over. Never ever stop, and keep breathing in and out longer than the bad guys.

Ron Unz goes on PressTV to talk about American Pravda πŸ”—

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He's pretty much in the "Jews Did 9/11" camp at this point. I'd say they definitely had foreknowledge and certainly had the means & motive to make it worse (which likely explains building 7, and perhaps the freefall collapse of 1 & 2). That said, the evidence that the actual hijackings were 100% a saudi plot is near bulletproof at this point. About the only seriously unexplained thing at this point remains the Pentagon. If there were any role for an "Inside Job" I'd put it there, as it quite conveniently obliterated the department auditing pentagon expenses at the time.

That said, if you believe the stories about the Saudis being cryptojews...

TX gon LEGALIZE IT πŸ”— 1679689748  

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RU/CN/IR: The new "axis of evil" πŸ”— 1679675268  

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The memo's gone out. It's war. God help us.

LLMs about to shit up your codebase in a big and exciting way πŸ”— 1679611663  

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Springtime for cuntpasters

CashApp: Fraud is the fundamentals πŸ”— 1679611526  

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Been saying for some time this use of community banks to avoid scrutiny was going to explode in multiple startups' face. Narrowly avoided working for one of the practitioners of this, and gladly so.

FED remains clueless πŸ”—

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par for the course. Next, CREITs and Everyone's favorite retard GMAC have their turn in the barrel.

The collegiate war on students πŸ”— 1679608280  

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I have come to the conclusion that the sort of intimacy required to form meaningful relationships necessarily means a lack of recording devices. If every social mistake kids make growing up (there are many) is on the permanent record, that's a recipe for neurotic, fucked up kids. It's the same in the modern workplace. I refuse to engage with anyone without a BAC.

The article even makes clear that all that has happened as a result is that social activity has been driven underground. If the unis admins had 2 brain cells to rub together (difficulty: impossible) they'd divest of all the land these evil fun events occur on so they are no longer liable.

Why inflation will get worse πŸ”— 1679488405  

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.gov needs negative real rates to weasel out of their debts, which increase with no end in sight. This is also why they're going to resort to dirigisme and capital controls when everyone figures out the country is a financial gulag.

Mish summarizes the banking crisis πŸ”—

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The Fed crammed deposits down the throats of banks via QE
The Zero Reserve requirement by the Fed encouraged banks to speculate.
Not happy with free money for nothing, banks invested deposits into long duration treasuries and mortgage backed securities.
Regulators at the banks and Fed did no duration risk analysis
As the fed hiked rates, total bank losses hit $620 billion.

Instead of making $253 billion in annualized free money, banks collectively managed to lose $620 billion. Way to go!
It really is funny that the only bank that proposed just parking all the money at the fed and making that sweet free money was told "No". Lol.

Capital Gains tax hike incoming? πŸ”— 1678991738  

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If so, non-dividend issuers will get raped

Taibbi's take on the Twitter Files hearings πŸ”— 1678802173  

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The style of the new anti-speech Democrat is clear: define all government critics as lacking standing to criticize, impugn their prior opinions and associations, imply that all their beliefs are conspiracy theory, define their lack of faith in the FBI’s judgment as treasonous, and declare their motivation to be financial. Lastly, when they invoke common constitutional rights, make a note that their activities exist in an uncovered carve-out.
Sounds like a bulletproof bubble to me

El Salvador: Gang Crackdown πŸ”—

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Destroying crime and corruption is one of the best things that can happen for an economy. Investment is not possible with widespread extortion. It's a hard decision to make, but things like this are why the future always belongs to those willing to get their hands dirty to clean up the filth. Trouble in most countries, of course, is that the tool you would use to fix it (the police) are bent too.

USG of course peddles ludicrious story to counter Hersh's about Nord Stream πŸ”— 1678368058  

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Coming, of course, from anonymous sources in the state intelligence apparatus. Given the NYT has a bad record of laundering CIA talking points via this mechanism, and Sy does not, I doubt the sincerity of the piece.

Taibbi addresses congress on the censorship machine πŸ”— 1678367801  

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One hopes this leads to a wider investigation, but with the war hysteria how it is I wouldn't hold my breath. They'll murder free speech and this time it's never coming back.

Nigerians get an India-style cash shortage πŸ”— 1678367676  

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And a CBDC! For people that live in shacks floating in the lagoon. There are no words to describe such idiocy.

Chris Hedges: The lynching of the Deplorables πŸ”— 1678220506  

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The cheerleading, or at best indifference, by Democratic Party supporters and much of the left to these show trials will come back to haunt them. We are exacerbating the growing tribalism and political antagonisms that will increasingly express themselves through violence. We are complicit, once again, of using the courts to carry out vendettas. We are corroding democratic institutions. We are hardening the ideology and rage of the far-right. We are turning those being hounded to prison into political prisoners and martyrs. We are moving ever closer towards tyranny.
Banana Republic

More Iran hyperventilation inbound? Huge lithium find πŸ”— 1677867298  

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Remember, Lithium is the actual secret sauce in H-Bombs.

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