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The Doge πŸ”—

Sodium-Sulfur battery breakthrough? πŸ”— 1671565110  

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The regulators will of course pooh-pooh it out of existence due to it emitting toxic gases when exposed to humid air.

CBAM: the EU's Smoot-Hawley πŸ”— 1671560210  

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Extreme foolishness, but to be expected. Really just a way to sneak in the kind of tariffs under cover of greenwashing needed to mobilize their economy for world war 3.

BOJ throws in the towel on murdering the Yen πŸ”— 1671559994  

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Astonishing. Took them longer than the Afghan war to realize they were licked. I suspect their 5 year plan to re militarize will inevitably result in backsliding. Nevertheless, this deflated punters out there hoping for J-Pow to spike the punch bowl again.

On Long Covid and the coddling of Hysteria in general πŸ”—

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Bending over backwards to appease hamstering neurotics describes much of public policy. I like that the doc is sympathetic -- To some degree functional disorders are like being shell shocked. Even when you know it's mostly in your head you can't help yourself easily. Like habit formation, it's hard, time-consuming work to install new software in your own head.

Merkel lets slip that Minsk II was a ruse πŸ”— 1670698300  

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Even if not actually true at the time, this willingness to be publicly duplicitous is hugely damaging to the prospects of diplomacy.

Journalists beginning to realize they've lost the kulturkampf πŸ”— 1670455796  

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I remember saying years ago that the pivot BAP made to being Aesthetics first would likely carry the day, as it's at least not boring bullshit Karens teaching the next generation are into.

Bill Buppert has started Podcasting πŸ”— 1670434746  

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Great to hear.

The view from St. Pete πŸ”— 1670285605  

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Sounds about like how things went with our Kabinetskriegs post 9/11. That will change when they get to find out like every generation does that war is a racket.

Pentagon finally admits they can't supply the Ukranian effort without mobilizing the economy further πŸ”—

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They'd need to ramp up production 30x to actually fulfill on the ground needs, so I suppose it's back to "guns and butter" lunacy.

BONUS: As expected, the rat line to smuggle shipments falling off the back of trucks to NATO's terrorist buddies around the world is fully operational.

Matt Taibbi: Don't trust mainstream media πŸ”—

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Getting things right is hard enough. The minute we try to do anything else in this job, the wheels come off. Until we get back to the basics, we don’t deserve to be trusted. And we won’t be.
Ding Ding Ding. Everywhere I work this is the truth. Do the job right, and keep your damn opinion to yourself. If people want to know how you think, make them do the stalker shit all girls do to guys they're interested in.

BONUS: He got the scoop from Elon RE shenanigans at twitter dot com. Sounds about like I expected, acephalous corporate doing what it does best

Israel getting it's own fascist paramilitaries πŸ”— 1669733634  

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In the wake of the return of Netanyoohoo and the annexation of the west bank, it sounds like they are getting serious about settling it by force.

Mastadon seems to be going well πŸ”— 1669665773  

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ActivityPub remains an excessively chatty protocol, and they layer on retarded levels of server side caching atop that. Idea: do all this crap in JS, so that at least you only get a request for content when people actually view it.

The Political Marginalization of the Ordinary Person πŸ”—

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A guy comes to the same conclusions as much of the right has, but from a fresh direction out of the left. It is worth noting that this professionalization of the political class and its attendant complexity is straight out of Tainter's "Collapse of Complex Societies". People overcomplicating their lives on even a personal level almost always is the cause of relationships to collapse; it is the same with polities.

His whole substack is worth reading. It's enormously promising to see a progressive realize what we've been saying ever since they took us off gold and BTK'd us in red tape. Capitalism didn't fail, it was murdered!

The failure of the TMS9900 πŸ”— 1668635550  

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Great old story from TI.

Ukies working on becoming "big Israel" πŸ”—

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Hey, when it comes to scamming uncle sucker nobody else comes close! An integral nationalist Jewish Slav frankenstate doesn't have to make much sense, just like a colonial apartheid state of the same in the Levant doesn't have to either.

UPDATE: Thierry has a great piece on the history of the Ukie Integral Nationalist movement. Worth particularly noting their tight integration with GLADIO and the crazies in the basement. This means the bureaucracy at state will never, ever give up on them.

The Email Caste's Last stand πŸ”— 1667932222  

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Rumors of the demise of the parasite class are always exaggerated. They only get larger until they kill the host. This is but a temporary setback; they'll soon find a way to be commissars again.

Twitter has become the Internet Hate Machine πŸ”— 1667408114  

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Gleichschaltung. But this time it's emerging naturally, because that's what gets the most engagement. Turns out exploiting the demonically oppressed is one hell of a cash cow, and has taken on such a life of its own as to be in the drivers' seat.

The agency's men at Facebook πŸ”— 1667327252  

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It's the same with all the content mills. Consent factory. Whole thing coordinated by the DHS.

Levant Gas Fields agreement reached πŸ”— 1667321246  

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Glad to see all the parties involved could look past their conflicting claims and do what's best for their economy and people.

Eric Margolis on the Russia war πŸ”— 1666910301  

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He's quite astute to see the real aim of Washington is the dissolution of Russia. These days I put it to most people as "UMM SWEETIE ITS TRANSAMUR..."

FIB disappears former spook reporter πŸ”— 1666657692  

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Sounds like they came over for a friendly visit and he gave the wrong answer.

Starlink: Can be used as a "poor man's GPS" πŸ”— 1666654577  

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Which of course also means the users can be pinpoint targeted whenever the NSA insists they tap in, if they haven't already.

The law that ate the constitution πŸ”— 1665672086  

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The Civil Rights act is what foisted this public-private partnershit of corporate coercion everywhere upon us. The feckless Rethuglicans won't touch it.

PPP Loan fraud forgiven and uninvestigated πŸ”— 1665672003  

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Fraud remains the fundamentals

SMIC sanctioned πŸ”— 1665671953  

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Means ASML can't do business in China. Won't work, most of the Photolith expertise they acquired was leakage from Taiwan anyways.

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