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The Doge πŸ”—

Even the FED lying statistics are damning now πŸ”—

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CPI-W now at 7.5%. Dems are cooked in '22. Bond markets still don't give AF. Crash flag flying as high as it can.

Aussies now self-immolating over the mandates πŸ”—

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Nobody will care, just like nobody cares about the men who self-immolate after being ruined by family court for frivolous reasons.

Russia and India now have bilateral currency exchange πŸ”—

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Uncle Satan becomes less relevant by the day

Movement Lawyering getting clients thrown in the slammer πŸ”—

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Criminal negligence and conflict of interest by the woke. Par for the course with these Weltverbesserers.

The latest kop pseudoscience πŸ”—

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Phrenology, but with irises. Amazing.

France and Italy align against Germany πŸ”—

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Huge Development, likely fatal to the EU. Germany remains delusional and does not realize their former masters still lust for their territory and have huge debts that can't be paid any other way. If they don't wise up soon and re-arm, they are in for a rude awakening.

More of the Biden Mandates get smacked down πŸ”—

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I of course don't expect them to go to SCOTUS, as that might touch the third rail of why EOs, PDDs and administrative law is considered lawful in the first place. We shall see.

Eurodollar futs invert πŸ”—

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Yet more deflationary signs. I too expect J-Pow to unload the toxic waste on FED balance sheets, but not hike ever.

Best Buy misses because of shrinkage πŸ”—

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At this point I am cynical enough to buy the idea that even the coddling of criminals by dem DAs is just them talking the book of party elites who want everything to be ordered from big tech

Thierry Meyssan on how many times Foreign intelligence have tried to have him whacked πŸ”—

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I remember reading about a few of these when they happened. I hope he doesn't get too much more of "the treatment" back in his homeland.

Ukraine Threat continues to escalate πŸ”—

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Very concerning in light of the point Ron Unz makes regarding what historically happens after literati purges in the USA.

FED suddenly worried about inflation πŸ”—

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Moar like "concerned about dem prospects in 2022". Regardless, FED actions guaranteed to be either too much or too little because that's how central economic planning works.

Stripe becomes publicani πŸ”—

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Tax farming for fun and profit

Building a bridge to Meta-Rationality πŸ”—

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This is one of the most important essays I've read in quite some time. The author's how to think real good explains exactly why a praxeological approach is required to achieve real AI. This has made me realize praxeology is the first metacognitive model -- it's synthesis of methodological dualism in response to Mises' brother's monism was my bridge to metarationality. His thoughts on boomeritis really hit home for me. The passage therein is quite apt:
Our actions are called forth spontaneously by the situation we find ourselves inβ€”not rationally planned in advance.
The impossibility of socialist planning is simply a specific case of the impossibility of the frame problem. Which means prices are the solution to AI too. Rather than attempt to find a closed form solution, build an ordinal mapping of preferences and rank (prices).
Action is driven by perception, not plans.
This is literally the action axiom.

On the bimodality of selection pressure πŸ”—

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Great Essay. Sturgeon's Law is really just an observation of this effect rather than a cause.

Meanwhile at Yale πŸ”—

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The brain rot in our elites remains terminal

SLS remains a total waste of money πŸ”—

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Along with the rest of NASA

Ethiopia update πŸ”—

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The state department has whipped up the Oromos into supporting the TPLF again, dooming Ethiopia once more. The WHO is running guns to the TPLF too, another black mark on the UN.

Rowhammer: Still no mitigations that work πŸ”—

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DRAM manufacturers remain a lazy cartel

NYT clutching pearls about 3D Printing πŸ”—

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Article is obvious and hilarious propaganda. They don't even ack that they're checkmated out of the gate, likely because the lazy POS tasked with vomiting forth this sewerage didn't even look. The "firing pin strike marks look like police badges" conclusion was where any sane person can't suspend their disbelief.

In the end all this is going to be used for is as a club to shut down the gatalog, and as ammo for imposing licensure on websites.

Stoller sums up the problem in shipping: Too big to Sail πŸ”—

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In other words, mega-ships like the Ever Given are a new phenomenon that are tied not to economic logic but to the consolidation of ocean carrier lines and their ability to offload risk onto counter parties. As Jensen observed, without the consolidation, β€œships would likely not have grown above 12,000-14,000 TEUs [twenty-foot equivalent units].” So we’ve moved from a grid with lots of different size ships owned by different lines that could dock in lots of ports, to one dominated by hundreds of mega-ships that can only go to certain ports, all controlled by a de facto small cartel. The game in the business is to acquire market power and then use mega-ships to offload costs onto others and block new entrants.
The shipping cartel has become as dangerous and stupid as OPEC. Which means eventually this problem should solve itself, as one carrier would inevitably defect. Save for one important fact. Interlocking directorates; they're all essentially owned by each other to a degree.

I should perhaps write down my case for single-container submarine shipping.

Donbass heating up again πŸ”—

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Ukies desperate for it's coal.

Chrome decides to restrict view source πŸ”—

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Press-to-test mode bullshit

RIP Pater Tanenbraum πŸ”—

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Heinz, the operator of acting-man.com is dead. A real shame, he was a lion among us.

Italy finally throws in the towel on the COVID scam πŸ”—

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Turns out 97% of the deaths were just "with COVID" rather than "because COVID". As has been said since the beginning. The problem is the epidemic of fat asses.

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